Dreams Related To Murderer

Being locked in and chased by a murderer

I am locked in a big center that has a leisure center in it and some man is chasing me, but I have to get to the locker room because that's where my keys are to get out!!!! I am on the phone with my sister, but she doesn't believe me until she hears another man being murdered and the madman screaming for me!

Dreaming about being unable to leave a large building or complex because you do not have the key is a symbol often associated with negative feelings about the way your life is currently playing out. You may be highly dissatisfied with some aspects, particularly certain relationships which tend to bring you down or bore you. This is followed by your admitting that the key is the only way to leave, suggesting you know how to fix this situation, but are unwilling to admit it to yourself or others for fear of rejection or admonishment. However, the murderous madman is very telling, showing your true feelings about this situation. His chasing you is the manifestation of your desire to avoid or remove a certain individual from your life despite how others feel about them. You should not worry about your family or friends' reaction to the news that you want to split. If never seeing this individual again would make you happy, you should go ahead and cut them out of your life.

Murderers in an elderly home

I was in an elderly home and I was running in a maze of halls. So when I reached the waiting room there were murderers all in the room flashing their weapons and then Freddy Kruger. Also, I've had this dream multiple times before.

Dreaming about being intimidated or threatened by murderers could be a warning about possible careless actions you may be subjected to by others who do not realize the negative consequences of their behavior. This dream can also express your fear or hesitance towards something which needs to be taken care of or done by you in order to change your life for the better, in the context of your dream, this could be related to relationships with older members of your family or advice you may have recently received from someone older and more experienced than you.

A public fight with a murderer

I find a murderer in an abandoned part of my school, fight him, and lead him to a populated area of the school where a huge fight ensues.

Fighting a murderer is often quite a dramatic symbol to perceive, and Freudian sources would suggest that it is related to potential danger in reality. The setting of your school, however, may reveal that this has a slightly more mundane meaning when it comes to your reality, as schools usually are just an indicator of stress. In fact, considering the fight moved from an empty, unpopulated area to a busy one, it is possible that this vision is a reflection of your fears about something bad happening at school, like becoming ill or getting into trouble. You may need to speak with someone about your concerns to bring your personal stress levels down.