Dreams Related To Monkey

Several monkeys

If you happen to find yourself dreaming about observing a group of monkeys, this could be an indication of hypocritical employees at your work or friends who are going to lie and betray you in order to accomplish their plans. Be wary of whom you are hanging around during this time, this person or group of people may find any way possible to take advantage of you for their own gain.

Being given a monkey

I was in a car with my girlfriend going to a family reunion. I parked on the side of a house when I see my dad. My girlfriend gets out and my dad waves his hand. Before I can get out my dad tells me to play with a monkey they got for the occasion. A black or orange monkey comes out and I open my car door and pet it. The monkey's fur becomes chocolate, and I lick some of the chocolate off my hand.

Driving in a car together with your girlfriend in this dream reflects on your current state of affairs with her and how others view your relationship. The monkey your family borrowed for the reunion signifies some aspects of your relationships which your family members tend to criticize or even dismiss altogether, possibly because of your inability to prove your independence or stand on your own feet. Licking the chocolate at the end of the dream could be telling you about upcoming episodes of frustration or even confrontations in response to how your family perceives and treats this relationship. Perhaps despite your best efforts to demonstrate that your relationship with the girlfriend is viable, your family is united against you in order to see more maturity and seriousness of your intentions.

A monkey for a young woman

A young woman who happens to dream about seeing a monkey should be aware that her relationship with a man whom she is intimately involved with needs to become more meaningful and significant. If no commitment is made with your boyfriend, there is the potential for him to become unfaithful and cheat on you in the near future, so it is wise to establish the basics of your relationship now.

A dead monkey on the side of the road

I dreamed I was driving on a gravel road that I grew up on and I passed a blue-faced monkey dead on the road. I am female.

The rough, rocky gravel road of your dream vision represents the bumpy start associated with new adventures or projects. The idea that this was once a road you traveled often in your childhood could mean this is related to your family or personal life. For example, you may be considering getting married, starting a family or making a big purchase. This is further supported by the image of the dead monkey. Monkeys tend to represent immaturity and poor decision-making abilities. As such, it seems you were witnessing the figurative death of old aspects of your personality that could be considered less than mature.

Scared of monkeys

I dreamt that there are two young bay monkeys clinging to me. Hanging on, one on my right arm and one on my left shoulder. In the dream I felt dread and disgust and some fear, but somehow I knew that they are young and hoped that they cannot inflict harm. My husband appears and rids me of them.

Monkeys generally represent some foolish behavior you may be engaging in or a tendency toward immaturity in reality. Your fear in this situation could predict trouble at work that would be attributed to you even though you had nothing to do with it. However, because of your perceived lack of maturity, you would be blamed nonetheless. At the same time, your attempts to reassure yourself that they are young and would not hurt you means you are at least partly aware of your faults and ready to try and change. Perhaps your husband could be instrumental in this paradigm shift in your life.

A white monkey

Dreaming about seeing a white monkey, wether it is albino or just having this color is a very promising sign. This perceived dream symbol can mean that you could soon be engaging in a very lucrative job offer or potentially moving higher up in your career.

Befriending a white monkey

There were several monkeys outside my home seen from windows. One of them was a very calm white monkey. Even the face was white. And I was holding both his hands for very long sitting on my bed very comfortably. I felt as if I am with someone very mature and peaceful.

Seeing a white monkey in your dream is an auspicious sign to behold, as it usually symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It is possible that this dream vision means you would soon come across a lucrative career opportunity, receive a promising job offer or get a promotion at your current place of work. The tides are finally turning in your favor, so it is important to make the most of the opportunities coming your way. This may include increasing the amount of money you put into savings, bettering the condition of your living space or getting involved with investing.

Monkeys in a room

Three monkeys were kept in a room of a house. One jumped onto me and I held him a few seconds. Later I opened the room's door and they have disappeared. I was a guest in that house looking for them.

Finding monkeys inside a room in the dream world alludes to suppressed parts of your personality. Perhaps these monkeys represent your playful and carefree side and their disappearance points to an ongoing personal transformation. You may be projecting a more mature and responsible demeanor as part of being an adult. It could also mean that you are struggling to find inspiration or having difficulty getting your creative juices going. Alternatively, as you are merely a guest of this house, the dream may be telling you to keep your wits about you especially when dealing with unfamiliar territory. There could be deceitful individuals lurking about, searching for ways to use you for their selfish interests.

A sick and hungry monkey

I'm a male and I had dream that a sick and hungry monkey enters my room. Please, I don't understand, thank you.

Monkeys in dreams are usually ominous signs that you could become unwell in the near future. Since the monkey that entered your room was sick and hungry, it could mean that you may soon suffer from a similar condition unless you start paying more attention to your health and well-being. It could also mean someone close to you is about to become ill, so you should check up on your friends and family members to see how they are doing.

A monkey killing a cat

Out in the front yard, a monkey was going to kill my cat. I could not stop it. The children could not hear me yell in a sick voice. Monkey and cat are behind some wood, so l could not see what was going on. The cat came out and I saw her die?

Aggressive monkeys in a dream is a reflection of your own edgy personality and propensity to succumb to unnecessary conflicts, quarrels and disagreements, most likely within your own household. You could be in a state of being tired, irritated or fed up with daily routines and responsibilities, so you are becoming increasingly snappy and overwhelmed with too many things taking place right in front of your eyes. The vision of the cat dying as a result of the attack may as well point to the possibility of suffering an emotional breakdown or putting someone close to you down, even though you would not have any intentions to cause such a turmoil in the first place.

Being attacked by monkeys in a strange house

Me and a girl where about to have sex in an old house, cops showed and came to the door. I went because I'm good with cops. They believed that I knew the owner and I was just checking on the place. Then another two people where added, one with me. We went in and found a pile of fleshy bones which was once the girl's. Baboon-like monkeys had set traps to ambush us. The guy stepped and had the monkey's huge incisors sank into his neck, I fell through, ran from them and got out without a scratch.

Dreaming about having sex with a girl is a manifestation of your own latent concerns about your own sexuality. Perhaps you are not happy with your current relationship and are somehow bored by the monotonous sex life. Cops in dreams represent authority figures and you may have even tried to talk to someone older or more experienced regarding this matter. The notion that you saw the girl crushed to a pile of bones is your desire to break free from such a relationship which provides you with little sexual gratification. Monkeys or baboons represent irresponsible individuals who may create problems for you, therefore it is important to keep your problems to yourself instead of sharing them with outsiders who may not be reliable.

Monkeys jumping around

If you were to find yourself dreaming about monkeys jumping around you, this may signify a lot of unintelligent or ignorant people surrounding you presently or in the near future, whether it would be at work or just throughout your everyday life. If it however becomes the case, you may want to consider how you approach them so that your contact with them on a daily basis is minimal.

A monkey in general

Dreaming about a monkey that you are observing in the wild or even at the zoo may represent an ominous sign that you are becoming ill. You should try to get out more during the week and keep yourself from just being stuck inside the house with nothing but a sour attitude to prevent you from falling ill. There is also the potential that someone you are very close to is being disgraced or humiliated by someone and cannot do anything about it. Make sure to call some of your closest friends during this time to check up on them and see how they are doing.

Another possibility for this dream could be a presumption that you are currently going through some rough patches in life and refuse to let anyone see that. Although you are strong on your own, there is nothing wrong with admitting defeat and looking for other solutions. So instead of trying to remain strong and act like nothing is bothering you, try turning to someone you completely trust and let them in on what it is you are struggling with, they may be able to help you in more ways than one.

Chasing a monkey

If you find yourself dreaming about chasing a monkey, this may be symbolizing someone in your life or within your social circle who is manipulative and has ill thoughts towards you. They may be wanting to destroy your public image and reputation so be wary of whom you interact with or devote your time to for the time being.

Petting a monkey

Having a dream where you are petting a monkey may reflect that your enemy is weak or incapable of bringing any major negative changes in your current personal or business life at this point in time. It means that no matter how hard they try, they are not able to cause you harm or interfere with your plans or activities.

Walking with a monkey on a leash

Dreaming about walking a monkey on a leash down the street may be an indication of sly or even pretentious friends within your circle. You may have trusted this person with everything never suspecting that they could be planning to humiliate or embarass you in front of others just by using whatever information you have shared with them to their advantage.

What does it mean to dream of a dead monkey or monkeys

A dead monkey

Dreaming about seeing a dead monkey may signify that your enemies or rivals are currently failing in their attempts to benefit off of you. You are able to triumph over them and continue on with your life without any difficulties or obstacles because they would be unable to take advantage of you during this time.

Feeding a monkey

A female who had a dream about hand-feeding a monkey should be wary of who she is around for a few days. This dream vision could symbolize that someone is out to commit some heinous act or behave indecently, leaving her to suffer and become humiliated.

Being bitten by a monkey

If a young person were to dream about being bitten by a monkey, this could be a sign that they are to fall in love or begin a romantic affair with someone they have had their eyes on for some time. If an older person were to dream about being bit, this could symbolize that their health is declining and they might become sick or have serious health issues down the road.

A monkey in a cage

If you find yourself dreaming about observing a monkey in a cage, this could be a warning sign that your curiosity could get you in a situation when something negative might happen to you because of it. Be wary, this could also be an indication that you are going to stick your nose into someone's business which could in the end result in negative consequences for you.

This dream could also be implying that you may take life too seriously and need to relax some. By letting the future take hold of itself, you will have to learn to adjust to whatever comes your way, whether good or bad. By accepting what life may offer you, you may end up receiving the best possible turn in your job or relationship.

A monkey on top of a palm tree

If you were to find yourself dreaming of a monkey which is sitting on top of a palm tree, this might be a prediction that you could start experiencing hardships and difficulties which may involve or be related to your workplace. Although this turn of events may lead you to a new place to work at, it could feel harsh or unfriendly in circumstances present there, so always try to seek advice from fellow colleagues or team members to lessen the difficulties.

A monkey mocking you

If you were to find yourself dreaming about looking at a monkey which is trying to mock you, it may signify that your fellow competitors or rivals are going to become more powerful than you. You may want to consider showing them your stronger skills and talents to prove that you are capable of counteracting their plans if it comes to it.

A monkey stealing a knife

Dreamt of a monkey climbing off a tree and taking my knife, so I told the young one to get me my knife and in exchange, I would give the young one good food. It agreed.

Having your knife stolen by a monkey suggests that the rivals at your place of work or personal business competitors may be growing bolder in their moves against you. This could mean direct efforts to sabotage your current plans and position, or it could predict gossip and bullying becoming more pronounced. In either case, the knife itself represents material loss and disappointment, meaning you are unlikely to get out of this conflict unscathed. However, your cunning in getting the monkey's offspring to do your bidding may indicate that you can turn this situation around and gain the upper hand.

A tamed monkey

Dreaming about a monkey being on a leash, whether it was perceived as part of a carnival or a traveling circus, could mean that someone is sympathizing with you. There may also be the possibility that this particular person has an infatuation with you personally or just your character and the way you go about living life. Take this as a compliment that someone is so intrigued by you and your daily activities.

A monkey climbing a tree

If you find yourself having a dream about a monkey that is climbing very high on a tree, you should be watchful of whom you are hanging with for the next few days. This can symbolize that you could potentially become the victim of indecent behavior and end up being humiliated by someone you really trusted or know personally.

A monkey making faces

Dreaming about observing a monkey making faces at you, for example at a zoo, may signify that you could soon meet someone in a public place and end up having some sort of sexual contact with them. While engaging in this affair, you might not be able to decide for yourself whether this is right or wrong because the encounter would be quick and spontaneous.

Killing a monkey

If you happened to be dreaming about the intention of killing a monkey, it may symbolize that you are currently able to outcompete your rivals in work or business activities. Therefore you are eliminating the influence and control of these people who are seeking to try and take advantage of you.

Having a monkey as a pet

If you happened to find yourself dreaming about having a monkey as a pet, for example inside your house or apartment, it may signify that your fears are becoming excessively overpowering and your concerns in regards to something happening in your life are unfounded but exert a great deal of control over you. Although you may be worrying about your current life situation, in reality you are doing very well and should not be overly concerned or stressed out.

A monkey dressed up

If you happened to have a dream of a monkey dressed up or wearing a vest or a suit, it may signify a particular person in your life who is still not outgrowing their bad habits, no matter how hard you try to change them, they still reverse back to their old habits. This person continues on with his or her life, while you may still be struggling to come to terms with the realization that they would not change, despite the efforts put forth.

A loud monkey

Dreaming about observing a monkey that is screaming loudly or near you may signify that in the near future you might deal with someone close to you who has been prone to alcohol abuse or has alcoholism. This may also become astounding news once you discover who this particular person is with the diagnosis, being that they are someone very close to you who is affected or suffering.

A monkey hanging on a vine

Dreaming about a monkey that is hanging on a vine, whether it is in the wild or in the zoo, may symbolize that you are being reluctant to engage in a new business activity or proposal. In order for you to somehow overcome this state that you are in, the dream suggests that this certain proposal may put you on the path of achieving something greater, which you have been interested in pursuing since day one.

A mountain monkey

If you find yourself dreaming about seeing or observing a mountain monkey you may be in luck. This may be a sign that your current problems you are having are going to be turned around to your advantage and benefit your life soon.

Playing with a monkey

When you find yourself dreaming about being engaged in a play with a monkey there is a potential that in the near future you or someone you know might go through a sham marriage. In order to prevent this from happening, assess your moral standing and change your thinking to prevent possible repercussions or punishment from the authorities.

Someone playing with a monkey

Dreaming about seeing someone playing with a monkey could mean that suspicions or mistrust expressed towards you by another person could be true. You should pay close attention to your actions and behavior in general, not just in front of this person, as this could lead to more issues or problems with others later on.

Being afraid of a monkey

If you happened to find yourself dreaming about being frightened by a monkey or an ape, this could serve as a prediction of issues and chaos at your workplace. There is the potential you may be accused by your superiors for this act that was carried out, even if you were not a part of it in any way.

Living with monkeys

If you were to find yourself dreaming about living within a group of monkeys, this could be a reflection of you being constantly humiliated or ridiculed by others around you. There is also an indication that you could become negatively affected by people you deal with on a regular basis. Be careful of how much time you spend with them, for you may end up in a situation which could turn into something even more problematic.

A monkey befriending son

I was riding on a scooter and had food hidden beneath fabric in the back of the electric scooter. I stopped and got off and my son began walking up to a tree full of monkeys and went straight to this big grayish monkey. I was worried, but he just sat on his lap and the monkey put his arm around my son and stared at me. I was not afraid but firmly pointed to him and to myself to let the monkey know it was my child. I felt a deeper understanding of the monkey because as a mother myself, we understood each other.

Riding a scooter in your dream suggests that you are navigating your way through life guided by your intuition rather than emotion. There is a balance of being carefree and cautious in how you are raising your child. The bump in the road materializes in the appearance of the tree full of monkeys, an omen of an illness. There is a possibility that you or someone very close to you may succumb to an ailment. Your calm demeanor in the vision indicates your fortitude in the face of impending trials. Finally, depending on the disposition of the monkeys, this epiphany could similarly be an assurance that throughout your difficulties, you will find yourself in the company of positive people who will provide humor and optimism when you need them the most.

Being bothered by imaginary monkeys

Last night I got an email requesting me to speak at a conference. I then went to bed and had a dream that I was preparing for this conference and practicing it. Then I noticed a monkey in the house and when I walked past a room I noticed four tiny monkeys. I told my daughter to get up on the lounge, so they couldn't get to her and I was trying to shake them off me. They were tiny and annoying. And then I woke up to my alarm.

Envisioning multiple monkeys hindering your progress and annoying you is a highly ominous sign about your upcoming conference. In general, monkeys which interfere with your progress in a dream are thought to represent the people for whom you are serving with your work. In this case, they likely represent the audience. In essence, this vision is suggesting that the audience at your upcoming conference might not be receptive to your work or may somehow, through their closed-mindedness or lack of understanding of the subject, make your future work endeavors more difficult. Think carefully about your participation and, if you must present, be wary of how you communicate your information.

Dressing up as monkeys

My dream was about me and four other people who dressed up as monkeys and stayed in a cage. Later we all decided to go to a zoo. I fought with this one girl who tried to steal my boyfriend and I also fought with my boyfriend about it. Then we didn't go to the zoo and I was the last person dressed as a monkey in a cage.

Monkeys in cages represent misplaced curiosity. Unfounded accusations directed at your loved ones may escalate to full-blown arguments and confrontations if you let your assumptions get the better of you. Keep yourself in check to make sure that you are not out of line with your inquisitiveness. If you undermine the trust you have given to your nearest and dearest, you could find yourself getting sucked into a jealous rage and down a wormhole of negativity. If you let emotions rule over rationality, you may end up alone and in misery.

Monkeys and coworkers together

I had a dream about two monkeys. Not sure what one monkey was doing. He was just being silly, I think. The other monkey was rubbing my feet. As he was rubbing my feet, he was showing/baring his teeth to others, I think my boss. My boss was there with me and he and I and another coworker were just being silly and joking around. What does this mean?

Monkeys are symbolically associated with immaturity, so the connection between the monkeys playing and your co-workers joking around is fairly strong. In this case, the monkey showing hostility toward your boss, in conjunction with the previous sign, could be an indicator of poor work ethic (also applicable to your boss, as he or she could represent the work situation as a whole). On its own, this vision does not seem to predict negative or positive consequences of your current behavior, although it may be wise to consider reevaluating your work-related activities and methods to avoid potential problems.

Ghost monkeys needing water

Friendly ghost monkeys representing forefathers asking for drinking water.

Seeing your forefathers represented by ghost monkeys in a dream reveals your need for counsel. The ghost monkeys represent wise, experienced figures in your reality. The act of requesting drinking water from you point to cleansing. Perhaps this represents a purification process, meaning that you need to gain clarity within yourself to arrive at the solutions to your problems. The clarity may be in terms of your goals and your beliefs. Even though you are the one seeking answers, you already have the answers. You need only dip into the well of your consciousness.

A monkey with a blowtorch

A monkey is chasing me around with a blowtorch, I am running from him and trying to hide behind rocks.

Being chased by a monkey in your dream could point to detractors at work. Someone may be advancing his cause at your expense, trying to provoke you into committing a mistake so that you would look bad. On the other hand, it is also possible that the monkey represents your playful and childish side. This immaturity could be detrimental to your professional advancement. The blowtorch the monkey is holding symbolizes the damage that could be done to your reputation if you do not shape up and become more responsible.

A monkey playing with itself

A small female monkey fornicating itself.

A masturbating female monkey reveals growing dissatisfaction. Your inner child and youthful aspirations may be starting to fade or dim. Through this dream, your subconscious is highlighting a latent desire to break free and be impulsive. Perhaps you are feeling limited or restricted in your current situation, and as such, sometimes you may want to just channel your mischievous side and be spontaneous without having to think about the consequences of your actions.

A talking pet monkey

I saw a pet monkey talking with me.

Pet monkeys are often thought to represent the fears which overpower us in waking life and therefore usually reflect some negative signs inhabiting our reality. However, walking with this monkey in your dream could predict finding a way to rationalize or overcome your doubts, possibly leading to happiness and peace of mind in the days to come.

Trying to treat an injured monkey

I was offering to treat a monkey that was injured, was presenting my certification as a doctor. In a few seconds, the certification was misplaced.

Dreaming about an injured monkey that you intended to treat could represent an ill omen. It is possible that you may fall to some sort of affliction or injury in the near future. This could equally be applied to someone very close to you. If you feel there could be something wrong developing, do not hesitate to get a second opinion, either from someone whom you can trust or from a professional.

Walking with a monkey and giving it to a colleague

I dreamt about walking with a monkey along a road, but I then decided not to go further. I believe I then met a colleague to whom I passed the monkey over to and asked him to take it back to base.

Monkeys in dreams are often interpreted as symbols of foolishness or bad behavior, especially when connected with work situations or colleagues, like in this vision. Because this monkey was walking with you, it seems that you currently have a hold on some desire to cause mischief. However, passing the monkey off to your co-worker not only suggests you are about to do something inappropriate, but also that you would try to encourage others to join you. This could lead to disastrous results if you or someone else is caught in the act.

A monkey torturing a cat

I was walking in a field with my cat and a monkey came out of a dead tree and kidnapped my cat. The monkey dressed my cat in a plain white costume with red trim and put her on a stage. Each day the monkey cut off one of her toes. After several days on stage, my cat died.

Monkeys are often thought to be the manifestation of immature or tactless behavior, so dreaming that a monkey kidnaps your cat and tortures it to death could represent someone in your life whose disrespectful words and actions could become much more devious with time. In a sense, your subconscious is considering or worrying about what this individual might do without any checks to their behavior. The dead tree from which the monkey came could represent being negatively affected by this yourself, suggesting that the person in question is close to you, either a friend or family member. You would need to decide if you should step in and say something yourself or wait and see if someone with more power and authority would discipline this individual.

Monkeys kidnapping babies

I have seen 2-3 monkeys kidnapped others' baby and after sometime they kidnapped my baby.

A monkey generally symbolizes an illness in dreams. So dreaming that monkeys are kidnapping babies, including your own, means children and babies in reality are prone to catching diseases due to erratic weather and other environmental factors. You need to take extra precaution in protecting your children because the moment their immune system drops, they can easily fall sick. A visit to the doctor for flu shots and other appropriate vaccines can help deter these threats to their well-being.

Monkey entering your house

Dreams featuring a monkey entering your house carry deep symbolism. Monkeys in dreams often represent aspects of the self, including instincts, intuition and sometimes deceit or betrayal. The presence of a monkey can indicate playful or immature behavior. These creatures are also considered clever and cunning, reflecting your own intelligence and resourcefulness. However, encountering a monkey in your dream may signify anxiety and serve as a warning of potential trouble either from false friends or exploitative business schemes. If such dreams recur, they may foretell more significant challenges in your near future, urging you to remain cautious and discerning in your dealings.