Dreams Related To Monster

What does it mean it dream of fighting monsters

A huge monster fighting with women

I had a dream! There was a huge and very dangerous man, he was like a monster, I saw two ladies approach and they began to fight him. The huge man killed one of the ladies and broke the other one's neck but then all of a sudden she stood up and fixed her head on her neck and she became alright. Then I saw myself with this same man having sex and I realized that I wasn't scared of him, but we were caught by another man who happened to be my husband and then I stood up and left the huge man.

Having sex with a huge man of questionable character is likely a symbol of your personal limitations. You could be finding yourself being unable to experience fulfillment and complete satisfaction for your physical needs and desires. There could be something lacking in your romantic relationship and you are looking elsewhere to get it. The woman with the broken neck points to irrational behavior alluding to the fact that any kind of indiscretion and dishonesty is is possible in your situation. Alternatively, it suggests insubordination to higher authority. Perhaps you tend to resist submitting to someone with higher power at work to the point of getting into trouble.

A monster in general

Generally speaking, a dream vision that features any kind of being resembling a monster is, in most cases, a reflection of the dreamer's concerns and fears which he or she had secluded deep in the subconscious plane to keep away from other people. This can be considered a necessity for social safety and survival, as there are thoughts and secrets that are better kept to oneself due to widely accepted norms and taboos or just to minimize the risk of misunderstanding and hurt. In order to keep the mind healthy, dreams thus become a way of spiritual reconciliation between the parts of our personalities that we open to, and share with, the people in our surroundings and the dark fragments we admit only to ourselves.

Killing a monster

A dream in which you see yourself killing a monster or even a group of abominations, such as when you are a monster slayer in a fantasy world or come across a werewolf on your way home late at night, is actually considered to be quite the favorable sign. It foretells that in the upcoming future you would achieve a glorious victory over a single individual, group of people or even a whole organization you consider your adversary or competitor. Besides pleasure and profit, this supremacy could also improve drastically your status in the eyes of the people around you, so make sure to think beforehand how you would use this extra amount of positive reputation to further propel your success.

A friendly monster

A dream vision in which you come across or happen to be friends with a harmless or peaceful monster, almost as if it was an imaginary companion from your youngest years, is almost universally interpreted as a positive sign of receiving good or empowering news in the upcoming future. Most likely, this would help you to finally finish an important project or task that you have been working on for significant time with variable success. Alternatively, this dream could be foretelling you are about to acquire a certain skill or knowledge that you have been long dreaming about but could never fathom the circumstances that would lead you to it. Probably, this experience would turn to be a positive and fulfilling one for you, although there is still a slight chance of possible frustration.

Monsters or strange creatures in dreams interpretation

Being chased by a monster

The terrifying dream of being stalked, chased or followed by a monster, such as when you see yourself running through dark alleys trying to escape from an approaching shadow or rushing through a labyrinth to save yourself from the vicious Minotaur, is generally considered to be an ominous sign. It could be prophesying ill fortune, emotional and material losses as well as subsequent depression and gloom. Be aware that there is a direct correlation between how deep your fear was in the dream and how soon your problems will start or how great their magnitude will be in the long run. Additionally, the described vision could be a reflection of some fears or anxious premonitions you harbor regarding a certain person, thing or event currently present in your waking life.

Generally speaking, the fearful dream symbol of a monster or similar abomination is thought to be a manifestation of the deepest layers of your subconscious mind that serves as a reflection of hidden phobias, psychological issues, self-esteem problems or similar troubles of the mind and soul. These aberrations root from the youngest years of every person and assume the form of specific archetypes resembling fairytale characters or villains we have discovered in books or movies, each of them connected to some deep fear or concern. Therefore, it could be wise to consider every dream featuring a monster as a recommendation to trace back the personal meaning that the horrifying image could have for the dreamer and thus find a way to alleviate its burden on the heart.

Saving a child with a monster hand

I dreamt about being in a dark room with foam walls. Tall walls. The ceiling was very high. The foam walls covered the door except for about a 1 foot gap between the foam and the top of the door. High ceilings. So I was trying to get a child out of the door. That was successful. Then I wanted help getting though. I said "Reach your hand in", they did and grabbed my hand. It was a skeletal 4-fingered green hand with long black nails. I screamed in my dream and in person.

A dark room that seems to keep you from escaping could point toward others in your life who are preventing you from being the most responsible, most reliable version of yourself. The foam walls could be interpreted literally to mean that this is not your parents or a boss but rather those who make up your social circles or work groups. The high roof, then, represents a high level you cannot reach due to this bad influence, like becoming a team leader or boss. The skeletal hand that grabbed you after you got the child through the door represents past projects and opportunities that you have let flounder and go to waste, literally becoming bone-like specters meant to haunt you. Perhaps this vision should be considered a wake up call to ditch those who are keeping you at your current level and to find other individuals who would inspire and encourage you to make progress on your goals.

A monster with big teeth

Being struck by a dream vision that features a terrifying monster with enormous razor-like fangs, an abomination with no close prototype in the real world, is widely interpreted as a neutral symbol with several possible outcomes. In general, it foretells that in the upcoming future you would take part in a certain journey, adventure or personal quest. However, it contains no hints regarding whether this experience would end up being beneficial and fulfilling or dangerous and frustrating in the long run. Keep in mind that these upcoming developments are as likely to bring you wisdom and pleasure as they can become the source of significant suffering for years to come.

A monster killing you

Dreaming of yourself meeting your demise through the fangs and claws of a terrible monster regardless of whether this happened after a vicious chase or as an absolutely unexpected and unforeseeable event, is usually interpreted as an alarming sign of upcoming hardships and challenges. Most likely, these troubles would quickly escalate and reach their peak in the following weeks, and only start gradually settling down later on. Therefore, it is recommended to brace yourself and gather up all your inner strength and resolve, always remembering that the bad times would eventually end and give way to new joys and victories in your life.

Becoming a werewolf

I turned into a werewolf to kill someone, then accidentally attacked my child, who lost his legs. Then a helicopter came down with a child baseball team to take a trophy photo at our house.

Becoming a werewolf indicates you may have recently started engaging in less than savory activities, making you less trustworthy or responsible in the eyes of others. This is further revealed through attacking your child, which suggests you are revealing more of the darkness in your heart to others than you think you are. Also, suddenly seeing a bunch of children coming toward your house and the photo they take represents your internal fear of being exposed. Since you are already showing so much of your true intentions, you may want to either give up pretenses and do what you want to do or do your best to stick to the straight and narrow, even if it is more difficult.

A monster outside of the house

I am in a gray-scale house, it has many windows, there is a monster outside, and a car outside. I must close all the windows fast and in a certain order, it changes every time, or the monster will kill me. The monster is different every time, but is always very grotesque, and the car is not an option of escape.

The monster outside your house reveals your fears and apprehensions about the real world. Perhaps you feel like your immediate surroundings or society in general are being overrun by malicious intent and marked with hatred. This dream shows your need for self-preservation. Instead of facing the problems, you tend to retreat inside your walls. However, the notion that the monster is not going away means that perhaps isolating and distancing yourself from friends and colleagues is not the answer. You may need to muster enough courage to overcome the negative energy around you without severing your social ties.

Sea monsters by the chasm

My dream was about a city of cathedral-like castles built on the edge of a chasm with a deep river filled with sea monsters, in it I saw a family of strange people who had a relationship with these sea monsters, kind of like pets.

Dreaming of a city made up of castles and cathedrals depicts grandiose ambitions and power. Perhaps you have high aspirations and goals both personally and professionally. The city represents your desired destination. However, the price of achieving your goals or getting to this city of dreams is quite high. You may even be on your way to your dreams and already getting a taste of what it is like. Specifically, the family with sea monsters as pets is an illustration of your perception towards members of this desired place or social status. These personalities may be influential and respected, yet they harbor dark secrets and could be deeply flawed.

Running from a monster in school

I was in school, with a group of people I know, and we were all running from this alien-looking beast or monster, and we were running around from room to room, and in every classroom there was a dead body, and we were scared, but the main thing that seemed to matter to me was this boy I like, and I was trying to flirt with him.

Dreaming about being inside a school building represents growing negativity in your life caused by past actions or inaction, depending on the case. Schools are symbols for responsibility, and moving around inside one in a dream may indicate having to take responsibility for something in your past which others now blame you for. Your apprehension at this situation is seen in the sign of the alien-like monster, which is an image associated with being worried about something that is smaller than it seems. Your problem, though it might feel like a big mess, is likely to blow over once you take steps to rectify it. This is further supported by the image of the running crowd, which can be interpreted as a sign of things working out once you properly face your fears and issues. Finally, the image of flirting with your crush may predict receiving unexpected and surprising news in the near future, possibly after you have resolved your current troubles.

A dog turning into a monster

Female. Recently dreamed I was in my grandmother's house with a few young children I don't know. Saw a dog outside that morphed for a moment into a horrible monster. I knew it could smell us, it growled as it approached the door. I grabbed the kids and ran, hid inside a closet terrified it was coming for us.

Seeing your grandmother's house in a dream generally means you are looking for comfort and guidance from your elders. Similarly, dogs can often represent loved ones, so perhaps its transformation into a monster reveals your sense of disconnect from your family members. Maybe you feel like instead of supporting your endeavors, they tend to criticize your decisions. In that sense, hiding inside the closet can be an act of self-preservation. To avoid rejection and disapproval from your friends and loved ones, you would rather keep your problems and concerns to yourself.

A monster chasing someone

If you happen to see a dream in which some sort of a monster chases a person, for example, a vampire flying behind a woman running in the dark of night or a group of zombies following a desperate man through the local cemetery, know that this vision could be the harbinger of some quickly approaching misfortune, probably of great magnitude. Most likely, this event would consist of either physically or emotionally losing someone very dear to your heart. Alternatively, the approaching losses could be of material and financial nature due to external forces you would not be able to notice beforehand, let alone effectively avoid.

Charlie Chimp as a monster

Charlie chimp with sharp teeth, a missing piece of skull, foam in its mouth, green skin, brown fur, lobster claw feet, bloodshot eyes, orange and black stripe pants, pink vest, claws, drills coming out of cymbals. He has been in my dreams for nine years and he has a taste for murder.

Dreaming about toys that are misshapen or transformed in a hideous or eerie way is a reflection of your dissatisfaction with your life and realizing you have been living your life while doing things in vain or with no particular reason or purpose in mind. The overall appearance of the toy you are describing reveals signs of frustration, imbalance, and stress you could be currently experiencing. At the same time, the notion of its "taste for murder" has a strong indication that you could be reaching a tipping point in relation to this whole situation, with a sharp turn you could soon be taking, either for better or for worse.

A green monster on the docks

Me and my guy friend were at the docks on Halloween when a glowing green monster showed up and started counting down from ten. I was scared so I screamed, covered my ears, and ran away while my guy friend threw a stick at the monster.

While docks and seaports in dreams are often associated with the idea of success, you may recently have been struggling to get things done or make progress in certain areas of your life. This is due to the monster, a symbol which is thought to be the manifestation of some fear or phobia in our lives. While the problem itself is not so clear, your friend's "fight" reaction and your "flight" reaction suggest you are somewhat aware that it is hindering your progress, but are undecided whether to give up or face the problem head on.

Surrounded by monsters in a haunted house

I and my grandma were going trick or treating at a "haunted house". The normal-looking people invited us in. It looked like they were having a party. We went inside, they locked the doors, then they started to morph into monsters. They cornered us into a closet under the stairs. It got quiet. My grandma went to check to see if it was safe. Then I heard a knock on the closet. It was her saying to open the door. I did, she looked dead. They started to chant "Join Us" and started to close in.

A dream involving a creepy or haunted house alludes to the large network of friends and family who are willing to help you when you need it. It is also a metaphor for childhood experiences and repressed issues. Past problems and old wounds may be haunting you lately and you are turning to relatives and close friends for advice. So, when the residents of the house in your dream began turning into monsters, the vision becomes a warning that not everyone in your close circle of family and peers could be as sincere and helpful as they claim to be. You should be careful not to fall into the traps set for you by your enemies or people who dislike you.

A monster surrounded by a burning bush

Since I was 8 years of age I had a dream for about a few weeks straight that in my backyard a burning bush surrounded a black animal with red eyes and it stared at me, then attacks me and I don't run and I try to kick it. Then I woke up.

The burning bush in your recurring dream as a young kid could be an allusion to the Biblical story of Moses in which God appears to him as a bush in flames. As such, the black animal may be a representation of evil and the bush is the power of good trying to reign in the darkness. In connection to you, perhaps at that young age you were introduced to different types of temptations and impetus to rebel or misbehave, which is why this dream kept reoccurring. You could have been feeling conflicted and guilty whenever you did something your parents or other authorities would disapprove of.

Turning into monsters together with others

I am female. I'm sitting with two boys I knew from school, and one person whom I don't know. We had family members with us. My aunt and my grandmother were there and so was one of the boys' younger sister. My aunt and grandmother started talking about a monster who looks human, but is only told apart by their eyes. The irises of the monsters were a pink like orange, that blended to an either white or nonexistent pupil. Then the four of us were in a bathroom. We had those eyes.

The bathroom setting of your dream denotes misfortune and bad luck. Bathrooms typically mean that some unpleasant, negative event or situation may occur which would negatively affect you and your family's dynamics. The orange-eyed monsters, revealed to be yourself and your companions, likely allude to your youthful and rebellious nature. Perhaps your older relatives as well as authority figures are genuinely concerned about disruptive behavior and their inability to discipline you and your peers, this could be the monster they speak of. As such, perhaps your subconscious is aware of the problems your disobedience could cause and reminding you to be respectful of your elders.

Someone keeping a monster locked up

I dreamt of a huge monster with power and intelligence locked up within a stone-like prison. There was a man who was watching over him. Referring to him as the master and he wanted me not only to acknowledge him as such but sexually as well. The keeper of him was fearful not only of the master, but for me as well.

The imprisoned or locked-up monster in your dream likely represents the dark side of your psyche. Specifically, you may sometimes catch yourself thinking ill thoughts about others or conjuring up depraved fantasies during your low moments. For the most part you are able to suppress your wicked aspects through your values and conscience, as symbolized by the keeper watching over the monster. However, bad experiences and injustice in the real world may be wearing you down and you are close to succumbing to nefarious acts.

A scary creature on the back porch

My back porch has glass doors and I saw a horrific creature with sunken-in eyes, a pale face, and long curved black fingers. It was just tapping on the glass and when I came out of my room its head swiveled and looked at me. I called 911 and when the cops came, the creature contorted its body (like an exorcism) and went very quickly to kill the cops brutally. It then came back the same way, fixed itself to a normal position, and started tapping again.

Seeing a strange, horrific creature tap on the glass doors leading into your house is the reflection of the darkness or emptiness in your soul. You may have trouble connecting with others on a deep level or making relationships last for more than a short time. This is probably due to an inability to keep promises or have true empathy for the people you deal with on a daily basis. Calling the police predicts that this behavior and lack of common courtesy for others may lead you to do something terrible or embarrassing that turns others against you for good. You may need to consider your actions and words more carefully before you hurt and alienate your friends and family.

Being eaten by a monster

To get attacked and eaten by a monster conveys a negative connotation about a fear of being overwhelmed by your emotions. The monster here likely represents powerful feelings, such as love, which may affect your perspective and influence your relationships with other people. If the monster is a big fish, for example a shark, then it reveals a huge idea which would take up a lot of your time and energy to implement. If you are hungry for success and validation, it will help you turn your idea into reality.

Monsters chasing you

Monsters, such as demons, that are chasing you in the dream realm suggest a fear of the unknown. You may find unfamiliar people and situations scary and this can trigger your fight or flight mode. If the monsters are trying to attack or kill, then there might be an opportunity for reflection. Are you feeling attacked in real life? What is causing this threat and how can you protect yourself from this?

Monsters attacking you

If monsters attack you in your dreams, you are likely facing a problem involving a fight with friends or family. Your anxiety is manifesting as a monster that is a symbol of your personal demon. You might feel betrayed or unsupported by loved ones, so you feel resentful and angry. Perhaps an opportunity to communicate and to share your struggles will help them understand your situation and improve your relationship with them.

Sea monsters

Giant ocean creatures in the dream realm are an unfortunate symbol to behold according to traditional dream interpretation sources. They are a premonition of unconscious fears coming to life. If you are currently feeling uneasy about something in your life, there is probably a good reason for it. Listen to you gut and act now to mitigate future troubles.