Dreams Related To Mice

Mice infestation

An infestation of mice or rodents is a highly ominous symbol to perceive in a dream. Shamanistic interpretations suggest that such an infestation is a precursor to great evil or hardship befalling you and your household. In many cases, this darkness would be allowed to grow and flourish because you would be too distracted. Your one-track mind in pursuing your goals would make you vulnerable to attacks from other directions. It would be wise to be on your guard. You cannot assume that your hard work and effort alone would be enough to deter actions against you.

Killing mice

Killing mice has a positive dream meaning. No matter what method you use to kill mice, such as traps or poison or other pest control methods, this spells victory over your enemies. You may find out their weakness and use this fully to your advantage. If you decide to let them go after catching the mice, in a cage or similar contraption for example, then it may be a bittersweet triumph as you may have to resort to dirty tactics or other enemies could take their place once you take down the existing ones.

Mice in general

Mice as dream symbols, whether you see them rummaging through your trash or pestering you in the vision, typically convey bad situations and unpleasant developments in your current projects and preoccupations. If you are spending a lot of time with friends, then there would likely be a falling out with one of your close friends due to lies and acts of betrayal. If you are focusing on your home turf, then an issue could arise which would require your attention. And if you are invested in your work, perhaps you have to deal with failures and challenges.

Dead mice

Seeing or finding dead mice, such as in crawl spaces or after a mice extermination, is usually a bad omen for your finances and way of life. You may experience a financial crisis due to an emergency situation or an economic crisis which could take away your main source of income. Maybe you would be laid off or go bankrupt. Whatever the case may be, you would go through financial hardships, to the point that you may not be able to afford the basic necessities. You would be forced to seek help from the government or ask for favors from your loved ones.

White mice

White mice symbolize good relationships. The color of the mice is the foundation of the positive dream meaning because it is often associated with purity and good intentions. So for instance when you may find yourself seeing white mice eating cheese or several white mice in a glass box being kept as pets in this dream. Those types of dream scenarios involving white mice are all communicating this positive development in your bond with your significant other or possibly even a happy and fulfilling marriage down the line.

Mice chewing the carpet

To dream of mice chewing the carpet portends pesky people trying to sabotage your success. Perhaps out of envy or pure spite, these nasty individuals will try to discredit you and accuse you of plagiarism or stealing ideas from others. While untrue, their expertise at spinning news and twisting facts will convince certain people, possibly including your friends and family. You can choose not to stoop to their level or fight fire with fire.

Mice for young women

Young women who dream of mice, especially if the house is overrun by mice or you get caught by surprise opening a door and discovering mice presence, are likely going to make a lot of enemies in reality. The mice represent real-life rivals who are plotting to ruin your reputation because you may have inadvertently earned their ire. They may not be openly hostile, but refusal to acknowledge this threat may put you in a compromising situation when your enemies get hold of incriminating information about you.

Mice biting you

On a professional level, getting bitten by mice refers to bad decisions or mistakes. These errors will cost you a lot of time and money to remedy. In terms of relationships, occultism sources associate this symbol to possible betrayal or backstabbing by your trusted friends. Whether this could manifest in your personal space or the workplace, this is a friendly warning to you to be more cognizant about your surroundings and possible threats.

Catching mice

Catching mice alive, such as in a cage or luring them to an improvised contraption, means you would have to suffer the consequences of your thoughtless decisions. The trap or act of catching the mice actually represents your own mistakes and folly because you refuse to acknowledge the warning signs of a questionable venture or a dubious deal. Once you get into this situation, you are trapped. As such, you have no other recourse but to take stock of your situation and learn to deal with the repercussions.

Grey mice

Grey mice, such as those common rodents or house mice variety that infest poorly maintained houses and buildings, tend to be an indication of your poor financial management skills. You could be prone to overspending especially when you are feeling low or stressed out about work and your personal life. Your mind may be telling you to rein in your indiscriminate spending or you could find yourself deep in debts with no way to pay them off. Impulse buying could be the addiction that would drain your hard-earned savings.

Surrounded by mice

When you are surrounded by mice in a dream, like a bunch of this type of rodents scurrying around or mice infestation around your house, there is a possibility that basic goods and necessities would become scarce in the near future due to rising demands or diminishing supply. So your subconscious is basically alerting you to this economic turn which would affect the cost of living. This way, you can properly stock up on supplies to avoid having to deal with shortages or paying exorbitant prices just to satisfy your needs.

Mice as pets

Having mice as pets, such as tamed mice or domesticated mice you keep in wire cages or a glass tank, conveys positive dream meanings especially when it comes to your relationship with adversaries in reality. Tamed mice and keeping them as pets symbolizes your ability to predict or anticipate your rivals' moves, so you are always several steps ahead of them. As such, dominating the competition could make your enemies feel small and confounded about how you manage to strategize so well.

Hearing but not seeing mice

Hearing the squeaking and squealing of mice without seeing them in a dream, maybe being bothered by the scratching sounds up in the attic or the cupboards as they dart past, points to manipulations and maneuverings by someone close to you. This could be a friend who is jealous of your love life, so they are trying to ruin your relationship by backstabbing you. Others could also be spreading petty and spiteful rumors about you in hopes of using your downfall or the controversy as a career leverage.

Mice running around

Envisioning mice scurrying around you is an ill omen to perceive, especially according to traditional sources of dream interpretation. The rodents who run around in your area represent an upcoming scarcity of basic goods. Your city or country may have to deal with shortages of food, water, paper goods, medicines or even utilities, such as gasoline or electricity. Additionally, the prices of these items may go up. If you see this vision before such times of hardship, it should be considered a reminder to check your first aid kits and stock up on items that may become hard to find if things get rough.

Killing grey mice

I caught multiple gray mice in a white bowl and tried to smother them with my hands. One of them looked at me the whole time.

Killing multiple gray mice suggests triumph over your rivals. You might assume a coveted position or receive incentives over your colleagues. In addition, there is an element of jealousy or scheming from your competitors as manifested by the gaze of one mouse. Maybe someone is fixating on you and analyzing your every move. Capitalizing on your capabilities and hard work could give you a leg up from other contenders.

Newborn mice in the house

I saw a large number of newborn mice in my kitchen. And many of them are already dead, and many of them are still alive. And I am trying to put them out of my house. What does it mean?

An infestation of mice in your household experienced in a dream is a highly ominous sign associated with evil and darkness rising around you. Often these forces work their dark magic on your goals or dreams. In particular, it is important for you to take time to carefully watch those around you. If you are too focused on the prize, you may miss the onset of someone's interference in your endeavors.