Dreams Related To Molested

Being molested by family member

Being sexually assaulted by a family member in your dreams is a two-fold symbol. First, it is suggestive of repressed negative emotions, likely anger or repulsion. In many cases, you may be actively trying to avoid showing these feelings outwardly, perhaps because the individual you are irritated by is someone you do not want to upset, like a boss, friend or family member. Second, this symbol does imply that holding onto these negative emotions may lead to unfortunate situations in the future. You may blow up suddenly and cause a bigger spectacle than if you had just addressed the situation in a calmer, more rational state of mind.

Child being molested

Witnessing a child getting molested in your dream is a sign of learned helplessness. A part of you feels useless because you do not have the power to help people experiencing pain or injustice. This point of frustration could be triggered by inconveniences in your own life, such as tedious bureaucratic processes or unethical practices at work. This can also be an allusion to Carl Jung shadow work which requires you to dig deep and pinpoint the cause of your rage or self-destructive tendencies.