Dreams Related To Neck

A neck with cuts

Dreaming of a neck covered with small cuts and bruises suggests that your subconscious mind is expressing concerns about potential challenges, problems, or obstacles in your waking life. The cuts and bruises may symbolize the difficulties or setbacks you anticipate facing. This dream could serve as a warning to be cautious and prepared for upcoming challenges. Consider taking proactive steps to navigate any potential difficulties, seek support when needed, and approach situations with resilience. By addressing challenges head-on, you may minimize the impact of misfortune and find effective solutions.

Pressure in your neck

Feeling pressure in, on or around your neck during the course of a dream vision, whether it is from an article of clothing or some other external source, is often considered a reflection of a lack of motivation and initiative in reality. It means that you probably depend on others for your drive to get things done or for the ideas that are part of your work or home life.

Numbness in your neck

The sensation of numbness in your neck during the course of a dream vision often precedes the receiving of money in reality. In some cases it refers to getting money from someone with no strings attached, while in other situations it means money you lent to someone else would be repaid quickly, possibly with interest.

Inspecting your neck

The act of inspecting your neck during a dream at night means danger is lurking around the corner in reality. This danger is already existing, and if you do not do anything to try and protect yourself, you would likely be injured or greatly inconvenienced.

Your own neck

Focusing on your own neck during the course of a dream vision is often considered a harbinger of trouble. It means aspects of your professional life, such as your job tasks or work relationships, would suffer or be hampered by things bothering you at home.

A neck with blue veins

Dreaming about a neck with visible blue veins is often seen as the manifestation of stress in reality. You may not be coping well with the responsibilities and tasks that make up your daily life. You may need to take a break from the daily grind or seek the advice of someone who can help you manage your everyday schedule better.

A swollen neck

A swollen neck, despite the perhaps strange imagery, is actually a positive symbol to see in the dream world. It reveals that you would soon find yourself happier and more satisfied with your position in wake life. You would be pleased due to the direction your life is heading and the possibilities that are on your horizon.

Feeling pain in the neck

Pain in the neck region is often associated with trouble and extra work, particularly in regards to your job or career. You may suddenly have some extra responsibilities thrust on you or have to juggle multiple projects at the same time.

Being held by the neck

Being held by the neck is a highly negative symbol to perceive in the dream realm. Being choked or restrained by the neck could serve as an indicator that someone is attempting to interfere with your plans in reality. Their efforts would likely prevent you from making progress on tasks or goals that are important to you.

Scratching your neck

Scratching your neck, in the context of a dream, reveals an upcoming period of time filled with melancholy and sadness. This disappointing period of time would likely be due to learning the truth about someone you are close to in reality, someone that you used to think highly of before this point. Because they have let you down, you would be in a funk for a period of time.

Lifting someone up by the neck

Holding and lifting up someone by the neck.

Dreaming about an episode when you are lifting a person by their neck means you could be deliberately or inadvertently undermining someone's goals or plans, sabotaging their future success.

Your neck with pimples

Seeing pimples on your neck, in the context of a night of dreaming, reveals a tendency to not plan ahead or difficulty considering the consequences of your actions. Your poor talent in this area may cause you a lot of trouble and should be corrected as quickly as possible. In addition to this interpretation, the symbol of acne on the neck is also occasionally seen by those susceptible to disease or those who have just fallen ill in reality.

A crooked neck

A crooked, bent neck is often thought to represent hardship in life and great losses, both physical and mental. This unfortunate situation would likely bring great shame and heartache to your loved ones, especially your immediate family circle.

Unhappy with the look of your neck

Being displeased or unhappy with the physical appearance of your neck in the dream world is often thought to be the manifestation of communication problems in reality. You probably have trouble making a good impression or networking with the right people who could help your career journey.

A neck thicker than usual

For women or those who identify as female, the image of a neck that is larger than normal may serve as a warning that she should watch her words and actions in public more carefully. If she does not pay attention to her own behavior, she could say or do something that would seriously hurt someone else or damage her own reputation.

Someone cut my neck

Dreaming that someone has slit your throat is an ominous warning to perceive in a dream vision. According to Jungian philosophy, this disturbing, bloody image alludes to internal or subconscious ideas being brought to the surface of your mind. You may be concerned about your physical or emotional safety, as this dream is often seen by those afraid of being metaphorically stabbed in the back. Pay close attention to the actions of those around you, as they may reveal their true motives this way.

Boyfriend licking neck in public

I'm a female, I dreamt of my boyfriend licking my neck in public.

Being licked on your neck means you need to be extra cautious in any future plans or ventures. Perhaps you easily get swayed by loved ones, especially your boyfriend, without considering the ramifications of making decisions based on their input. You may tend to let your emotions dictate your actions. So, before making any major commitment, it would serve you well to take a more rational and pragmatic stance to avoid any future regrets.

Admiring someone's neck

In the context of a dream, admiring the neck of another man or woman reveals some selfish or cynical tendencies that are causing you to act badly in reality. Your poor behavior in wake life may destroy someone else's interpersonal relations or even their marriage.

Neck thinner than normal for women

For women, envisioning that your neck is thinner or more slender than it is in reality may reveal that you are on the verge of annoying or infuriating those around you. You could soon let your emotions and feelings get in the way of your better judgement, causing you to act in a way that seriously damages your reputation and relationship with peers or possibles mates.

An alternative interpretation for this symbol suggests a tendency towards intolerance and bigotry. Others may find you difficult to get along with precisely because you cannot accept or do not even try to understand alternative points of view. Being a stick in the mud and constantly putting down the ideas and feelings of others is likely to drive a major wedge between you and others in reality.

Attractive and well-developed neck

A neck that you perceive as being especially attractive or well-developed, whether it belongs to you or another individual, is considered the symbolic manifestation of self-confidence and self-efficacy. It means you have or see in others the power to believe in your own abilities and skills. For women, this symbol is also associated with upcoming marriage proposals.

A long and thin neck

A particularly long and thin neck predicts soon finding yourself under the weather. You may get seriously ill or just generally feel unpleasant in the near future. You may want to visit your general practitioner and spend some time at home resting and recuperating.

Washing your neck

Washing your neck, whether you are in a shower or in front of a sink, is often considered a positive, uplifting symbol in the realm of dreams. It is considered an indication that you would have good health and overall wellness and that you have all the tools and people you need to live a happy, comfortable life.

Having no neck

In the context of a dream vision, having no neck at all reveals a lack of power in asserting yourself or carrying out tasks for yourself. You probably are easily influenced by the words and commands of others rather than deciding and acting your yourself. This habit of listening to others rather than yourself may hurt your personal development in the long run.

A dog collar on your neck

Envisioning a collar that a dog or cat would wear around your own neck symbolically represents soon being emotionally hurt or embarrassed in reality. Just as wearing such a collar in public may subject you to unwanted attention, so does this symbol predict going through an unpleasant ordeal that humiliates you and makes you want to crawl under a rock.

A beautiful woman's neck for men

For men, seeing or focusing on the neck of a particularly attractive female could reveal that his current paramour or love interest would be difficult to handle. She would probably go through a series of mood swings or have excessive demands that would wear him out and make him feel a bit frustrated.

Unattractive exposed neck for those in love

For those in love, seeing an unattractive neck exposed in the dream realm is a highly inauspicious symbol. It does not bode well for wedding plans or intentions to get married, as this symbol is often thought to proceed such plans being canceled or postponed for an indefinite period of time.

The length of your neck

The length of your neck in the dream realm is often connected to your place of work in reality. For example, envisioning that your neck is particularly long could predict an upcoming promotion, greater responsibility in the workplace or a hefty raise. On the other hand, seeing that your neck is shorter than normal could mean you would be demoted, suspended or even fired.

Depiction of a human neck

An artistic depiction of the neck of a human, such as in a photo or painting, reveals a growing sexual appetite or the development of more sophisticated, elaborate sexual fantasies. You may desire to indulge in a particular fetish or explore other ways of increasing your sexual pleasure.

Looking at your neck in the mirror

The act of inspecting your own neck in the mirror is often thought to reflect problems at work making their way into your home life. For example, you may be having trouble with a co-worker or client and that stress is causing you to lash out at your family or spend less time at home than you normally would. This could also have a detrimental effect on your intimacy with your spouse or significant other.

Unable to turn your neck

Being unable to move or turn your neck, as though it were sore or completely paralyzed, means there is someone or a group of individuals in reality who have a lot of influence over you and your actions. This could be a friend you look up to or an organization you are a part of. If you do not think critically and make your own decisions, you could end up in trouble or in a position you would have never chosen on your own.

Someone's head being cut through the neck

The image of someone having their head cut off, be it by a guillotine or the swinging of a sword, is actually a positive symbol to see in the dream world. It portends improvements to your life and situation. For example, those who are currently ill or under the weather may experience marked levels of improvement in their physical condition. Those who are in debt may be able to pay back what they owe and even save a little money for a rainy day.

Being shot in the neck

The neck is a highly prophetic dream symbol that evokes strong imagery. It represents troubles at work that would cause you such pain and agitation that even your home life would suffer. As such, being shot in the neck could refer directly to jealous co-workers trying to sabotage your work or unethical managers trying to pass off your hard work or ideas as their own. Watch your back and do not let your guard down around these dangerous individuals!

Insect eggs inside the neck

My neck was itchy and it was bulging. I went to the doctor who lanced my neck and dozens of small long-shaped blue bug eggs came out of the hole with blood from my neck. They did not hatch. Afterwards in my dream I had wished I had videoed it.

The neck is a highly intimate location, so dreaming that it is itchy and bulging could be a sign that you would soon be betrayed by someone you have never before had a reason to suspect. The danger this individual poses to you and your self-esteem may be extremely serious. The blue bug eggs that were removed from your neck may refer to potential luck and good fortune that would come once this man or woman has been found out and dealt with. This is only a possibility, however, much like the unhatched eggs extracted from your body.

Someone breaking their neck

Seeing someone break their neck or realizing they have done so after the fact is a disturbing image to perceive in a dream. However, in most cases it is considered a fortunate sign, as it is a warning that could prevent you from getting into danger in the future. In this case, the warning refers to pain or injuries related to the physical being of yourself or others, like a friend, brother or classmate. The goal of this image, then, is to tell you to listen to your feelings, especially fear, as achieving something great means little if you are not around to reap the rewards.