Dreams Related To Name

Someone calling you by name

Dreaming that someone is calling you by name is a positive reflection on your character. It means you are kind and friendly to others in reality. This is especially true if your name is called out several times in the dream vision. Calling out your attention using your name is likewise a validation of your kindness and positive effect on people. Your good nature would likely inspire others to be more friendly, hence making your social environment much more pleasant.

Your name written

Seeing your name in written form in a dream, perhaps scribbled on a piece of paper, denotes tedious transactions in the waking world. You may have to deal with legal matters, court proceedings or similar bureaucratic transactions in order to resolve important issues. All the necessary appearances and paperwork would take a lot of time and effort on your part. You may have to consult or hire experts on the matter to expedite certain transactions if you want to get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.

Being called by a wrong name

Dreaming that someone is calling you by a wrong name reveals uncertainties in your future. Your instinct that something bad is about to happen may have a grain of truth. This dream vision points to negative events that are out of your control. Maybe you are also feeling somewhat helpless and scared about the threats around you. You think you do not have the skills and constitution to survive a possible tragedy and this fear has latched itself onto your subconscious which is why you had this dream.

Someone telling to change name

I am male. I dreamt someone telling me in my dream that I should change my name.

The interpretation of a dream where you are being told to adopt a new name is highly dependent on your present situation or your feelings about it. If you are living through a period devoid of hardships and struggles and you are feeling fulfilled in your life, then this symbol could predict a series of unfortunate events. On the contrary, if you have been recently considering yourself unlucky because of negative events happening around you, you may experience good fortune and see some major improvements shortly.

Hearing your own name

Hearing your own name in a dream, especially if it is not directly calling you like a part of a conversation you overheard, denotes positive and promising developments about to happen. You could be part of something big at work or within your social group. For instance, you may be tasked to lead a team for an exciting new project. Or perhaps you and your friends are planning to organize a big social event which would give you amazing opportunities to meet interesting characters.

An unusual name

Diplo or Driplo (or something like that) name meaning.

Specific words that appear in dreams are usually clues about an issue you are repressing or a dilemma. The fact that it ends with an "O" likely alludes to a realization about yourself and how you fit into society. For example, you may be denying the injustices at work to make yourself feel better. The prevailing inequality you experience, whether in terms of payment or treatment, is something you no longer want to tolerate and would like to confront to get what you deserve. Alternatively, if the word is about the musician Diplo, then perhaps you are aspiring to get to his level of success or maybe just follow in his footsteps as a person you admire.

Saying your name out loud

Envisioning yourself saying your name out loud to no one in particular can be a premonition of serious changes in the near future. This major change could have long-term repercussions in your life. You may have to adjust to a new way of living. For example, you could travel to a distant place you have never visited before or a foreign country and decide to relocate there. It could be like starting a new life with a lot of new faces and significant adjustments in all aspects of your existence.

Your name

Dreaming about your name, whether it is written down on paper or someone says it out loud, means you may be forced to do certain tasks or take on responsibilities which you do not want. Either the chore or project is too tedious or circumstances could pressure you to step up to the plate. For instance, because you are vying for a certain position or eyeing a promotion, your superiors may test you by giving you little challenges that would take you out of your comfort zone. Alternatively, as a respected member of your community, others may call on you to voice out injustices in your neighborhood or take legal action for acts of hatred.

Telling your name to someone

Telling someone your name in a dream, such as by introducing yourself at a party or a similar situation, represents your impeccable reputation in your workplace and within your group of peers. This is mainly due to your recent accomplishments which would earn the respect and admiration of your friends and colleagues. Your work ethic and excellent skills are going to elevate your career. This dream vision also reveals a major boost to your self-esteem enabling you to be more sociable and confident in social situations.

Someone whispering your name

Hearing someone whisper your name in a dream vision is an indication of the presence and influence of your deceased loved ones. They may be reminding you to pay your respects by paying tribute to their contributions while they were still alive. Alternatively, it can also mean that you have a secret admirer in reality. Perhaps this individual wants to get to know you better but is too shy to make the first move. Maybe if you are a little more observant, this person's identity would be clearer.

Being given a new name

To be given a new name, whether it is a complete name change or just a nickname, is an ambivalent dream symbol. The interpretation is heavily dependent on your current state as well as the context of this vision. For example, if you are relatively happy and satisfied in your life, then this new name could indicate a negative turn of events. On the other hand, if things have been hard lately, then perhaps your luck could turn. Your feelings about the name would also provide clues as to whether it is a good or bad change.

Someone mouthing their name

A man mouthed his name to me and I guessed it. But said out loud and woke up.

Saying a random man's name out loud before waking up could predict great change soon taking place in your life. Travel or new career opportunities may soon appear, and as a result you would be exposed to new names and different faces. As such, practicing some mnemonic techniques may be of use to you in the future.

Reading your name

Dreaming of reading your name from a book, a computer or scribblings on a piece of paper, is an indication of public participation. You could be moved to action after witnessing injustice or similar acts of hate against an individual or a group in your community. Despite your relatively low profile, your outrage could finally make you decide to take matters in your own hands by participating in public affairs and being more vocal about defending your peers or certain oppressed members of society.

Someone who keeps calling your name

Hearing someone calling you by name in a dream means you may have to reach out to powerful and influential people in order to solve an issue or get yourself out of trouble. Perhaps you may be dragged into some shady dealings or questionable activities which could seriously and irreparably damage your credibility and reputation. As such, you may need the support of your superiors or experts on these matters to help you navigate the legalities and process you need to undergo to clear your name.

Finding a name badge of your name

So it was one day in the afternoon at school when we all went downstairs to play outside on interval time, and outside the school quad, I found a prefect badge with my name on it. Does this mean I will be prefect?

Being at school in a dream vision often suggests being in a stressful situation in wake life, whether at school, at work, or in the home. Seeing a prefect badge with your name on it is the manifestation of your dreams for greatness, such as seeing your name displayed proudly on the wall, receiving an award, or becoming famous in some way. While this vision gives no indication as to how successful you may eventually become, it can be interpreted as a sign that you may be within reach of your goals soon.

Unknown names

Seeing unfamiliar names, names you have never heard of or probably those in a foreign language, means you may work for an international organization in the waking world. You may be tapped to take part in a significant mission in a conflict-affected country. Alternatively, you could be taking some time off to travel the world and meet people from various cultures. In some cases, there could be a name of a person which you heard or you saw flash on-screen during the movie credits, and this is your subconscious prompting you to remember a tricky name you tend to forget.

A name from history

Dreaming about a historical figure's name may give you a clue about a concern that has been nagging you recently. You could be trying to find a connection between this person's life circumstances with your own struggles and issues. Perhaps this common thread could lead you to a realization or an important insight as to the best way to tackle your own problems and concerns. Maybe you also admire certain characteristic of this person, hence you want to emulate those traits.

Changing name for young women

For women, a dream about changing your name could be an indication of a lack of romantic prospects in reality. You could be having trouble connecting with someone long enough for the relationship to turn serious or open it up to the possibility of settling down. In extreme cases, this could mean that you may not find a life partner and would have to spend the rest of your days being single. In a sense, changing your name also reveals your desire to start again or have a new identity in the hopes that this would jumpstart your lovelife.

Unable to remember your own name

Having difficulty remembering your name in a dream denotes difficulties in reality. Fate may not be in your favor lately, so you are struggling more than usual in accomplishing tasks and attending to your responsibilities. Your name after all represents who you are and what you think your role or purpose in this world are. There could also be a lot of tiny annoyances and inconveniences preventing you from focusing on important matters and making significant headway in your goals and professional aspirations.

This dream symbol can also be an indication of a malicious individual in your social circle. This person may be trying to tarnish your reputation possibly out of envy or similar selfish motives. As a result, this person's maneuverings may be giving you further problems and obstacles such as clearing your name from nasty rumors.

Hearing someone's name

Hearing a specific name in a dream, especially if you know this person in reality, is an indication of this person's significant role in your life. You may not know it yet, but this dream symbol means they are about to play a crucial part in your current existence which could either be a positive or a negative thing depending on how you perceive this person. For instance, if you are on friendly terms then perhaps it would develop into a stronger friendship, possibly a romantic one. On the other hand, they may also be your downfall.

Writing your partner's name

Writing your significant other's name on a piece of paper is usually a warning in dreams. It means you may have been thinking of them more than usual, possibly because you are worried or concerned about them. This apprehension may be due to your concern about their health and well-being or it could be a result of your uncertainties about your relationship. Perhaps you have noticed certain changes or odd behavior in reality and these warning signs are being projected in your subconscious.

Someone's name being called

A dream scenario where someone's name is being called, especially if the name is a familiar one, portends major events in your future involving this person. You could work together with this individual on a work-related project or you could be thrust into a situation where you would get to know each other on a deeper level. Whatever it may be, this encounter has the potential of changing your worldview or shift the course of your life for better or worse.

Someone's name as a monogram

As a dream symbol, a monogram of someone's name reveals your interest towards this person. It could be for professional reason or even personal ones. For example, you may admire this person and look up to this individual for their strength of character. It is also possible that your interest is somewhat selfish. You may need this person's help to help you get out of trouble or maybe open some doors to help you achieve your dreams.

Asking a stranger's name

Asking for a stranger's name in the dream realm could reveal that you would soon meet someone new and exciting in wake life. This individual could be important to either your personal life, like a close friend or soulmate, or your career path, such as a business partner or investor. If the man or woman you talked to gave you their name in reply, it means you would definitely benefit from their partnership due to an immediate, irresistible connection. However, if they were elusive or refused to answer you, it is possible you would have to work hard to earn this individual's trust and confidence.

Not recognizing someone's name

Today morning something strange happened in my dream. I heard a guy's name, apparently didn't know anyone by that name? Whats the significance?

Names in dreams can often be the mind's way to help the dreamer remember something important. Perhaps you have been neglecting a loved one recently and your subconsciousness is making you feel guilty about it. Since the name sounded unfamiliar, it represents something missing in your existence. You may be looking for affection or validation to fill the void. Alternatively, there could be someone in your life with a similar sounding name and the strangeness or unfamiliar sound of the name is a reflection of how much you have drifted apart.

Writing someone's name

I was writing on paper or notebook, but I remember only the male Egyptian name "Gerges".

Unfortunately, writing on paper in the dream world is an ill omen portending bad news or malicious rumors. There are people around you who may be jealous of your status in life and would wish to take you down a few notches by spreading wrong or unfounded information about you. Loyal friends and family may brush off this smear campaign, but there are those who are easily influenced and manipulated by controversy. So, keep a close eye on your detractors and be prepared to do some damage control. The name Gerges may be a mnemonic or a clue to the identity of the person or group of people plotting your downfall. Perhaps the name sounds similar to someone you know in real life. Try to avoid getting overwhelmed by fear and paranoia, instead focus your energy on personal and professional development to make it harder for your enemies to find a chink in your armor.

Asking stranger about their name

Dreaming of asking a stranger about their name suggests you are in the process of manifesting your own destiny. This dream reveals an upcoming encounter with a new person who would play an important role in your life, as the dream foreshadows an introduction. Subconsciously, your mind is already aware of this and is conjuring this connection without your conscious realization. The dream serves as a hint that you need to be prepared and open to allowing this new individual into your life. Embrace this as a synchronistic message, aligning with the concept that your thoughts and intentions play a role in shaping your reality. Seize the opportunity to connect and welcome this new presence, as it aligns with your destiny.

Having a different last name

Dreams of having a different last name carry significant symbolism, representing your sense of identity and heritage. Pay close attention to where you notice the change in your name, such as on an important document or through the course of dialogue, as these moments may reveal important insights about your background. This dream encourages you to explore your heritage more broadly, inviting you to delve into your family history and connections. It signifies an opportunity for self-discovery and understanding, prompting you to embrace the diverse aspects of your identity and possibly your upbringing.