Dreams Related To Maze

Maze houses

A house that appears to be a maze or labyrinth is usually interpreted to mean that you feel trapped in a problem-filled relationship. It indicates that your connection with a friend or family member has left you at a loss, so your challenge is how to navigate a safe passage through the mire. It could be quite the journey, but it would be worth it in the end to find your inner peace and tranquility.

Plowing maze in the garden

I want to know what is the meaning of my dream about: I saw my self plowing maize in the garden.

This dream serves as a hint that the time to prepare things in your personal life to make your dreams come true has finally arrived. If you have been making plans to undertake a project or take steps towards bettering your life, you may consider making efforts to move forward. Another interpretation source refers to visions of plowing soil as an indication of prosperity, peace of mind and happiness you are presently experiencing within your family or domestic circle.

Being trapped in a maze

I'm female. The dream I have is a recurring dream. In my dream I'm always in a maze, I get a small sense of foreboding when I start walking through the maze as if I'm being watched. It's also always nighttime, but I never see any stars. After a while of walking and ending up in front of dead ends, a heavy fog seems to settle. I hear a voice beckoning me to come to it. When I don't, I feel something cold grab me and pull me towards the voice. The fog lifts, then and I'm standing in a mass of bodies.

This recurring dream of finding yourself in a maze may allude to your inability to handle a problem in a straightforward manner. Your meandering ways could be taking you further away from your goals. Similarly, the starless night sky reveals the kind of hopelessness or loss of motivation that happens to you whenever things become too complicated. The voice and the mass of bodies, therefore, point to an immediate need for decision-making and becoming able to confront your problems head on, as others are depending on you. You may have to rethink your strategies and attitude during challenging times, so this anxiety-laden dream would stop recurring.

Lost in a maze

Envisioning yourself lost and unsure where to turn next in a large, confusing maze symbolizes an issue manifesting in your life in the near future which may also pose many difficulties in trying to solve it. The time and energy spent in the process of trying to escape the maze envisioned in this dream may reflect the amount of effort necessary to overcome the challenges that would spring up. Your triumph is, therefore, likely to be meaningful and valuable to you, evoking feelings of joy and satisfaction.