Dreams Related To Morgue

A friend shot and at a morgue

Dreamed at 6 years old. I was at the store with my friend, we were grown up in the dream. She was pregnant nine months. Then the store got robbed. They shot her and dragged her body out. Later police called me to a morgue. They had her in a black bag, unzipped her and flies flew out cause she was decomposed where they dragged her out of a pond. My daughter dreamed this at 6 yrs old.

Witnessing your friend dying or being dead in a dream means you were subconsciously validating the relationship with her. Similarly, seeing her pregnant in the same dream means you, as friends, complemented each other and grew personally by learning from your childhood experiences. Despite the grim picture your subconscious has created in this dream, the meaning is positive and points to a deep bond you had built as childhood friends.