Dreams Related To Mexico

Adopting children from Mexico

I am moving to Mexico for my retirement and have been thinking about it a lot and last night I was dreaming I was there and adopted 2 little Mexican girls.

Dreaming about your retirement plans, especially since you have been thinking about it a lot in reality, may be your mind's way of making sense of all the information you absorbed during your waking hours. Perhaps you are excited about moving to Mexico, hence your subconscious is fast-tracking the process by giving you a glimpse of the future. On the other hand, adopting children generally points to your generosity. Even though you are moving to a different place, you would carry your sense of altruism with you. Furthermore, adopting Mexican children could also be a metaphor for embracing a new culture and understanding this new environment.

Dad's girlfriend from Mexico

I had a dream that my dad brought his girlfriend from Mexico.

This dream could have many possible meanings depending on your personal situation, but if you felt in this dream that the girl he brought belonged to your own racial background and heritage, it could mean that your father has not been paying a lot of attention to you lately, for example because of a busy work schedule or while being away from home for long periods of time. If, however, you felt antagonistic to the fact or considered her a complete outsider, it could mean your relationship with your father has some secrets or aspects which are not shared readily, either on your or his part.