Dreams Related To Mopping

Women mopping floors after a party

I was in a strange house. There had been a party and I walked into a room after the party, where a group of women were mopping the floors. I asked repeatedly if I could get a broom and sweep first, but everyone ignored me. There were big dust balls everywhere.

Being in a strange house after a party likely points to your feelings about your current occupation. Perhaps you are not as enthusiastic or inspired as you were when you were just starting out in your career path. The dirt on the floor represents the alienation you feel towards your job. Even though it provides you and family with a sense of security, you could be losing sight of the reasons why you enjoyed doing your job in the first place. This lack of motivation may be affecting your performance. Maybe you have been committing a lot of mistakes lately and your colleagues have to clean up the mess for you, as indicated by the women mopping the floor.

Mopping inside a wealthy residence

Dreamed about someone mopping the floor of a rich man's house.

Seeing someone mopping the floor of a rich man's home could be interpreted as a warning. A dream like this could indicate that financial troubles may be heading in your direction. Due to a lapse of judgment on your part, you could end up losing a sizeable amount of money in the near future. Be careful with the way you invest or spend your hard-earned wealth.