Dreams Related To Mom

Deceased mom on the phone

My mom is dead for 17 years. My dream shows that I am on a call with her and she is crying because my dad died. He died 6 years after her. I started to reassure her that I will take care of her by sending her money. I woke up upset.

Getting a call from your deceased mother may reveal some growing troubles surrounding your household. Because she called you for help, it seems you have either not noticed the problem or you have not recognized the extent of the issue. Promising to send money to your mother suggests your issues are related to your finances. It can be interpreted as a sign that you should be more careful with how you spend or invest your hard-earned cash.

Your deceased mom

Having a dream in which you see your departed mom is indicative of a period which is likely to bring along joy, happiness and prosperity. Your life would greatly benefit from the upcoming changes which would be brought about during this period.

Your mom dead

Having a dream in which you see your living mom to be dead or passing away implies that you are heading for tough times which would involve laborious tasks and time-consuming activities or projects in which you are involved or are going to start in future. It may also mean that you are heading for some disappointment and setbacks, misfortune or losses of some kind.

A mom for men

Dreaming about seeing your mom if you are a male, indicates that you could start flying higher in your professional life during the approaching period of time. During this period you might find yourself assuming more responsibilities, you could become more ambitious and goal-driven and be credited with some major accomplishments as a result.

Your mom in your house

Dreaming about having your mom, who is living apart since long, being present in your house or visiting your house is a positive sign indicating that you are likely to be heading for success and obtain favorable results from any activity, project or endeavor you are currently engaged in or contemplating to initiate soon.

Your mom crying

Dreaming about seeing your mom crying indicates an approaching bleak period. This period may engulf your life with misfortune, misery or a possible deterioration in health. In some way, it may bring an adverse effect to your overall well-being. It may be about major issues, disagreements or conflicts that may adversely affect your family. It is a wake-up call for you to face the emerging threats to the well-being of your family, identify the threats and initiate actions to counter and eliminate possible adversities.

This dream serves as a reminder to stop cold-shouldering your family. It could be adversely affecting their as well as your family life. The dream suggests that you should take some steps to ensure and secure well-being of your family members. You could start by setting priorities and based on these, address the most critical and pressing needs first. Only this will help improve the relationship inside your family.

Talking to your mom

Having a dream in which you are having a conversation with your mom indicates that you are in for a good time. You are likely to receive some good news or learn about some unexpected but pleasant announcement. It could be related with the activities or projects of your keen interest which consume most of your professional or personal time in your life.

Losing your mom

Having a dream in which you see your mom passing away amounts to a forewarning that your mother is likely to be facing serious health-related issues or becoming sick in the days to come.

Fighting with your mom

Having a dream in which you find your mom scolding you or yourself fighting with your mom presents an ominous sign of an upcoming adverse period. During this period you may witness unfortunate events or become involved in an accident for which you would find yourself to be solely responsible. However, it also implies that possibly everyone concerned is a victim and there is no one in particular who can be singled out as being accountable for what had happened.

Your mom for a female

A female who had a dream wherein she finds her mom being present with her is likely to come across some pleasant and delightful activities and participating in something that would be genuinely exciting and interesting. It may also suggest a happy and harmonious marriage for those women who are not yet married.

Your mom in distress

Having a dream in which you find your mom to be experiencing hardships or being in a stressful situation indicates possibilities of certain complications suddenly developing. Your goals and plans that you have established for yourself may not be achieved due to your inability to overcome these complications.

Your mom calling you

Having a dream in which you find your mom calling you, points to a possible setback or adverse circumstances for you. There are possibilities of some of your close friends or some near and dear ones deserting you. It could also imply that you may err on certain decision and exercise an incorrect choice or take a wrong turn regarding something that is important enough to be close to your heart.

Your mom as she is in real life

Dreaming about seeing your mom looking just the same way as in real life reflects that you are in complete control of your household matters as well as with regards to the relationship between you and other family members. It further suggests a relaxed period ahead during which no major changes or concerns are likely to surface for a long time to come.

Mother in a room

My mom was sitting at a conference table in a strange room and I asked her if something was wrong, she said "No", got up and left the room. I found a paper on the table with some numbers and the word "will" circled in red.

This vision hints at some present or future trouble with your relationship with your mother. While mothers are normally considered favorable symbols to perceive during a dream vision, the strange room coupled with the image of numbers and a word circled in red could reveal trouble brewing. In particular, the image of numbers represents mental fatigue and stress. You are likely having difficulty getting your points across or achieving what you set out to do. The word circled in red may predict a period of separation or growing distance between you and your mother, possibly due to this stressful, tiring situation. If you wish to prevent damage to your relationship with her and others you are close to, you may need to step back and reevaluate your current position and future ambitions.

Becoming a mom

Dreaming about becoming a mom implies an ominous sign for a woman suggesting that her relationship with her boyfriend or her engagement to her fiance may be in a jeopardy, heading for a bad time with the things taking a turn for the worse.

Living together with your mom

Having a dream in which you see yourself living together with your mom who may be alive or has passed away, denotes a positive sign of happiness and contentment. Moreover, it could contain a forecast of a sizable success in something that you have already undertaken or likely to start in the future.

Your mom young and singing a lullaby

Having a dream in which you see your mom at a young age and singing a lullaby indicates that you are too busy with your activities outside your family, unable to spend required time with your family members and not in a position to attend to their needs. It could serve as a wake-up call to start paying attention to the needs of your family members, devote more time to them and make efforts to satisfy their needs.

At this juncture, this dream serves as a reminder to you to focus your attention on your family. Here is your chance to understand what matters to them, pay more attention to their needs, get involved more, spend more time and efforts to help your family members and reassure them that you take care of and look after them.

Your mom hurting you

Dreams often reflect certain situations that are happening in reality according to modern dream workers. The interpretation of such visions often relies on something your unconscious mind is trying to deal with from wake life. In this case, your mother hurting you physically or emotionally during the course of a dream may reveal problems or issues within the relationship, such as recent arguing or negative perceptions of certain actions. You may love your mother dearly, but this dream signifies discord that needs answers to be solved properly.

Someone's mom sick or dying

Having a dream in which you find someone's mom being sick or about to pass away indicates that unfortunately, you are going to go through some dark and gloomy periods. These times will be full of suffering in the form of despair, frustration and sadness.

Your mom being healthy

Having a dream in which you see your mom to be a healthy person and in a very good shape represents a positive sign which suggests that those around you will extend their help and support as and when you need it. This dream speaks of your ability to get help and support from them when needed.

Your mom selling your dog

Dreams about your mom selling your dog may reflect feelings of loss, abandonment or betrayal in your waking life. The dog, often seen as a loyal and trusted companion, represents a source of emotional support and connection. Your mother's actions in the dream could symbolize a sense of detachment or changes in your relationship with her or someone else you rely on in wake life. Alternatively, it may also hint at a fear of losing something dear to you. This dream encourages you to examine your emotions, particularly in your familial relationships, and consider whether you feel like something important is slipping away or being sold off without your consent.