Dreams Related To Meteor

A meteor shower

A meteor shower hits the Earth and everyone is freaking out. I have had similar dreams like this a few times but happening more and more, just wondering what the dream means? Thank you very much.

Dreaming consistently about meteors hitting the earth has negative connotations. It symbolizes the destruction and devastation which you may have to face in your waking life. The imagery of people caught in the midst of this disaster refers to the chaos in your own life. It could possibly allude to you receiving some unpleasant news which would have a depressing effect on you. You could soon receive information about the passing of a loved one or someone you know closely. It is important for you to stay strong and keep yourself resilient if these troubled times do arrive.

Interpretation of dreams about meteors or comets

Meteor hitting earth

A meteor, from an asteroid or a comet, that appears in dreams is a strong harbinger of a destructive force that could derail your plans. A change in your plans may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. A conflict in your relationships might create a problem, but it could help you identify your true allies. This piece of matter crashing from outer space can also be a symbol of a fall from great heights. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you that you have lofty goals and that you need to be more realistic. You would be fortunate if you have trusted people who can take your ideas and transform them into something achievable.

Seeing a meteor

To see a meteor in the night sky as a shooting star denotes a significant change in your life. Regardless of what aspect of your life changes, this will turn out to be good luck for you. A broken promise, for instance, will strengthen your resolve to find other options to follow through with your plans by using other resources or connections. During this upheaval in your life, you may begin to rely on yourself and to believe in your ability to accomplish complex tasks on your own.