Dreams Related To Movie

Starring in a movie

Envisioning yourself as an actor starring in a movie means you are a horrible judge of character or perhaps you are drawn to spiteful personalities because you initially think they are cool. Unfortunately, the more you hang out with them, the more you will become malicious and mean yourself. Unbeknownst to you, they could even use your loyalty and gullibility to trap you into a scheme, then make you the fall person when things turn nasty.

Being attacked at the movie theater

I'm driving with my best friend (I do not know this person in real life). We're going to movies. Park across from theater. Bridge is parallel with 2 roads. We are in a gift shop. 3 guys jump my friend. Choke him then stab him with a switchblade. No blood. I can't pry guy off of him. Suddenly, I'm holding hands, walking with my gf and she has stab wounds. We realize she is a ghost. She gets back into her body. Body breathes. Ambulance takes off. I Ask what hospital and driver shrugs. I do not know where they take her.

Driving in a car at the beginning of this vision suggests this whole dream is somehow connected to the current trajectory your life is taking. In that sense, the movie theater represents the path you have chosen while the bridge you saw is a metaphor for another, more treacherous path that you were close to choosing but did not in the end. Watching your friend being stabbed inside the gift shop but not seeing any blood may refer to growing distance with someone in reality that has served you well. Perhaps this individual was a negative influence on your lifestyle, and now that you are free of their persuasive power, you are able to make great improvements to you future. This is opposed with the image of your girlfriend in the vision who is both a ghost and carries the stab wounds, which suggests unresolved issues. It seems that even though you have taken a step in the right direction, you still have a long way to go. It would be wise to seek advice from someone who knows your situation intimately and whom you trust implicitly. Their experience and knowledge may help you fully recover from your past mistakes and misguided actions.

Helping to make a movie

Planning "Gone in 60 seconds". Angelina Jolie and Nick Cage were helping me an my dad's classic car was one of the 50 cars and was named Darla.

Envisioning yourself being part of a movie represents your desire to escape your present circumstances. A car usually represents social mobility and success, which means you or your family are struggling to make ends meet or unable to afford a major purchase. This dream is your subconscious trying to find a way out of your problems, although not in a realistic way. Darla could be a metaphor for daring to find the answer to paying off debts or taking advantage of an opportunity to improve your way of life, but you need to be proactive in finding the right connections instead of relying on luck and fortune alone.