Dreams Related To Mushrooms

White mushroom

In dreams, Jungian philosophy lends an interesting interpretation to the image of a white mushroom. In particular, this symbol is linked with the idea of good fortune manifesting through renewal or revitalization. Taking time to accurately and fairly make decisions about your future after considering the details and their impact on your physical and spiritual life would be key in getting to the next level of your being. It would be unwise to be short-sighted in this case.

Harvesting mushrooms

Harvesting mushrooms, from the forest or your backyard, means you may have to join forces with crooked individuals or troublemakers to take down a more sinister character. Your neighborhood could be struggling to get rid of some disruptive criminals and the only way to fight is to harness the connections and skills of local thugs to spook them away from your community. This is the last resort, so if proper authorities can help you maintain peace and order, then that should be the first step.

A mushroom growing on the roof of a house

Mushroom with gold studs hanging in the roof, then as I am looking at it, it dilated as l was trying to catch it, l woke up.

Mushrooms are often thought to symbolize negative energy or a poisonous personality, although not your own. The mushroom's position above you (hanging from the roof) suggests that this evil is coming from someone above you in status, possibly a boss, manager, teacher or elder. In any case, the gold studs indicate that, to others, this person seems untouchable and wonderful to the core. However, you can see the truth that this person is only beautiful on the outside.