Dreams Related To Massage

Giving a massage and finding bedbugs

I'm female. In my dream I was giving one of my closest female friends a massage because her neck is bad and I started finding engorged ticks on her in her hair, but even though they looked like ticks, they were bedbugs in the dream.

Bedbugs as dream symbols are usually associated with health issues. As such, finding bedbugs in your friend's hair means that your friend could catch an illness in reality and you would be one of the first ones to notice her sickly pallor or lethargic behavior. On the other hand, giving someone a massage symbolizes persuasion. It is possible that you are trying to persuade your friend to agree with you on certain issues, so finding the bedbugs may be an indication of your clashing opinions. Maybe instead of an actual illness, you may view your friend as a non-conformist who may infect others with what you think are radical opinions.

Giving a massage to a dead person

Giving massage to a dead person's feet.

Giving a foot massage to someone who is or appears to be deceased represents your single-minded efforts to persuade others to see things your way in reality. In some cases this refers to a specific event or point of view, like a political opinion, a religious belief or your side of a conflict with someone else in reality. In other cases, however, this sign can have a more general interpretation, referring to the way you want others to perceive you in wake life. For instance, you might try to act like a well-mannered, gracious individual in front of those you want to impress or get on the good side of when you really do not care about or agree with them.