Dreams Related To Mold

Mold on dinner rolls

I dreamed of seeing pans full of dinner rolls. There was blue mold starting to develop on them. All of them had to be thrown away.

Dinner rolls, and bread in general, represent kind and friendly people surrounding you in reality. You are blessed to know so many people who exude positive energy and inspire you to become more optimistic. Unfortunately, the mold on those dinner rolls point to a toxic environment which may be bringing out the people's bad side. You could be tempted to end friendships or distance yourself from them for fear of absorbing bad energy and turning confrontational like them. Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to do and perhaps it may even be worth your time to salvage the relationships by finding common ground.

Black mold

Molds generally symbolize things that are once useful in your life but are bringing you negativities today. The image of dark molds growing either in your house or in nature, in particular, suggests that you are slowly losing control over your emotions. You are entering a phase in your life that brings you an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness. This might be due to an illicit affair or your fear of losing the fortune that you worked hard for.

Mold on walls

Seeing mold or mildew growing on the walls of wherever you are in the dream realm has negative connotations. The unnatural color that the wall takes when infected with this intruder is a sure sign of not living in harmony with nature. In particular, it denotes bad energy being directed towards the natural world. While you might not consider yourself someone who dislikes nature, think about your lifestyle choices. You may be surprised that your actions are having a direct negative impact on your living space.