Dreams Related To Meningitis

Someone with meningitis

Dreamed I was looking for someone close to me, maybe a friend, maybe my son. I found him, he was very sick, said it was meningitis, and a little vomit was coming out of his mouth. I left him clothes and food I think. I wasn't worried about catching it, I said my immune system is strong. Just a little yellow-looking vomit was coming out of the mouth, they were sick, I felt strong being there.

A sick loved one, be it a child or a close friend, is indicative of a tragic event or news happening in the near future. Meanwhile, the yellow vomit refers to insults and accusation directed towards you by two-faced personalities in your social circle. When combined, these dream symbols are warning you about an upcoming period of strife in your household because of unscrupulous people trying to disrupt your peaceful existence. Fortunately, your strength and confidence depicted in the dream reflect your own resilience in the face of difficult situations. You will be able to weather the hurdles and challenges ahead with your sense of integrity.