Dreams Related To Midwife

Acting as midwife

To dream that you were acting as a midwife and performing a midwife's duties could mean that you are about to embark on a new business or venture, which may seem like you won't like it at first but will end up surprising you immensely with satisfying accomplishments.

Aiding or helping midwife

To dream of aiding or assisting a midwife to deliver a baby is a warning that you are about to encounter a big disagreement or fight with people who are close to you.

Seeing midwife

Seeing a midwife in your dreams is a warning of the onset of a very long or painful sickness, which sometimes can lead to death if the illness is severe in its nature. It could also be a sign of catching a STD.

This dream could possibly be bringing news of a sexually transmitted disease which is very hard to get rid of. Therefore, it is recommended that you use caution when engaging in sexual encounters and take more protective measures to prevent getting a disease.