Dreams Related To Mouse

A black or grey mouse

Seeing a black or grey mouse in a dream symbolizes personal stability, but could also indicate stagnation. While your current situation is relatively satisfactory, and you are actually contented with what you have at the moment, there would likely be very little or no significant improvements in your finances and quality of life for a long period.

A mouse trapped in a leg

A mouse trapped in my calf leg, left leg.

Dreaming about a mouse could mean that you would soon be the victim of bad luck. Because you mentioned the mouse was trapped in your left leg, it could mean your bad luck would be related to your mobility or your health, meaning it could be something that keeps you from leading a normal life. It might also refer to some act of betrayal by someone close to you or household issues, such as budgeting or child discipline.

A mouse in general

Encountering a mouse in a dream is a sign of bad luck. Relationship-wise, you might fall victim to an act of deceit or betrayal by none other than someone close to you. When it comes to household issues, you might encounter problems with regard to budgeting or child discipline. As far as your current project or business is concerned, you might experience a temporary glitch in the operations or a slump in your sales.

Furthermore, this dream vision is a grim warning that you might come in contact with shady characters and dishonest personalities. You would be able to recognize these people through their many disguises. As they say, you can smell a con from a mile away if you just pay close attention. You should not give them the chance to enter your life if you do not want to encounter problems and complications in the future.

A mouse in the car while driving

I grab a mouse that is bothering my wife in our car and throw it out the window while we're driving only to have an owl bring it back to me.

Dream visions involving an owl carrying a mouse symbolize a breach of confidence. It could be related to the relationship with your wife when she has started to suspect you could be hiding something important from her. Given the notion of you throwing the mouse out the car window, you may be avoiding openly discussing these matters or that these episodic signs of her distrust are becoming more pronounced. Since driving in a car with someone in dreams represents our journey through life with that person, the vision could be urging you to properly address these issues before they escalate to something regrettable down the line.

Chasing a mouse with a broom

I'm a female, 56 years old. My dream was about a mouse and gray in color, he climbed on a broom handle. I remember the dark beady eyes, chasing it with a broom to obstacles. I believe it to be my daughter's apartment, it went into the fireplace and I remember moving a screen that folded in three sections. I remember poking the broom trying to get the mouse.

A gray mouse in the dream world typically symbolizes stability, but could also be interpreted as stagnation. If the latter interpretation is more appropriate for your current concerns, then chasing the mouse may be an indication of discontent. Since this mouse was seen at your daughter's apartment, it may be a representation of her current mindset. Perhaps in a bid to squash her boredom or being misunderstood, she may be engaging in inappropriate or risky behavior. She could be playing with fire which could tarnish her reputation. However, if she is able to channel her passion into something more productive, perhaps her restlessness could lead to progress in both her personal and professional spheres.

A mouse inside a handbag

Saw a mouse go inside my wife's hand bag. We were trying to get it out but we could not find it.

The mouse inside your wife's handbag is the manifestation of some deeply scandalous or inappropriate information that you may be privy to in reality. Searching for the mouse, then, suggests that you intend to spread this knowledge for your own benefit. For example, sharing it with certain people or within a particular context could garner you favors, esteem or even admiration. However, your conscience may not be totally at ease with this option, hence why you were ultimately unable to actually find the mouse in the end.

A mouse on a white wall

I was looking up at a white wall and a mouse just appears, then it just starts walking across the wall. My gender is female.

The white wall you envisioned could represent a boost in social status you are about to receive. You may have been recommended for an award or promotion or applied for such recognition yourself. You are likely to get this incentive and the admiration and support that come with it. However, the mouse walking across the wall is a warning that someone may double-cross you because of your achievements. You may have a secret enemy who is jealous of your sudden rise and wants to sabotage your future efforts.

Mice in large numbers

To dream about being swamped by a large number of mice is ominous of an epidemic, famine, plague, social unrest, war or a similar large-scale calamity. You are hereby warned that the community, city or country you are currently living in might be struck by a natural or man-made disaster, the effects of which could change your life and the lives of the people in the vicinity forever. If you are overanxious about your family's safety, you might consider moving to a much safer or more neutral place on a temporary or permanent basis. Viewed differently, this dream vision is an indication that you may fall victim to rumor-mongering. The only way to avoid this incident is to keep your personal information to yourself.

A computer mouse

A dream about holding or clicking a computer mouse is a symbol of having a sense of being in control. You have a lot of self-confidence. You always act like you are on top of every situation you may find yourself in, and you believe that things will turn out in your favor, even if this may not always be the case. It does not mean that you are trying to project a false sense of security. It is more like staying positive even in the face of negativity.

A dead mouse

Dreaming about discovering a dead mouse in a place of residence portends an agonizing period of financial instability and destitution. You could be plunged into a life of poverty which you yourself may have caused. If you are not aware of it yet, you should see whether you are spending way more money than you are bringing to the family. Or else, you may end up not being able to afford even your own bare necessities.

A mouse for a young woman

For young females, dreaming about coming across a mouse raises red flags concerning questionable personalities who might be posing as friends in real life. You should be wary of people in your social circle who might use you for their personal gains, take advantage of you or promote their personal agenda at your expense. You cannot just sit there and watch helplessly while someone is committing a brazen act of injustice against you or some other poor chap for that matter.

Your house infested with mice

To dream about a place of residence infested with mice is a forewarning of unforeseen evil forces which could jeopardize a plan for success. If you are too caught up in your current undertakings in the hope of achieving your goals at the shortest possible time, you need to pause every now and then just to make sure no one behind your back could derail your ambitions with their evil intents. You should learn to ward them off every time they try to distract you or stop you in your tracks before they could even gain momentum.

Mouse running

Encountering a mouse running or scurrying into hole is a bad omen when it comes to your relationships. You will probably fall in love with someone who only considers your relationship as a fling or a hook up. Meanwhile, Miller interprets a mouse as a harbinger of familial conflict. Disagreements about money or raising your children will create tension leading to possible separation if you do not work things out.

Eating a mouse

Seeing yourself eating or devouring a mouse like a raving cannibal in a dream, as if you were assuming the role of a predator, symbolizes an opposite situation where you could be the one falling prey to danger in waking life. You are hereby warned to refrain from going to places which could become scenes of horrible accidents and mishaps, or hanging out with people who might cause you bodily harm or cost you your own life.

Killing a mouse

A dream about killing a mouse, for instance by placing mouse traps in strategic places inside a house, symbolizes victory over competition. Your higher work output would prompt your superiors to choose you over a colleague to assume a coveted position. Your fair business practices would earn you a larger market than your scheming competitors. Your sincerity and good intentions would give you the advantage over the others in trying to win an ideal romantic mate.

If you are married, a dream about killing a mouse is an indication that whatever hardships and difficulties you may encounter in your married life, you and your romantic partner will remain steadfast in your love and commitment to each other. Moreover, you would do everything in your dual power to resolve every issue which might come your way, and your relationship would grow even stronger and more fulfilling in the process.

Mice destroying belongings

Dreaming about mice chewing on and destroying valuable belongings is a bad omen which indicates the possibility of losing a substantial amount of money or property. The mice in the dream could symbolize none other than you, that is, your own excessive spending and extravagance could be the cause of your financial troubles. This dream vision is, therefore, a call to exercise self-restraint and modesty.

A mouse as a pet

Having a mouse as a pet in a dream symbolizes your ability to be in complete control of the situation and capacity to counteract and keep any form of danger at bay. Some people may try to give you a hard time in your current undertaking, but they would realize that their malicious intents are no threat to you because of your watchful eyes and vigilance. Pursuing their dubious plans in an attempt to pull you down would only be a complete waste of their time and effort.

A sleeping mouse

Dreaming about observing a sleeping mouse symbolizes feelings of relief and happiness in the knowledge that your children are currently in a good situation morally, financially and health-wise. Having raised them well and guided them in the right direction by being a living example to them, you now take comfort in the assumption that they will be okay and no evil influence could hold sway over their life.

A mechanical mouse

To dream about playing with a mechanical or electronic toy mouse symbolizes the possibility of turning unique and novel ideas into success. It indicates that you may be blessed with entrepreneurial skills or have a lot of potential to make it big in your field of expertise. You might be able to use your rare skill and ingenuity to create a business empire which could generate thousands of jobs and make you a hero in your own right.

A mouse eating food supplies

A dream about discovering a mouse or a pack of mice feasting on a food supply in a cabinet or pantry is a threatening sign of actual situations and circumstances which could cut your life short. It could pertain to deteriorating health or an unfortunate deadly incident. You could curb this threat to your life by taking immediate steps which would directly address the potential cause of the problem.

A mouse inside your ear

A brown mouse getting pulled out of my ear. Not quite sure if it was dead or alive.

Envisioning a mouse being pulled from inside your ear means you would soon hear some useful information regarding money. You may get a hot tip for something to buy or sell on the stock market, or you may learn of a company that is ripe for investment. In either case, you could stand to make a tidy profit if you do your research and invest wisely.

A mouse inside a mousetrap

A dream about discovering a mouse inside a moustrap represents a possibility of acquiring property or money in the near future. If you are in business, you would be surprised to witness a sudden increase in your sales and profits after an unexpected surge in demand for the products or services you are offering. You might receive a substantial amount of money in the form of a bonus or salary raise, obtain a valuable inheritance, or become the beneficiary of a very expensive life insurance policy you had no previous knowledge of.

Viewed differently, this dream vision may also suggest that you can have the luxury of trying all sorts of lifestyles and living through a variety of life situations and circumstances to be able to determine your true calling. By experiencing different real-life scenarios, you would learn a lot of things first hand and be able to apply your knowledge to mold a better life for yourself. After all, experience is the best teacher. For single and young people, having this dream vision could mean being invited to and attending a party or social gathering which would serve as a welcome break from their busy lives at school or at work. This party or social gathering might even serve as a venue for them to meet people close to their age with whom they can start a romantic relationship.

A mouse on your dress

Seeing a mouse clinging to a dress in a dream portends the possibility of getting involved in and being at the center of a controversy, scandal or act of impropriety. You should watch your own actions and avoid dealing with people who could put you in a compromising situation. The human mind is fickle and easily lured by the promise of comfort and instant gratification. You could easily be swayed by your emotions and get caught up in the moment, without realizing the grave consequences of your dubious deeds.

Feeding a mouse

Having a dream about feeding a mouse, say with a fat slab of cheese, is a reflection of self-importance and indifference to people perceived to be less capable. You might think that you have a lot more going for you than certain people, which may be true in some cases. But this dream vision is a subconscious reminder that you cannot have everything in life. You have your own set of weaknesses and needs which other people, including those who you think are inferior to you, can help you with.

Setting a mousetrap

Dreaming about setting a mousetrap to snag a mouse is a symbol of resourcefulness and self-reliance. It speaks of your ability to solve your own problems and your capacity to turn liabilities into assets and strengths. For this reason, you will often find yourself taking positions of authority and leadership, in addition to being the one people would often go to in times of need or trouble.

Trying to catch a mouse

Trying to catch a mouse in a dream is a grim warning against acting inappropriately or engaging in a scandalous act. There is nothing wrong with doing whatever pleases the body on the premise that it is not an illegal act and neither does it violate the rights of others. But you should draw the line between freedom of expression and defending what society might perceive and predetermine as indecent, improper, and immoral. You need to check whether you are going a bit too far. On the more positive side, this dream vision indicates that your hopes for a better life would likely come true.

A mouse up-close

Having a dream about examining the physical characteristics of a mouse up close is an indication of a possible increase in the prices of commodities in your locality. You might consider stocking up your pantry and storage room with basic supplies and needs which could last a few months before these price hikes could happen. But then you could also be accused of hoarding, so you need to check whether you could be violating a law.

Letting a mouse to escape

Dreaming about allowing a mouse to escape in an act of pity indicates upcoming economic hardships and confrontations with colleagues and loved ones. Your expenditures might increase in the coming days due to unforeseen contingencies, such as a sudden sickness in the family or an unexpected surge in the prices of commodities. Your business may have been rather slack lately. Your personal relationships may be starting to fall apart. You are warned to brace yourself for these unpleasant eventualities and think of alternative plans to cushion your proverbial fall.

A white mouse

Having a dream about encountering a white mouse signifies a backstabbing incident. Someone you have allowed access to your most well-guarded secrets could become your worst enemy by revealing to others the very things you have told this person to keep private. For all you know, there are people who could give up a friendship or be more than willing to do an act of treachery if it means satisfying their selfish motives and gaining unfair advantage over someone in the process.

Scratching noises made by mice

A dream about hearing scratching noises made by mice, for instance inside a double wall or behind a cabinet door, is a symbolic image of someone breaking into a place of residence to commit a burglary. You need to check your home's safety and security system immediately after experiencing this dream vision in order to forestall any such event and avoid a potentially significant property loss or a possible deadly situation.

Squeaking of a mouse without it being present

Dreaming about hearing a mouse squeak without actually seeing it is a forewarning of possible incidents of deception and betrayal. Someone or some people in your group may be telling lies and feeding false information about you to make you look like an evil person among your friends. You can only prevent the destruction of your friendship from happening if you confront the foul-mouthed accusers and talk the matter over with all members of the group so everyone would find out who is telling the truth and who is lying through their crooked teeth.

This dream vision may also suggest a less scandalous way of dealing with this issue. Instead of confronting the rumormongers in a public place, that is, among other people who might have been unwillingly dragged into this mess, you could first engage the perpetrators in a closed door meeting where you could discuss and resolve the problem by yourselves in order to minimize the damage and prevent it from getting out of hand. Sudden outbursts might do you more harm than good, so you should try to stay calm and composed as much as you possibly can.

A cat catching a mouse

Having a dream about a cat catching a mouse portends having to deal with insignificant but irritating issues within a relationship as a result of a baseless accusation or unfounded rumor against you. You might have to waste a lot of your time trying to clear your name or attempting to explain your side to other people about a non-issue. You could keep quiet about it, but then your silence might be taken to mean that the accusation or rumor is true.

A mouse with a long tail

Encountering a mouse with a long tail in a dream signifies problems and issues concerning an actual computer. You are currently or might soon find your personal computer, laptop or tablet break down in the middle of a very important task, sending you in a state of panic. Otherwise, you could be inundated with tons of computer work which might leave you wondering how on earth you are going to finish all of it before the deadline.

Swallowing a mouse

I was in the store with my mom and I ate a mouse in one gulp and felt it moving in my stomach.

The center of your dream is the act of eating a mouse. It is a sign of fortune that could happen soon, either as a financial gain or another opportunity. You could and are likely to encounter many obstacles on the road to self-fulfillment, as evidenced by the context of shopping, in which nothing seems "certain" or "guaranteed". Yet, the central act, swallowing the mouse, clearly states that better days are ahead of you, likely as a succession of opportunities which will help you thrive. Still, your immediate plans or calls for action have to be carefully examined when these opportunities and gains become apparent. Your wisdom is the only thing which can help you make the right choice that could lead you towards the things you desire.

A mouse eating another one

A mouse eating another mouse. One mouse was still alive at the time, and not moving. The dominant mouse had no fear when I saw it eating the other.

Mice are often symbolically linked with experiencing difficulties and troubles in wake life. Much like a rodent infestation is an inconvenience for a household, so does this symbol represent unpleasant developments shortly. The image of one mouse eating another, however, is more telling. It suggests an "out of the frying pan and into the fire" type of situation in which your efforts to fix one problem land you in even hotter water. While it may be difficult to resist the urge to fiddle with things that are not going your way, you are likely better off waiting for the bad times to pass lest you make an even bigger mess.