Dreams Related To Mouth

Hair in mouth

Dreaming that you are chocking or suffocating because of hair in your mouth is a sign that you are seriously being held back in wake life. You could be improving yourself, like exercising or learning new skills, however, other individuals in your life would prefer if you stay the way you are. This is because they cannot or do not want to change themselves. These toxic men or women are preventing you from reaching your true potential. You should seek out new people who share your motivation and drive and surround yourself with their positive energy so that you can become the best version of yourself.

A brown snake inside the mouth

Dreamed I was somewhere, saw some rocks, I was trying to get to somewhere, my grandson was in the dream. Somehow I had a snake in my mouth. Curled up in my mouth, it was plain color, brown I think. My mouth was part open because of the snake lying in my mouth. Later I woke up. When I fell back asleep the dream continued, and I dreamed the snake came out on its own before I woke back up. It seemed I had to hold the snake in my mouth for some reason, not sure of the reason.

The rocks you saw in your dream signify an upcoming period of instability. You will feel very conflicted about an ongoing issue in your life. Specifically, the snake inside your mouth represents fears and concerns which you are not communicating to your family. These fears are also limiting your decisions and your freedom to pursue your passion. On the other hand, the snake could also refer to your own sexuality. Depending on how you feel about the snake, it is possible that you feel either sexually frustrated or overwhelmed. Addressing this concern and verbalizing it will free you from your anxiety.

Pulling hair out of mouth

I had a dream of pulling strands of hair out of my mouth... It is on my tongue, not down my throat... It feels endless... I don't have long hair... I have had this dream countless times... I am curious to know its meaning...

This dream vision could be interpreted from a physical and emotional point of view. Sometimes, having dream about pulling hair out of your mouth could be related to metabolism issues which cause accumulation of toxins in your body and having a condition called "hairy tongue". These subconscious visions could also be indicative of some emerging or existing respiratory problems and inhibition of breathing during sleep. Emotionally, you could be going through a period of time filled with stress and constant worrying about some ongoing issues. You need to restore your inner strength and balance in order to stop experiencing these dream visions.

Blood coming out of mouth

Blood coming from your mouth, such as when you bite your tongue or are punched in the face, is often considered an evil, ominous image to perceive in a dream. It predicts the death of someone in your family. It could be an immediate family member, like a child, sibling or parent, or it may be someone in your extended family whom you see fairly often, like a grandma or great aunt. Their loss would bring you great sadness and heartache.

Pulling mucus out of mouth

Using a pulling motion to get mucus out of your mouth indicates growing self-confidence. This is a message from your subconscious telling you that you are on the way to achieving something in the realm of communication. This activity could be public speaking, reporting, writing, or anything that relates to your desire of communicating novel ideas. Similarly, pulling mucus from your throat could be a fortunate dream vision of being adept in diplomacy.

Broken glass in mouth

Dreaming of broken glass in your mouth means you need to exercise extreme caution in communication. In psychoanalysis, broken glass implies fragility of relationships, so shards of glass inside the mouth reveal how sharp words can destroy friendships and sever bonds. Alternatively, this can also suggest vanity or excessive preoccupation with your self-image. You worry too much about other people's perception of you, so you have a hard time expressing yourself in an authentic way.

Pulling a thread out of the mouth

I was pulling a thread out of my mouth as I was going about my day. The thread was coming out clean and white, and I was not in any pain. It was a lot of thread it looked like dental floss. When I pulled it all out, the end of it was sewn to my tongue and when I tried to pull it out it hurt a little and it bled a little.

The thread that is attached to your tongue signifies your struggle to express your thoughts and ideas. You are probably filled with opinions, yet you find it hard to verbalize them for fear of being judged. On the other hand, this could also serve as a warning for you to be more careful with what you say. Thoughtless comments and tactless statements can not only hurt others, it could also ruin other people's perception of you. Ultimately, this dream symbol symbolizes good communication. In a world where everyone can just publicly share their every little thought and opinion, we can all benefit from self-restraint and sensitivity in our posts.

Mouth getting stapled shut

Dreaming that your mouth is being stapled shut means you should be more careful in posting your plans or intentions because if they eventually change, the online community will still hold you accountable. It can be as minor as not eating red meat or something major like choosing a child-free life. Breaking these plans could mean getting branded as a hypocrite. In addition, this could also refer to over-consumption, so a stapled mouth represents your desire to curb your materialistic drives. You are taking the first steps into simplifying your life by shopping less, recycling more and donating your excess clothes or unnecessary belongings to charity. You could even sell some of your things online on thrift-related apps like Depop, Poshmark or even Instagram.

Swollen mouth

Dreaming of a swollen mouth, such as due to an allergic reaction, is actually a fortunate symbol associated with increased earning or income. The puffed up lips, tongue or uvula represent being flush with cash. Although the overall aspect of this dream is positive, you should be careful of those who would want to take your money for themselves or the negative effects of lifestyle creep.

Pulling plastic out of mouth

Pulling out or spitting up plastic from your mouth speaks to your attempts to rid yourself of some difficulty that is weighing heavily on your subconscious. It is probably related to your material possessions, most likely your overdependence on one or more of them. Your spiritual self longs to be free of the materialistic and capitalistic world we live in, leading to this vision.

Snake in mouth

Seeing a snake coming out of your mouth in a dream is a fortunate sign that something positive is about to happen in your life. According to ancient Biblical scripts, it means that God has decided to open the gates of heavenly blessings for you. Soon, all your questions and prayers will be answered, or a grave problem would end or an emotional setback would be compensated with a new love. Alternatively, if you are pulling the snake out yourself then it means that you will soon be defeating your biggest enemy.