Dreams Related To Naked

Other people naked

A dream of seeing other people in the nude is symbolic of the fact that your reputation is about to go in shambles because of some people spreading rumors about you. It can also indicate a period of ill health, or a possible hurdle in your way to success, a few pitfalls which might drag you back.

Someone you know naked

Seeing someone who you know naked in a dream is symbolic of the fact that you are about to find something shameful about them. Discover a few skeletons in the closet about them. This could be something which would also be totally embarrassing for that person and will also make you question your relationship status with them.

Yourself naked

A dream in which you see yourself naked in front of others is symbolic of an illicit relationship. A relationship in which you might indulge yourself, and which questions your morality. This will only bring you shame and tarnish your reputation.

A beautiful naked woman

Dreaming about a beautiful naked woman may signify the attainment of immense material wealth. But at the same time it may also symbolize that you are not true to yourself and are a victim of self-deception for harbouring false hopes and ideas which have no true meaning and are of little importance.

Being naked and recorded

My dream was about being naked and dancing in a luxurious place I never saw. I think it was some hotel and it got a secret camera which recorded my nakedness and then I got to know about that video and I was afraid they would blackmail me.

Being naked in your dream symbolizes an illicit relationship. You are going to get involved with someone who will make you question your morality. This will also tarnish your reputation and leave you with feelings of shame and guilt. Meanwhile, dancing alone portends success and personal achievements. So, while you are dealing in questionable activities, you are also enjoying victories. Unfortunately, all your triumphs and victories would come crumbling down once your dirty secret comes out. The hidden camera represents discovery and public humiliation. If you do not want a scandal to damage your reputation and credibility, then you better behave accordingly because secrets have a way of being discovered when you least expect it.

A handsome naked man

A dream in which you encounter a handsome naked man signifies immense success for you in the near future. It also means that there are happy tidings in store for you in the form of material success, good luck and exceptional health. It is a symbol of great happiness for you and will make you rejoice in every possible way.

A naked relative

Seeing your close family member naked in your dreams signifies that this person is about to be exposed to ill health. There are bad vibes coming towards them which may cause them to become sick or go through a process of prolonged illness which would eventually affect their health.

Trying to cover your naked body

A dream in which you are scrambling to find clothes to cover your nudity symbolizes the conflict within your soul, a yearning to stay on the right path and a raging desire to indulge in passionate encounters of the forbidden sort. However you wil have to choose what you believe is right so that both your mind and heart are at rest again.

Dreams related to seeing others or yourself naked

A naked stranger

Dreaming about a naked stranger could signify that you are about to go through something painfully embarrassing. A situation which could put you at a disadvantage and also rob you of your self-respect. Such an episode might trigger you being humiliated and at a loss. This could be a definite disadvantage to you.

Being naked for a female

A female who sees herself naked in a dream looking enticing and beautiful signifies that she is admired and adored by alot of men. But the one she really wants will remain elusive to her, regardless of all her attempts to keep him by her side.

Many naked people

If you dream about a lot of naked people, it is symbolic of an approaching calamity. More so in terms of war and conflict. It is indicative of an approaching disaster, which might lead to many casualties. It may also symbolize some sort of human suffering which would be a result of all these events.

Naked man

The dream image of a naked man depicts luck and exceptional health. Despite being anxious about your doctor's appointment, you will be happy about the results. While not thoroughly living a healthy lifestyle, your body has managed to keep you in tip-top shape. However, as you age this will no longer be the case. You are lucky this time, but you need to start exercising and being more conscious about what you consume if you want to stay fit and healthy. For now, celebrate your good fortune.

You and your spouse naked

A dream in which you see you and your spouse being naked, is indeed an alarming indication which might signify anything from infidelity on either of your sides as well as some ill fate which might befell your children. It indicates an unavoidable calamity which will wreck your children's fate and might cause them some sort of harm.

Seeing myself naked

I saw myself naked in the dream.

Being naked while deep in REM sleep is often thought to reflect an internal, unconscious desire to be a part of an illicit relationship. For instance, you may have designs on someone already in a committed relationship or who is much older or younger than you. Getting involved with this person or even making your intentions known would have immediate and serious repercussions, leading to great shame and embarrassment.

A girlfriend naked

My girlfriend was naked and I tapped her on the shoulder but she just wouldn't turn around.

Usually, seeing somebody you know closely naked in a dream means you are about to learn secrets about that person. In your case, the image of your girlfriend naked could be a reflection of the current state of your bond or connection. You could be learning new things about her, including intimate and perhaps embarrassing secrets. In that sense, her refusal to acknowledge your presence may be an indication of shame or denial. Maybe she is not yet ready to acknowledge or share certain secrets or information with you.

Naked men in clear water

A female who dreams about naked men swimming or bathing in clear water symbolizes the fact that she has alot of admirers and there are many who are enamoured by her. She would be propositioned by many of them and will be enticed into entering a relationship.

Naked children

A dream in which you see naked children is a warning of the approaching demise of a loved one or a close relative. It is indicative of bad tidings which you might receive in the near future and which may cause you much pain and grief.

For women, the image of naked children in the dream world can be interpreted in a number of ways. In many cases, such a symbol is associated with reproduction. For younger women, it could indicate becoming capable reproductive-wise or entering a fertile period. For women in general, it is often associated with pregnancy, both planned and otherwise. Naked, unclothed children can also predict conflict with a romantic partner or lover, particularly to the degree that it would test the commitment of both parties.

Naked in public

Nakedness in dreams is considered to be linked with bad behavior and poor decision-making skills. If you see this symbol in your vision, it means that you believe you are involved with something you should not be. This could be due to a conscious acknowledgment of your indiscretion, or it may be a hint from your subconscious that you need to turn your life around. Now would be a good time to re-evaluate some of your behavior or relationships before it causes you embarrassment in the future.

Seeing someone naked

Dreaming of a naked person mirrors the dreamer's self-image. This particular dream is an allusion to the possibility of a tainted reputation because of baseless rumors about you. Similarly, this vision also implies being sick or injured or encountering some obstacles on your way to success, which can greatly discourage you.

Ashamed of being naked

If you dream about feeling ashamed of your naked body, it is indicative of the fact that you are a timid person by nature. One who is not confident enough to face the world and accept his or her shortcomings as a part of their personality. It also symbolizes your inability to bring out your best and positive attributes in front of others and suppressing your good points in every day dealings.

Being naked on the bus

I had a dream of being naked in a traveling bus and I struggle with a man who was occupying my seat but later realized it wasn't my seat and I was trying to cover up my nakedness with newspapers.

The bus trip in your dream reflects your personal journey in reality. It is likely that you feel that others have more control over the direction you are headed than you do. Your nakedness, in this case, seems to reference a relationship of an unsavory nature. It is possible that your involvement with this individual is the reason why you do not have as much control as you should. You are at their mercy either because they are holding something over you or because you are not yet ready to admit there is a problem. However, covering yourself with the newspapers at the end of the vision may mean you are ready to move on and take charge of your life.

Being naked and not ashamed

My mother said she dreamed about me naked, and I was not ashamed.

Seeing someone naked in a dream vision usually points to having a close relationship with said person. In this case, because you are parent and child, this indicates that your mother deeply cares for you and feels that the love is reciprocated. This can be understood more clearly through your mother perceiving that you were unashamed. Her dream vision is, therefore, reflective of the strong bond you two share.

Being naked in public places

I continually dream that I am in some public place busy with what I am doing and suddenly realize that my breast is exposed (naked). I am embarrassed, but I try to stay cool about it. People are looking, but I try to act like I am confident. This has been in different public settings in each dream.

Dreaming of being naked in public reveals your fears and insecurities. This is not about body image, but rather an issue of vulnerability. You could be reluctant to show your weaknesses lest they get used against you. It is also possible that you are afraid that others would find out about certain secrets or private information about you. You dislike being in a compromising position and you tend to prefer situations wherein you have full control.

Being naked and unattractive

A dream in which you see yourself looking physically unattractive while also being naked indicates that there is some sort of negative element in your life, maybe a lover's tiff or scandalous rumors circulating around which could tarnish your reputation and cause set backs.

Yourself naked in the mirror

If you dream of seeing yourself naked while standing in front of a mirror, this could be indicative of a certain illness which might befell you. It might be something which puts a strain on your health and it would be something which you would also try to keep concealed from others. This dream may symbolize your desire to keep the news of your illness a secret.

Being naked for business people

If you are a business person, a dream of being naked in front of others indicates that you might be facing either financial problems in your everyday dealings and the fact that your business might not be as successful as you want it to be. It is also indicative of the fact that your business might not be running as planned and is prone to a lot of obstacles which are marring its success. It could also symbolize possible incarceration by the authorities.

Being naked for sea goers

If you are a person who makes a living through sea faring activities, a dream which depicts you being naked indicates that there might be certain approaching calamities at sea. These might be a result of unfavorable weather conditions or a storm at sea which might cause ship wrecks and other problems.

Being naked in a public restroom

I am a female and last night I had a dream that I walked into a public bathroom naked and then 4 creepy men came in the bathroom and waited for me to leave the stall and I couldn't yell for help. No matter how hard I tried I didn't have much of a voice. I woke up before anymore happened but still freaked out.

While this imagery in this dream is complicated, the interpretation is fairly straightforward, being related to your personal beliefs and their intersection with your actions in reality. To begin, walking into a public restroom alludes to the ideas, thoughts, religion or morals you share with the community at large. Even though you sometimes feel alone or separated from others, there is an underlying ethical code or set of truths that connect you to society. However, your nakedness in this vision could metaphorically refer to illicit, illegal or immoral behavior that you have recently engaged in, be it something minor or serious in nature. Both the presence of the creepy men and your inability to call out for help suggest you feel turmoil because your actions and desires do not match with the lessons you have been taught and upheld until this point. If you have currently been engaging in an action that makes you feel uncomfortable or leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, it would be wise to seek the counsel of someone older and wiser who can point you back in the right direction.

Getting naked

A dream which shows you taking off your clothes in front of others indicates that you shouldn't play with others feelings and must respect their privacy. These people might have helped you financially and deserve your reverence and respect and not your ill will.

Swimming naked for a female

If a female dreams of swimming naked in the water, it symbolizes her having an adulterous relationship. This might give her immense pleasure for the time being but will eventually become the cause of her downfall. She might even loose her sanity, become emotionally disturbed and might also end up loosing all her beauty.

Being naked for farmers

Dreaming about being naked for people who make a living through farming could be indicative of disastrous epidemics which might ruin the crops, result in bad harvest or perhaps a swarm of locusts destroying the entire crop. It could also indicate a robbery which might take place and lead to disastrous outcomes.

Naked men in unclear water

Watching naked men swimming in murky waters symbolizes the advent of a jealous lover who will try to tarnish your reputation by spreading rumors about your past relationships. This would be done solely because of a malicious intent of destroying you simply because you have rejected that person in the past.

Being naked for those in love

If you are in love and had a dream of being naked, it is indicative of the fact that the one who you are in love with at the moment is not your true love. It could also mean that this person is self-centered and dominates you. He or she may have an unnerving or unbalanced personality. It might also symbolize that your relationship is to end very soon either because of misunderstandings or mutual disrespect.

Showing up to work or school naked

Finding yourself naked while giving a presentation at school or leading a meeting at work reflects your subconscious anxiety over some small indiscretions you have committed in wake life. In a sense, you are worrying about little issues coming up and causing you a lot of embarrassment. For instance, you may be stealing your co-worker's lunches or copying a classmate's test answers. In either case, it may be better to simply correct your own behavior rather than risk becoming the butt of someone else's jokes.

Being naked in the ocean while fishing

In my dream, I was in the ocean naked and I was a man and fishing with my hands, and I caught a big fish and picked it up and carried it to shore and started to skin it to eat it, and other women around me were naked, but nothing sexual happened.

This vision strongly suggests a future opportunity that you may or may not want to take part in, depending on your situation in wake life. Oceans are commonly associated with new beginnings, but seeing yourself as a man indicates that the morals or ethics surrounding this chance may be a bit hazy. While you may not mind tip-toeing the line occasionally, being naked could indicate this endeavor quickly turning into something illicit whether you intended it to be so or not. Exercise practicality and common sense should you choose to accept any fresh opportunities coming your way.

Receiving mantras, a naked woman and ring

I got three dreams last week. The first one was about someone giving me the mantras of Mahalakshmi. The second was about an unknown naked beautiful lady bathing in clear water near to me on the verandah of someone's house and my brother coming staring at me. The third one was about my mom showing a stone ring to my dad of which the stone was broken in pieces, the stone was zircon. Please interpret.

Receiving a mantra could have multiple meanings depending on the giver and emotions expressed, but, in general, it seems to reflect some aspects of your personality which seek the attention of others. You may enjoy being the centre of everyone's focus and dislike being upstaged by people younger than you. This can also be seen in the image of the strange and beautiful woman, as naked women tend to symbolize both material wealth and a frivolous, irreverent attitude. This culminates in the image of the broken ring which suggests the end to this particular cycle. You may soon find yourself ignored and despised by the people you once looked down upon unless you change your ways and become both more humble and more appreciative of the positive personal qualities you have.

Walking naked through neighborhood

I find myself walking at night naked or nearly naked to get to my car or to get home which is several miles away and through a neighborhood that I am familiar with and where people would know me. In the dream, I have not yet been caught but I'm worried about it. I wake up before I get caught but never make it home or to my car.

Your dream wherein you are walking naked at night alludes to fear of being exposed. Exposure could mean long-held secrets or things that you are ashamed of. Maybe you got involved in questionable activities and you are anxious about being found out. Whatever secret it is that you are hiding, you fear that it would bring you shame and tarnish your reputation. Alternatively, this dream could be a reflection of your low self-esteem. Perhaps you are not yet fully comfortable in your own skin or you have not fully embraced your flaws and shortcomings. You may be a perfectionist, hence you do not want others to find out about your insecurities and weaker sides. However, in order to find security and inner peace, as symbolized by the need to go home, you need to be able to accept yourself fully, as any human being who has flaws and weaknesses.

Rolling naked on the bed with a lover

I had a dream that my lover and I were naked rolling around and playing on a bed.

Rolling around in bed with your lover alludes to being carefree with your sexuality. You may be comfortable in your own skin and basically enjoying what life has to offer. On the other hand, it could also suggest immaturity and a lack of commitment on both sides. You may not be happy with how things are turning out between you and your partner not only in terms of your performance in bed, but also in your other states of affair as a couple.

Naked strangers in the bathroom

Me and this other guy were standing in this bathroom naked and this girl was sitting in the bathtub naked also. We were trying to lift her out, but I was holding a platter of food. After we kept trying a couple more times, I threw the food on the ground. I told my friend to make sure the path was clear, so we could carry her to a bed. After he left, I picked her up and put her in my lap. Then my penis tried to push up in between her legs.

Your presence in the bathroom during this vision is very telling, suggesting that some terrible luck is about to befall you. Both your nakedness and the nakedness of your companions allow for a more specific reason to emerge. These symbols predict that not only are you to find yourself in a compromising situation, but that those around you are also likely to be privy to your embarrassment, possibly leading to an influx of gossip and unflattering rumors about you. Throwing food on the ground could signify trying to rectify this situation, but actually making it worse by continuing to remind others that it occurred. It may be better to withdraw for a while and let the situation boil over rather than continue to stir the pot.

Mother naked during praying

I was dreaming that I was sent to someone to pray for me, while we were about to start, my mum showed up naked and I chased her.

Dreaming that others are praying for you denotes your need for some guidance in life. You may be feeling lost and possibly without purpose, hence your loved ones are starting to worry. In the meantime, your parents, particularly your mom, who are responsible for guiding and providing you with advice may be preoccupied with their own problems, leaving you to navigate the world around you on your own, for the most part. Her naked appearance refers to possible secrets which could be revealed. You may be interested in uncovering her past to be able to relate to her better.

Hanging clothes on the line while naked

Saw myself naked washing and spreading clothes with some others at a public tap and some guys watching me spread the clothes from a close distance. But I had this carefree attitude in the dream.

Dreaming about washing clothes has negative connotations. It indicates that your current ways could prove to be your ultimate downfall. Perhaps you have a frivolous attitude which is having an adverse impact on your relationships. This symbolism is further reinforced by the fact that you were nude and not bothered about it. It represents the insecurities which you face in your waking life. Perhaps this giddy attitude which you have is simply a show and you are trying to hide your vulnerable side. However, you should keep in mind that doing so is only going to create more trouble for you down the road.

Being naked in public after losing friends

I have two recurring dream themes. One is I'm going somewhere with a friend who is leading the way. I always get separated, I lose him or her in the crowd or I look away and he or she is gone. I will wander along after that. The other dream is I'm often nude in very commonplace situations with others around. I'm the only naked one. I only care because I know they will. What do these things mean???

Having a friend leading you and then losing your way in this dream likely means that you are uncertain about where you are headed, so you tend to take a cue on others and just follow their lead. You may rely heavily on the advice of your peers and loved ones. Furthermore, you tend to constantly look for guidance because of self-doubt and insecurity. On the other hand, you could also be facing and navigating a new phase in your personal journey and you are struggling to adapt to this recent change. As for the second dream theme, nudity or being naked in public likewise reveals your fears and insecurities. This is not necessarily about body image, instead it serves to illustrate your vulnerability and sensitive nature. You could be afraid to show your weaknesses because others could use them to take advantage of you. Ultimately, these recurring themes highlight your fear of being placed in a compromising position and you tend to prefer situations wherein you have full control.

Flying naked with a friend

I am female. I dreamt that I was flying naked when I lost balance and a pastor friend I know caught me and held onto me, he was also flying naked. Our bodies were aligned as we flew. We landed in a park and people gave us clothes and directed us to a caravan to get changed. After changing my friend had to go and left me on my own.

Flying reveals a desire for freedom and independence, while nudity alludes to shame. Perhaps in your yearning to follow your heart's desire, you may find yourself in a compromising position. There is a chance that you would get involved in an illicit relationship which could tarnish your reputation. Meanwhile, the park signifies a period of rest. The possibility of being embroiled in a controversy would likely send you scurrying back into your shell or escaping into a space of safety and comfort. All actions have repercussions, both good and bad, so maybe your subconscious is merely reminding you to think about the validity of your decisions.