Dreams Related To Ministry

Rejecting food offered at a ministry

I'm a man, I dreamed that I visited a praying branch of a ministry I attended before, a woman put to bed and some group of women were taking care of her, they were eating rice and stew which they offered to me and I ate a little, but I requested that they prepare pounded food and cow's belly for me, before they could bring the food the women started making gestures at me in the name of play but I wasn't pleased with that so when they brought the food I rejected it, and left for my base.

Religious places, like the ministry from your dream, often represent your current comfort zone in reality. This is where you feel safe because you are not challenged to try new things or think about your beliefs deeply. The rice and stew, however, represent great opportunities coming together for you in wake life. You may have the chance to expand your knowledge and understanding beyond what you ever expected before through learning and deep study. Alternatively, you may be given a new position that allows you to work with a new set of people and learn from their experience and knowledge. Tasting the food but ultimately ordering something completely different, then, suggests you are stubborn, like a stick in the mud. You do not want to change or be forced to re-evaluate some of what you think you know. Being made fun of and leaving at the end of the vision reveals you would be unable to achieve your full potential if you continue to ignore opportunities to grow and change.