Dreams Related To Mistress

Yourself as a mistress

Dreaming of seeing yourself as a mistress for someone represents a sacred dream. It can also be a reminder of an accomplishment that you still think about but have yet to set out to achieve.

Mistress for a married person

If you are married and dream of spending time with a mistress, then it is a sign of a growing desire to do something about the current dissatisfaction you are having with your sex life.

Your boyfriend with a mistress

Seeing your boyfriend with a mistress in your dreams indicates that your boyfriend is actually trying to keep secrets from you. It can also mean he's thinking about something you are unaware of that may cause confusion or disagreements in your relationship once it is revealed.

Mistress for a single person

If you are a single person and dream of being with a mistress, then you will soon get an opportunity to connect and network with someone who will play a highly influential role in your life.

Being a mistress to the boyfriend

I am in a solid and loving relationship. I dreamt I was his mistress and was asking for him to leave his relationship?

Having a dream about your boyfriend with a mistress means that your boyfriend could be hiding something important from you. This vision can also tell you that his mind is preoccupied with something that you do not know about. There could have been some difficulty or misunderstanding in your past which he is not quite content with still. At the same time, to see yourself as his mistress could symbolize the fact that you think you do not deserve your boyfriend for some reason. However, the opposite is true.

Husband having a mistress and a child

I dreamt of my husband going out with his mistress, they even have a child in which the mistress brought to my husband, and she even locked up the house to keep my husband there. Will you please interpret that dream? In real life, me and my husband are far from each other, me in Dubai and he is in Singapore and our baby girl is in the Philippines.

Dreaming about seeing your husband with someone else and having an extramarital affair suggests that you have to reexamine the way your relationship is progressing. It could be the case that your own needs have become more important, which is preventing you from making this relationship to follow its normal course. Your subconscious visions could be trying to warn you about some unfortunate circumstances coming into play, because dreaming about your husband being locked up in the house means that he could be facing some personal issues or inability to express his true feelings to you, so your own transformation and understanding is needed to resolve any existing problems in a positive way.

Someone you know as a mistress

Dreaming of someone you know in the role of a mistress represents your annoying and inflexible relationship with this person. It might be worthwhile to examine this friendship or relationship and restructure it in order to make it beneficial for both of you.

A complete stranger as a mistress

Dreaming of having an affair with a complete stranger as your mistress means there is a growing dissatisfaction with things in your life, and your attitude is starting to aggravate and annoy the people around you.

Ex-husband with his mistress

I dreamt a week ago, it's about my ex and his mistress. My ex-husband gave me a surprise gift, my future dream house, then suddenly, I was shocked because when I looked back some visitors came, the family of his mistress. And there was a ceremony, I thought it was a wedding because there was a priest who last came while preparing the venue, there was a woman who came wearing a simple dress. When I looked carefully, she was my husband's mistress. I was dumbfounded with tears in my eyes.

Your dream could mean you are experiencing some anxiety at the moment because some traumatic moments in your past keep coming back to haunt you. Your ex-husband giving you such a generous gift could symbolize all the hope that you once had for your relationship and future together, while the sudden appearance of his mistress and a makeshift wedding is a violent blow to all of your former aspirations. This dream could mean you are getting yourself too caught up in the past and it serves as a reminder that your former lover is now gone and constantly thinking about him could only lead you to experience great pain, as if you were reliving his departure over and over again.

Unfaithful mistress

Dreaming about discovering you have an unfaithful mistress is a warning. This can indicate potential conflicts with people you know don't like you, which also means these people will have the potential to create a lot of emotional turmoil and negative energy in your life.

A secret affair with a mistress

Dreaming of a secret affair with a mistress often reflects hidden desires and unfulfilled aspirations in your waking life. This dream may signify that you're pursuing certain goals or ambitions that have yet to yield significant results or outcomes. It could be a subconscious exploration of your inner yearnings and the need to address and fulfill these desires in your waking life.

An animal as your mistress

Dreaming of having an animal as your mistress can signify that you may encounter ongoing challenges and difficulties in your life. These conflicts could be persistent and demand your attention and resolution over time. It serves as a reminder to address and overcome recurring issues in your waking life. Facing these challenges with resilience and adaptability is essential for personal growth and progress.

Talking to your mistress

Dreaming of seeing yourself hanging out and talking to your mistress with no intent of sexual intimacy means you can expect a worry and stress-free marriage that will make life pleasant for both you and your spouse.

Enjoying an affair with the mistress

Having a dream where you are enjoying an affair with the mistress you are secretly seeing means you may be experiencing some family issues or conflicts because of the extra time you devote to spending on other things that don't benefit them or negatively affect them.

Mistress from far away

Encountering the image of your mistress from a distance in your dream hints at an upcoming influx of joy and happiness poised to enter your life. This dream symbolizes the prospect of experiencing profound positive emotions and moments that will uplift your spirits and bring a sense of contentment. It alludes to the anticipation of delightful events and the potential for a fulfilling and gratifying period ahead.

A company of a mistress

Dreaming of seeing yourself in the company of a mistress is a sign of public disgrace. This means events will occur in your life that will lead to disastrous events or circumstances proving to be very damaging to your reputation and the image people uphold about you.

Being a mistress by force

Dreams of being coerced into a mistress role can portend humiliation and suffering, reflecting potential consequences of indecent or careless conduct. This dream serves as a warning, signaling the importance of ethical and thoughtful behavior to avoid adverse outcomes and emotional distress in your waking life. It's a reminder to make responsible choices and consider the consequences of your actions.

Not happy with the mistress

If you are dreaming of not being happy with the mistress you are actually having an affair with, then this dream is telling you that this person will eventually become a source of trouble and will create many worries for you in real life if you continue to secretly have a relationship with this person.

More than one mistress

Dreaming of having more than one mistress and trying to equally give them attention means you have not set aside enough time to pursue romantic or other personal interests because of your preoccupation with your career or educational pursuits.

Being a mistress for a virgin

Dreaming of being a mistress for a virgin, a man who has yet to have sexual experiences, is a sign of confusion. It means you are about to experience episodes of discord and other problems in your love life or family.

Mistress up close

Dreaming of seeing your mistress up close is a sign of degradation, which means you are about to lose your positive image and suffer the consequences created by inappropriate and indecent behaviors or actions.

Ex-husband's mistress pregnant

I'm female and my dream consisted of ex-husband and his girlfriend (she was the mistress) in the dream and waking. Get pregnant with a baby that has heart problems before birth. During this whole dream he kept the pregnancy from me.

A dream that centers around the images of your ex-husband and the woman he cheated on you with suggests you are currently experiencing some stress and anxiety because of some terrible event in the past that keeps being dragged up. This may be directly related to your ex's infidelity, or your subconscious may be linking a newer situation to this other deeply traumatizing experience. The pregnancy that he tried to hide from you in this vision could reflect your current vulnerability, especially due to their continued relationship in wake life. Perhaps you need more time to recover from this situation, possibly by taking a vacation, moving far away or taking up a new hobby with which to positively occupy your time and thoughts.

Boyfriend's mistress in a garden

I was dreaming about a woman that at one point was with my boyfriend as his mistress. I have seen her in a beautiful garden picking flowers in a white dress with her hair pushed back. It felt peaceful and the garden was beautiful.

One of the most prominent symbols of your vision is dreaming about your partner having a mistress. It is a warning sign about your boyfriend who is probably not as honest with you as you think. It is also possible, especially if you have been quarreling lately, that he has been holding his real emotions inside so that he would not cause more conflicts between the two of you. However, the other symbol of your dream speaks of a very positive turn of events. Seeing this woman walking in a beautiful garden and picking flowers predicts peace and happiness, followed by tranquil time after a period of fights or disagreements with your partner.