Dreams Related To Music

Hearing music

Dreaming about remembering hearing soothing or pleasant music could represent some forthcoming opportunity. This chance could be related to an event during which you would have a pleasant and joyful time. Moreover, you will be genuinely entertained and excited either by yourself or in the company of others.

People dancing to music

Dreaming of seeing many people dancing to music could translate upcoming positive experiences. You might stumble upon or decide to try some new activity or occupation. You might do so alone or together with other people. This delightful experience would progress smoothly and steadily provide you with some joyful moments.

Music as a love song

Dreaming about a love song could bear positive connotations. You might come across some hard or complex situation. Nevertheless, during its occurrence, you would know exactly what to do. Therefore, you would successfully resolve the situation in the utmost adequate way.

Guitar music

Dreaming about hearing guitar music could reveal your romantic attitude or mood. You might currently be infatuated or developing passionate feelings towards someone. In this case, the intensity of your appreciation would grow. It could also be about finding a new date. You might start nurturing a romantic affection for this person. These interpretations especially apply if a serenade was been played and heard in this dream.

Playing music with a musical instrument

Dreaming about playing music with the help of a musical instrument, for example a violin or guitar, is a positive sign. You may currently or soon become dissatisfied with your current job, occupation or position. Such discontentment could serve as a driving force and motivate you to proactively seek to change your life situation. You would not regret your actions. In the end, you would successfully assume a leading, exciting and new responsibility.

Pleasant and familiar music

Dreaming about hearing pleasant and familiar music could be symbolic of a comeback. You could be returning or planning to return to a familiar place. This would be a site which you have not visited for a very long time. You only have a faint memory about how it was. This might make you feel hesitant about going back. However, the dream suggests that you would not regret embarking on this journey. An alternative interpretation could involve meeting or projecting to meet some past friend or acquaintance.

Composing music

Dreaming about composing music could symbolize some enlightening introspection. You may spend some time reflecting about yourself and your emotions. You would show a great ability to attach meaning to your past experiences, recurrent visions and other more rare symbols that recently might have surrounded you. The outcome would be an increased and more profound awareness about yourself, your life and your path.

Loud music

Dreaming about listening to excessively loud music, to the point of becoming tremendously uncomfortable or irritated by it, could symbolize unpleasant news. You might have received or are about to receive some information. It would have negative, unfavorable or upsetting connotations for you. In the utmost extreme case, the news could be related to the death of an acquaintance or close friend.

Classical music

Dreaming about being exposed or listening to classical music could be a symbol of profundity. You may be going through some deep emotional experiences regarding an important aspect of your life. Such experiences could change your perception or understanding about yourself, what surrounds you or life in general. That is, their impact could provoke some personal philosophical insights or changes.

Harsh-sounding music

Dreaming about hearing or listening to harsh-sounding unpleasant music and feeling annoyed by it could represent an unpleasant burden. You might have to do some task or perform a duty which you dislike. However, there would be no way around it. You would really need to finish doing it. Moreover, you would long remember your adverse reaction to such performed necessary obligation.

Listening to music for a female

For people of the feminine gender, having a dream about listening to music could be an unfavorable sign. Namely, you might soon be exposed to shame and ridicule. People could be making fun and mocking you behind your back.

Pleasant music as a background

Having a pleasant musical background to your dream is a sign of being successful in establishing new relationships. You might currently be or soon become very successful at establishing and maintaining long-lasting interpersonal relationships. The dream suggests that you would continue to possess such networking skill or quality for quite some time. Moreover, at some point, it could bring you some benefits and advantages.

Strange music and a distorted image

My brother and I had just got done playing a video game. We stepped into the hallway when all of a sudden some sort of creepy music started playing, like someone was hitting PVC pipes. I happened to look up to the ceiling, to discover this picture I recalled seeing earlier in my dream that my brother had gotten. The picture was of some distorted entity, the face unrecognizable and scribbles around it. As me and my brother both realized it wasn't supposed to be there, the music became chaotic.

Hallways are often symbolically linked with a certain, specific aspect of your life. In this case, the presence of you brother could indicate an issue with him specifically or something that affects your family as a whole. In either situation, hearing strange, creepy music playing from an unknown source is often thought to represent something terrible coming, some event or activity which would usher in a period of unhappiness for you and those connected to the incident. Furthermore, the unrecognizable face of the picture and the scribbles which distort other parts of the image could be interpreted as a sign that the threat to you and your loved ones may be coming from outside the home, such a rival or larger evil entity. It would be wise to use extreme caution and to limit time spent in open areas.

Music heard from a distance

Dreaming about hearing an almost inaudible music coming from a distance is a negative sign. It is possible that you would soon be visited or come across someone you dislike, for example, an enemy, competitor or adversary. You should prepare yourself for such encounter for it may bring along some undesirable outcomes.

Enchanting and melodic music

Dreaming about hearing enchanting and melodic music usually has a very positive meaning. A blissful period might await you in the suit of the dream. You would start feeling pleased, happy, fulfilled, satisfied, serene, peaceful and relaxed soon after. These positive emotions could arise without having any particular or specific cause.

Jazz music

Dreaming about hearing jazz music could translate an ironic or sceptic attitude. It is possible that you know someone who elicits in you a mocking, cynical or sarcastic reaction. You might even express such feelings in regards to that individual. In doing so, you could possibly be hurting their feelings and damaging their self-esteem.

Unpleasant dissonant music

Dreaming about being exposed to dissonant and unpleasant to the ear music could be an unfavorable sign. You could be facing some troublesome period. These distresses could be caused to you by unruly, disruptive and disobedient kids or other members of your household. You might be frequently feeling upset, irritated or disappointed for a considerable amount of time.

Disliking someone's music

Dreaming about listening to the music played by someone and disliking what you hear could be a warning. You could be about to go through some difficult conflicts and divergences of opinions with someone whom you dislike. These disagreements could have a tremendous emotionally-negative impact upon you. Therefore, you would benefit from avoiding or minimizing your social dealings and contacts with this person.

Enjoying playing music

Having a dream about finding yourself playing soothing and pleasant music for long periods of time could speak of relaxing moments. It is possible that you desire to take some days off, arrange a vacation or take a break from your daily routine and worries. The dream suggests that you will manage to enjoy such rest or a pleasurable holiday.

Seeing a lot of musical instruments

Dreaming about seeing a lot of musical instruments without musicians could be a negative sign. In particular, it could reveal that there may be some troubles, difficulties or unpleasant news coming your way.

Tuning sounds of music

Dreaming about hearing sounds of music being tuned, for example by an orchestra, could reveal your social disposition. You could naturally be or currently feel gregarious and outgoing. You enjoy the company of others and perfectly get along with them. You are able to easily cope with their desires, preferences and decisions.

Music as accords

Dreaming about hearing the pleasant accords someone is playing could represent your domestic life. For those who share a house or live with one or more people, the dream might represent an harmonious, agreeable and blissful home environment. That is, your household members would get along wonderfully and feel satisfied and happy in each other’s’ company.

Music played without musicians

Seeing musical instruments, hearing music being played and being unable to locate the musicians is an unfavorable symbol. It could speak of the physical absence of someone you love or cherish. They could go on a retreat, disappear or pass away. Only the pleasant memory about that person would remain.

Music rehearsed by musicians

Dreaming about hearing music being rehearsed by musicians before the actual musical performance could indicate conflicts. The relational environment within your household may become hostile and rich in disputes and arguments. It would be as if nothing really worked to everybody's satisfaction.

Falling asleep while listening to music

I have had a dream 3 times and each time I am with a friend and fall asleep and when I wake up I'm with her and a few other people. All the people seem to be studying me and then I hear "I'm going to play the music again." When I hear the music I fall asleep and when the music stops I wake up. That keeps repeating itself until I wake up.

Being watched or scrutinized, in the context of a dream vision, usually points to higher than normal stress levels when awake. Your body may be trying to process the strain you are currently under by focusing on a mundane, but persistent task. This is followed by music which, in a dream vision, is a positive sign associated with opportunity and happiness. You may find that all your hard work is about to pay off with an enticing chance in the near future.

A dog and a cat while playing music

A black and white dog sitting near a chimney on my house roof. I am playing an oboe. A cat runs through the house. I discover it came in through a new plate window which had a small hole in it disguised with a piece of transparent sheet.

The black and white dog reveals your levelheaded and pragmatic nature. You tend to be cautious in making decisions and choosing your path in this world, whether it is related to your career or your personal space. This tendency to play it safe, however, is about to be tested as indicated in this vision. The cat that entered your house through the window symbolizes a feisty personality who is about to cause chaos in your organized existence. Perhaps it would send you reeling into the unknown, then again maybe this individual is meant to teach you a thing or two about living your life to the fullest.

Listening to music and out of body experience

I was walking down a Dutch-cultured street with my youth group from church while listening to music. One of my friends came up to me when "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran came on and he asked me to dance. We started to dance and the world melted away. Towards the end, I was flung from my body and watched myself say thank you (the first words that were spoken in an audible manner). Then I walked away and I woke up.

Dancing to music in the dream world is often associated with personal development and growth in reality. In most cases, this symbol predicts learning something new or having a new experience, often in the form of a hobby or relationship with someone more experienced than yourself. This image is supported by your out of body experience, another symbol associated with inner strength. It is possible that either your youth group as a whole or the friend you danced with would aid you in this journey, but it is also possible that they are simply a stand in for another group or individual whom you would meet in the near future.

Music that would not stop playing

I'm female. There was an event to which my mom signed me up for. She set out my clothes for the event, but when I was changing, it felt like I wasn't alone. Scared, I paused the music I was listening to but it wouldn't pause and when I took off my headphones the music kept playing. The lock on the door then rapidly locked and unlocked itself. I reached for the door, then I felt possessed. It happened twice, the second time my mom was there, said I looked like I had a seizure (in the dream).

Symbolically, both the vision of hearing music and being possessed represent auspicious developments occurring in your life soon. These events are either related to finding new opportunities for happier existence or being assisted by someone if you need help in your current endeavors. In this sense, the lock that was locking and unlocking by itself in your dream signifies some new prospects your subconscious can be pointing you to, which you may already encountered in reality or could soon discover for yourself. It would be very beneficial for your future to take advantage of any offers or chances that come along at this time if you want to succeed professionally or in some aspects of your personal life.