Dreams Related To Navel

A penis turning into a navel

I wanted to have sex with my BF, he was washing his penis, as I tried to hold his penis, it started to shrink until it turned into his navel, as it was shrinking a small amount of bloody sperm came out before it looks like his navel. I was not angry this happen or shocked.

Just like a penis falling off or getting cut off, a shrinking penis in dreams alludes to emasculation. Since this scenario in your vision lacks the violence of the usual castration dream, it could be an indication that his weakening sense of masculinity comes from an internal battle rather than a result of external factors. As such, whatever problems you may be dealing with in your relationship, they may have something to do with his personal crisis. After all, the navel represents the self, so perhaps in order for him to satisfy your needs or to become a better boyfriend, he may need to find himself first or become the man he needs to be. Alternatively, the navel also sometimes refers to a person's relationship to the mother. Maybe a maternal figure is controlling your boyfriend's actions or putting a strain on your relationship.