Dreams Related To Meat

Buying meat

Dreaming about buying meat at a wet market or a butcher shop predicts good fortune on the verge of becoming a reality. It indicates that you might receive a gift of substantial value from a wealthy donor who may or may not be a member of your family. It could also mean that everything would go your way in your line of work, business or romantic relationship.

Raw meat

For female readers, dreaming about raw meat is indicative of an upcoming period of hardships and difficulties in the process of completing a current project or undertaking. On the other hand, cooked meat for female dreamers indicates that the very things they are hoping to acquire or achieve would be obtained and realized by their own rivals or competitors. For example, the man of their dreams might end up not on their lap but in the hands of another girl, or their expected promotion at work could go to somebody else, much to their disappointment and envy.

Cooked meat

To dream about eating cooked meat signifies the possibility of being invited to a celebration or a party. It would be an opportunity to meet old friends and flames, or a chance to hook up with potential mates. Considering another point of view, this dream vision is an indication that you might finally have the time to visit a faraway place for a short vacation where you could enjoy leisurely activities you would not normally be able to engage in.

Chunks of raw meat in the hair

I dreamt of taking off chunks of raw meat from my hair. Don't know what it means. Please help.

Finding chunks of raw meat in your hair refers to a very problematic person who will turn your life upside down. This subconscious imagery means an annoying personality may seem harmless at first with their tendency to spread gossip or overstep boundaries, but if you keep tolerating their behavior it could escalate quickly. This person may start badmouthing you to your friends and asking favors from your loved ones thinking that you two have a very close relationship.

Eating raw meat

Having a dream about eating raw or uncooked meat sets off subconscious alarm bells regarding a possible problem at work, in business or in health. You might be accused of poor work turnouts or bad behavior. You might suffer significant losses in a company you wholly or partly own. Or you might get a debilitating or life-threatening sickness from out of the blue. This dream vision serves both as a warning and a call to action.

Fresh raw meat

Dreaming about handling fresh raw meat is a symbol of ill health. You could soon experience physical pain, come down with a fever or a headache, or suffer from a viral or bacterial illness which might cause a sore throat or a toothache. However, if the meat in your dream is already showing signs of marbling or reddening, as if in a state of rigor mortis, your actual illness could pose a real threat to your life, so you would need to see a doctor who might be of help.

Cooking with meat

Cooking a meat dish in a dream predicts a "meaty" life, that is, a life blessed with material wealth and filled with joy. After going through a lot of hardships and sacrifices in life, you would soon get everything you deserve, including a big, happy family and a substantial amount of wealth and affluence.

Meat on a grill

Dreaming about cooking meat on a grill is symbolic of becoming a homebody. You might find yourself spending more and more time at your place of residence. If you are employed or in business, you would be raring to go home after work and may no longer feel inclined to stay out and unwind as you used to do. This change may be due to your growing realization of the need to perform your conjugal responsibilities. Otherwise, it is possible that you are beginning to enjoy household chores insofar as they provide you with comfort and peace of mind.

Buying cow meat

If you perceive yourself to be buying cow meat or beef in a vision, then this is an omen for some sort of conflict around you or that you are harboring ill feelings toward someone in your life. Perhaps you need to talk this out with the person involved to lighten your burden or convince other people involved to do the same thing.

Goat meat

There were pieces of meat of a goat.

When combined, the symbols of the goat and meat have a fairly negative connotation. Dreaming of goats symbolizes your behavior toward others that comes across as rude or in poor taste. The people around you, friends, colleagues, etc., maybe a bit put off by your antics. Imagining pieces of meat predicts going through a period of sadness due to rejection or separation from others. By making people feel uncomfortable, you may find yourself alienated from the group unless you make an effort to behave in a more socially acceptable, appropriate manner.

Cutting a piece of meat

Cutting a piece of meat and stuffing it in the mouth in a dream symbolizes smooth business operations and execution of work. If you are employed, you would enjoy your work routine and find it easy to perform your duties and responsibilities. If you are a business person, you would encounter no major setbacks in running your own company or enterprise. If you happen to give the slab of cut meat to someone else in the same dream, it is a symbol of your generosity and inclination to get involved with charitable or philanthropic institutions.

Rotten meat

A dream about smelling or eating rotten meat signifies the likelihood of going through sporadic periods of physical discomforts or body-twisting pains as a result of the inflammation of the nose or throat, or the swelling of the gums or face caused by an abscessed tooth. On a more serious note, this dream vision predicts that you might soon encounter hardships and difficulties in the implementation of your current project or undertaking.

Meat as human flesh

Dreaming about seeing meat which looks like human flesh is symbolic of having learning difficulties. It is possible that your age is making it hard for you to absorb new knowledge. As they say, it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. But then it could only be your stubbornness, your being a man of habit or your refusal to accept change. Conversely, eating human flesh in a dream indicates that you will have access to a well-guarded secret or piece of classified information.

Meat as your own flesh

A dream about seeing meat which looks like it comes from your own flesh signifies the possibility of drowning in waking life. If you have an aquaphobia, you may have good reasons to avoid all bodies of water. If you love swimming, this dream vision may be a warning that you should take extra-precautions while engaging in such an activity. Being a good swimmer does not guarantee your safety. Anything can happen while in the water.

Meat with spices

Dreaming about seeing or eating meat coated with different spices predicts becoming a busy bee in the near future. You will be swamped with tasks relating to your current undertaking which would make you physically and mentally tired at the end of each day. You would not mind the exhaustion one bit, knowing that you will be doing all of this in order to achieve your goals.

Meat of a pink color

Having a dream about handling pinkish, fresh-looking meat is a good indication in terms of health. If you are currently down with some form of a disease, there will be great improvements in your condition after undergoing medical treatment. If you are not suffering from any ailments at the moment, this dream vision is an indication that you would remain in good health for a long period of time.

Red meat

Red meat

Red or raw meat represents some hardships in your path. These could be linked to a particular project you have underway or a certain goal you are working on accomplishing. As long you keep your eye on the objective, any issue that may arise shouldn't be able to stop you from reaching it.

Eating human meat and strange clouds

Me and my mother visited a home of a deceased woman acquaintance and we met there two identical women with a little of almost 10-years old. Those two women gave me cooked meat, after eating I had a feeling that they gave me human meat. After that I saw white clouds falling on the ground but all the clouds ran and stopped at the graveyard. Two clouds landed on a dry tree and formed a grey head and another formed a white image of a person. A white one fed a capsule like a holy communion to the grey head.

The symbols in this dream seem to go back and forth. The meat you received is suggestive of hard times or difficulty in reality, your feeling that this meat could be of human origin may point toward an inner power or special skill that would allow you to solve all your problems. Tapping into that talent, however, is another matter altogether. The falling cloud represents your reluctance to try something new or work outside your comfort zone, the possible source of your true ability. This could be your downfall. The clouds that land on the dry tree and morph into a grey head could predict misfortune and trouble within your social circles. Unless you find a way to get over whatever is holding you back, other areas of your life may begin to suffer more and more.

Meat with thin bones

Dreaming about handling a hunk of meat attached to thin bones is a symbol of dealing with human parasites in waking life. You would have to deal with hangers-on or people clinging to you to get a piece of your success. People like these would not be such a big issue if you think they are of help in one way or another and are therefore deserving of what they are getting out of their association with you. But there are those who are of little or no help to you at all, and you might want to consider letting them go.

Receiving fresh meat from a teacher

Got a plastic bag full of fresh pieces of meat from my lady teacher.

Raw meat or a fresh piece of meat symbolizes difficulty and failure. You are likely struggling with your lessons, tests or homework which is why the fresh pieces of meat came from your teacher. An upcoming exam would be too difficult for you and your failed marks would call the attention of your teacher, advising you on how you can improve your grade. Misconduct or unruly behavior could be another reason for getting into trouble with your teacher. As punishment, she would require additional tasks and challenges for you to learn your lesson.

Fried meat

Having a dream about eating fried meat is a reflection of falling under the influence of others. You tend to live in the shadow of someone who you consider is more powerful or capable than you. You always assume the role of a follower, content of where others would lead you to and afraid of leading the way yourself. As a result, you are virtually at the mercy of others, being unable to stand on your own two feet.

Piles of meat

For female readers, dreaming about seeing piles of meat is a symbol of satisfactory sexual relations. They would finally meet their match in a person who could give them what they want both emotionally and sexually, and their union would produce mutual feelings of love and sexual gratification. For male readers, this dream vision signifies a period of gloom. They could experience emotional pain and sadness, possibly as a result of a recent divorce or separation.

A meat grinder

Dreaming about using a meat grinder or chopper indicates a period of melancholy or sadness. A short vacation or a night out with friends or family members might help to quash your loneliness. You could also go out alone if you wish to, provided you do the things which would make you happy, like watching a movie or treating yourself to a sumptuous dinner at your favorite restaurant. On the other hand, this dream vision indicates that you may be swayed by your emotions and feelings at the moment, and your spur-of-the-moment decisions may no longer be according to common sense and logic.

Conversely, dreaming about buying a meat grinder or chopper could mean that you may not yet be able to realize your aspirations in the near future, and you would have to wait a while to enjoy the fruits of your labor. In other words, you may have to exert a little more effort, work a little harder and spend a little more time to inch your way closer to where you ultimately want to be.

Carrying a piece of meat

Carrying a slab or thick piece of meat portends a period of illness. At the first signs of a physical pain, you should immediately seek the help of a medical professional if you do not want to end up confined to a hospital ward or your bedroom for days on end on account of a benign disease or a life-threatening ailment.

Boiled meat

Seeing or consuming boiled meat in a dream indicates the possibility of making money or gaining advantage over a business or relationship rival for monetary or personal gain. You are likely to make a substantial profit from your current project or business following a sudden increase in the number of customers patronizing your company or business enterprise. You may have used a better marketing and sales strategy than your competitors which resulted in the gradual shift in consumer loyalty. With regard to your romantic relationship, you may possess an extra asset that your rival may lack which would make you a better choice in the eyes of your potential mate.

Feeding someone with meat

Having a dream about feeding someone with meat with your bare hands symbolizes loss of respect. You are in danger of losing your credibility by committing acts of indiscretion and indecency which could change people's perception about you. This dream vision is a warning that you need to take into account possible consequences of an action before deciding if you really want to do it.

Meat with blood

Dreaming about seeing or being offered meat covered in blood is symbol of the blossoming of love. If you are currently in a relationship or already engaged, there is a high likelihood that you would decide to get married and have a family soon. If you are still single and in search of a perfect romantic partner, your wish of meeting and starting a relationship with a person who embodies your ideal mate would probably become a joyful reality.

Eating meat of wild animals

Dreaming about eating game meat or the meat of a wild animal such as a boar or a moose is a grim sign of suffering, pain and possibly even death. You would likely go through a period of financial difficulties as a result of unemployment or due to bad business practices. You could also lose a loved one through a sudden death. If you happened to be the one who killed the animal before dissecting and partaking of its meat, you may be currently going through an emotional turmoil as you immerse yourself in the thought that something really sinister is about to happen to you.

Consuming large amounts of meat

Consuming large amounts of meat in a dream symbolizes an inner desire for spiritual growth and mental stability. It indicates a period of soul-searching and rediscovering inner peace and tranquility. The subsequent transformation will manifest outwardly through acts of kindness and generosity which many people would try to emulate.

Losing pieces of meat

I was coming from market holding nylon bag with raw meat and grand pepper in a bowl, one piece of meat dropped from the bag, I picked it, but when I almost got to my house I realized that there was only 3-4 meat pieces in the bag, so I went back to look for the meat, I saw one piece of it and continued to search for the rest. I saw my stepson and his friend, they helped me search for it and we found 3, but I saw one chic taking one I ran after it, I mistakenly stepped on the chic and killed it but I still picked the meat. Female.

For female dreamers, raw meat is an unlucky dream symbol. It means you would experience failure and hardships, especially when it comes to work. Meanwhile, killing a chicken, whether accidentally or not, implies cowardice. In the face of difficulties, you may be tempted to escape your problem or give up. Fortunately, your persistence in finding the raw meat is an indication of your courage and grit. Despite the bad luck you would soon face in reality, you would choose to face your problems head on. You would even have supportive loved ones who would help you out during your time of need, as illustrated by the willingness of your stepson and his friend to help you in recovering the lost meat.

Dried meat or beef jerky

Eating dried meat or beef jerky in a dream symbolizes the takeover of dark forces in the mind. It indicates that you might be harboring evil thoughts which could push you to commit a crime. You might attribute these thoughts to the evil spirits taking over your life, if you actually believe in the existence of such entities. In any case, it looks like you could use the help of a professional, since your strange actuations may be caused by neurological imbalances and could even be drug-related.

Unable to tell what meat is consumed

Having a dream about eating meat without knowing what type of meat it is signifies a reversal of fortune, or in this case, misfortune. You could take comfort in the thought that your current tribulations would soon end and turn into an event or period full of happiness and contentment. After enduring so much pain and suffering in the past, it is time for you to enjoy life as a fitting reward.

A butcher cutting meat up

Dreaming about observing a butcher cutting up meat is not a good sign as far as members of the family or social circle are concerned. One of them could get sick or become seriously ill without warning. If the butcher in the dream was hacking the meat with great force, it indicates that your well-meaning intentions may be construed as sinister plans aimed only at your personal gains. On the other hand, this dream vision serves as a warning for you to carefully examine every document, contract, memorandum of agreement, letter of correspondence or a similar piece of paper before you affix your signature in order to avoid possible future complications.

Arguing over buying dried meat

I was in a convenient store-butcher shop-deli buying beef jerky. I bought a small piece and my wife began to argue over the amount. I had it cut into small strips and packaged. The argument abated, but I woke up angry.

Buying meat in the wet market or butcher shop is a sign of good fortune. Meat represents wealth or a gift of substantial value. In this case, however, since the dream features the purchase of beef jerky, the opposite may be true. Since beef jerky is dehydrated meat, the negative connotation is that you may soon experience financial constraints. You might face some money issues which will force you to tighten your belt and cause tension around the household. Your subconscious perception may be reminding you to be more circumspect in handling your finances.

Serving meat to important people

I brought out my laptop and was having a conversation with some people, then I found myself in a gathering offering meat to others from which I also eat. While at the gathering, I noticed there were high-profile older men. I stood up to take more, then a voice within said "We will be tested to determine our resolve or capacity". Shortly afterward I heard my name, then I woke up. Please can I get an interpretation of this dream? Thanks.

The event you attend filled with high-profile and older gentlemen in this dream is an auspicious sign predicting that success is in your favor when it comes to working, business, or academic endeavors. Successful, well-off individuals around you give a glimpse into the success and fortune you can expect to achieve. This is also supported by the image of handing out and partaking in meat, which signifies the speed at which this dream can become a reality. The words you heard, then, are likely a warning from your subconscious that your worthiness for this great fate may be tested soon. Passing the test would require not only smarts and physical endurance, but also quick-thinking and creativity.

Freezer full of meat

A refrigerator or freezer full of raw meat refers to storing wealth and riches. You may have the opportunity to stockpile important resources, like cash or stocks. However, there is a risk that this may be linked to illegal or immoral activities, like a drug cartel or a cabal.

Eating meat

Eating cooked meat and enjoying it in a dream symbolizes good fortune and luck in your life, especially in areas related to work or career. It suggests that you are overcoming problems and may be promoted or experience victory in your endeavors. However, if you are a vegetarian or have ethical concerns about eating meat, this dream may hold a different symbolism and could be interpreted as a bad omen.