Dreams Related To Miscarriage

Miscarriage and blood

Having a miscarriage and seeing blood in the dream realm is a highly ominous symbol for pregnant women to perceive. Miller and other interpreters have often linked this symbol with a need to take better care of your health. While this symbol does not actually suggest you would lose your child, it does point toward a need to focus on your health and well-being. Perhaps you need to get more sleep or reduce the amount of work you are currently taking on, as both physical and mental health are represented by this image.

Miscarriage while pregnant

For pregnant women, dreaming about having a miscarriage is highly ominous and should be considered a warning. It means you need to pay better attention to your health, both physical and mental. While this symbol does not actually predict miscarriage or stillbirth, it does suggest you need to take your health more seriously. If you are not sure where to start, talking to your doctor would be a good idea. Perhaps they can recommend extra tests or bed rest if you feel unsure or confused.

Having a miscarriage

Having a miscarriage with lots of blood in my dream.

If you are pregnant, dreaming about a miscarriage could be a warning. You would benefit from paying more attention to your pregnancy and taking better care of your body. You should avoid visiting very busy and crowded places, rest more, and follow closely every pregnancy-related advice that doctors give. This is because this is a very important and sensible period during which every little omission or lack of attention may have undesirable consequences. This specially applies to experience-based realistic dreams. That is, dreams in which the pain and the visions of blood seem and feel real. If you are not pregnant, this dream could warn you about your overall health. That is, you may be acting carelessly and recklessly, or having attitudes that put your health at risk. It could also speak of your perhaps subconscious wish of having kids and of the associated fear of losing them. Finally, a miscarriage could also symbolize failure. In particular, you may be involved in a project or activity that you truly value. You would feel that not succeeding at it would be an ultimate disaster and a great loss. That is, the dream speaks of significant losses, either forthcoming or feared to occur.