Dreams Related To Mist

Being enveloped by a black mist

I am female, age 43. I was actually feeling restless and tried to sleep on the sofa in the living room. My dream was about a black mist coming through the corner wall close to the sofa and when I saw it, it headed straight towards me and pinned me to the sofa. No sound came out of my mouth when I tried to scream. I woke up instantly and ran to my bed.

The mist in your dream vision alludes to darkness and confusion. Oftentimes, this symbol appears in dreams when the dreamer is experiencing some anxiety in the real world. Perhaps you have been recently thrust in an unfamiliar situation and you are still adapting to the new environment as well as facing challenges with some trepidation. Similarly, the lack of sound when you tried to scream points to a sense of futility and powerlessness. This period of adjustment would be a humbling period for you as you learn the ropes along the way. Alternatively, this mist may be a result of your immediate situation when you fell asleep. Perhaps falling asleep in the living room sofa woke up the apprehensive feelings of displacement and being out of your comfort zone.