Dreams Related To Missing

Missing someone

Dreaming of reminiscing about and missing someone who is far away or is no longer around you means some type of occurrence or event is getting ready to happen to you shortly after this dream occurs.

Searching for a missing person

The act of searching or looking for someone who appears to be missing in your dream alludes to an unconscious feeling of incompleteness in wake life. In essence, you are searching for this individual in your vision to fill a void in your heart or soul. If you recognized the person, it is possible that you are specifically missing their presence in your life, although this symbol is more traditionally associated with missing personality traits, skills or abilities. For instance, if your grandmother was missing, you may be missing the sense of love and safety that comes from being surrounded by family. If your spouse of partner was absent, love or carnal pleasure may be missing from your reality.

Someone missing you

Dreaming of someone reminiscing about and missing you can be interpreted as a sign of upcoming wedding nuptials and contains celebratory connotations. If you are already married, the dream may symbolize a progression to another level in your married life. It could signify the deepening of your connection, the renewal of vows, or reaching new milestones together. The dream reflects positive emotions and a sense of commitment and joy associated with the idea of marriage. It encourages you to appreciate and celebrate the bonds and connections in your life, whether they are related to romantic relationships or the strengthening of existing commitments.

Missing class

Missing a class, from oversleeping or getting sidetracked, indicates a fear of ineptitude. You are likely facing a new responsibility or handling a new project and your fear of failure is manifesting this symbol in your REM sleep. This stressful imagery also reveals your anxious state. You are constantly worried about disappointing your bosses or letting down people who are dependent on you. Unfortunately, your lack of confidence in your capabilities may result in self-sabotage, so you need to learn to believe in yourself.

Overcoming missing someone

Overcoming the feelings of greatly missing someone in your dreams is a sign you are getting ready to encounter a transformation from a happy and carefree existence to a life of major disappointments and unhappiness.

Sad feelings when missing someone

Dreaming of being disappointed and having sad feelings because of missing someone means you are about to gain new friends or acquaintances who will prove to enrich your life, making it much brighter and happier.

My child going missing

Dreaming that your child has gone missing in the dream realm is an ominous symbol to perceive. The suggestive interpretation of this particular imagery suggests your son or daughter would soon face some great difficulty in reality. For young children, this may include dealing with bullying, scholastic problems or emotional troubles due to trauma. For teenagers and even adult children, this could refer to the loss of someone they love or a failure that sets them back from their goals. The purpose of seeing this vision is to give you some insight into their feelings so that you can provide the best support in their time of need.

Missing your home

Dreaming of having feelings of missing your home when you are actually very far away from your home in real life means you will not be able to pursue any vacation or leisure trips because of some situations or issues preventing you from realizing your plans to travel.

Missing a loved one

Dreaming of reminiscing about and missing a loved one means you are going to receive some information or unexpected news from people you haven't heard from in a while or who may live far away from you.

Someone missing a person

Dreaming of being around someone who is missing a person in their life is a sign you are about to face some major problems or issues that are related to your relatives.This dream can also mean you are about to get yourself involved in the preparation of someone's funeral.

Consoling someone missing a person

Dreaming of offering your help by consoling someone who is missing a person means you are about to heap upon yourself too much responsibility by getting yourself involved in something you shouldn't have been involved in to begin with.

Missing a certain person

Dreaming about missing a certain person when this person is not far away from you and you have a great relationship with this person in real life means you are about to experience a significant life changing event that will end this relationship.

Unable to cope with missing someone

Dreaming about being unable to cope with the emotions of missing someone is an indication you are becoming a victim of some questionable pleasures and desires, which may lead you to lose control or become unable to successfully run your life. It is going to take a serious event or circumstance to get your life back on track.

Missing someone from your past

Dreaming of missing someone from your past means you may encounter some circumstances that will cause you to ponder over your life and reexamine how you perceive the people who you interact with on a regular basis.

Loved one missing someone

Dreaming of seeing your loved one being preoccupied with missing and reminiscing about someone other than you is a sign of possible problems or circumstances heading your way that you may have to deal with.

Missing your ex

A dream scenario in which you are longing for an ex may reveal dissatisfaction in your current relationship. Perhaps you wish your current partner possessed certain characteristics of your ex. If you are single, then you could be looking for closure before dating someone new. An unlikely person may have entered your life and you are wondering whether you are ready to be in a relationship again. In some cases, a past relationship could symbolize the loss of purpose, hence this dream signals your search for reasons to live.