Dreams Related To Moth

Children catching a moth

My two-year old son caught an albino moth (not white). Him and my 7-month old daughter were sitting in the hallway, he told me he caught a moth for our new house, then my daughter spoke and said "Yeah!". He opened the box and there was a big albino moth in the box. I really need revelation to this dream.

Moths in dreams generally allude to flaws or imperfections. In the context of your dream, the vision of your children catching an albino moth likely represents an unseen problem or a developing issue. Maybe in the frenzy of trying to attend to day-to-day duties and appointments, you may have overlooked a problem or concern inside your household. This problem could be associated with your house, such as plumbing issues or a weak foundation. Perhaps your subconscious is reminding you to be extra observant in order to avoid dealing with much bigger issues.

Eating moths

Dreamt someone gave me a bag of moths to eat saying to me to see if I was honest and true of heart. I told him those insects cure cancer and ate one. He said "All of them", so I eat all of them, mouthful sweet taste. Dream meaning?

The bag of moths symbolizes your fragility and flaws. Thus, being asked to eat the moths alludes to a need for you to acknowledge your shortcomings in order to find a way to strengthen you character. In addition, the whole scenario about testing your honesty likely reveals your cowardice. To be able to feel free and unburden yourself of the shame or guilt you have been carrying all this time, you need to go through a period of personal transformation. This process would require you to take a long, hard look at yourself and be prepared to work on eliminating unsavory parts of your attitude and beliefs.

Being chased by black moths

An image of black moths usually alludes to unfortunate events that might take place in the real world. In general, black moths depict that the death of a loved one or a significant loss is likely to happen in your life. This will cause a great impact on your everyday life and would affect you badly. In a spiritual sense, being chased by these moths implies that you are likely in doubt about your faith due to certain circumstances. This dream mirrors your unsteady belief and your likelihood to be easily swayed by new ideologies.

Lots of moths

The image of a lot of moths appearing in your dream symbolizes a number of real spiritual problems coming up in your life. Just as moths are attracted to a flame, so does this vision serve as an indication that your assumptions and opinions about particular topics may have been influenced by less than reliable sources. As such, the interpretation of this sign relies on your ability to redirect your thoughts and gain freedom from the lies and ultimately spiritual death.

Black moth

A black moth in the dream realm carries special symbolism that is highly ominous. The most basic, common interpretation is related to death. You may soon have to go through the passing of someone beloved to you. Oftentimes this is a member of your immediate family, although it can include members of the extended family or animals and pets that are considered like family members. Alternatively, this symbol may be seen at the beginning or conclusion of some period of your life. In this case, it is likely your intuition warning you that someone or something is about to try and interfere with your plans by passing on negative energy or encouraging you to go down a path different to the one you intended.