Dreams Related To Medicine

Taking medicine

Taking medicine or drugs in a dream has been linked to situations regarding health and well-being. For instance, many who see this symbol are already experiencing some pain or discomfort from a problem in reality. Taking the time to pay attention and get proper treatment from a professional would go a long way in preventing complications in the long run. Alternatively, you may have a particular reason to seek out a different type of healing, depending on the issue you are experiencing. For example, those dealing with the negative effects of stress may opt to block out more time for themselves or engage in an activity that improves their mood, like exercise, art or meditation.

Giving medicine

Giving medicine or medical attention to someone in a dream, particularly if they were someone who is less fortunate than yourself, means that you have the ability to lift up the ignorant with ideas and beliefs. The words that come from your mouth are uplifting to others and help them aspire to better themselves. You are certain to alter the course of some peoples' lives greatly with your teaching. By using your experience and wisdom, you would help others and in turn feel great satisfaction yourself.