Dreams Related To Mongoose

A mongoose in the bathroom

On entering the bathroom I saw a long thing moving. I thought a snake was there, but it was not a snake. I opened the door and ordered my servant to bring a stick, meanwhile that thing climbs up to a little window. Then I noticed it was a long mongoose. It was trying to escape, but a person outside was whispering "Hashhh!". It returned, but kept itself in the window and was trying to go out again.

The bathroom in your dream refers to an unfortunate incident about to happen in the near future. The presence of the mongoose means that the nature of this incident is embarrassing or humiliating. A mongoose is also often associated with sexuality, so perhaps the awkward and regrettable situation may occur due to your efforts to deal with sexual or intimacy issues. Since the mongoose was trying to escape the bathroom, this means that the sensitive situation may end up spreading to your social circle if you do not manage to deal with it properly. Perhaps you may want to confront your personal issues before others get involved and things get out of hand. After all, prevention is better than damage control.