Dreams Related To Masquerade

Participating in a masquerade ball

I went to a masquerade ball at my school with an old-fashioned Japanese theme. My whole class was there and we had an instructor there to teach us how to behave. The girl who could reflect her character the best got to pick what guy to dance and spend the ball with first. The instructor chose me and I chose me with my crush. For the rest of the night we were laughing and hugging, but I always had this feeling that everything was a game. Especially the way I treated the rest of my classmates.

Schools are often associated with stress in wake life and difficulty making things go smoothly. The problems you are facing in your life, then, are likely social, as a large masquerade ball suggests. Perhaps you tend to make friends easily, but have some trouble maintaining those associations in the long term. For example, you may have joined a group and met many interesting people, but over time you may have realized their hesitation to invite you out or to discuss social events with you. This can also be seen in the feeling that the event was more of a game than a real party.

Aggressive masqueraders

I saw aggressive masqueraders.

Dreaming about aggressive masquerades, especially when they are trying to go after or attack you, could be an indication of upcoming minor issues or troubles which will not have any significant impact on your life and can be disregarded altogether.