Dreams Related To Mango

Cutting mangoes and being attacked by bees

A dream about cutting mangoes and then my stick hits the bee house that was attached to the mango tree. They attacked and entered my clothes. They didn't bite but I jumped out of bed feeling very scared.

Dreaming about harvesting mangoes is symbolic of wanting to fulfill your desires. You may be hoping to reap the rewards of your hard work and enjoy the fruits of your labor with your family members or friends. Unfortunately, agitating bees and being attacked by them likely reveals some future disappointments on your part. Perhaps the success and victory you hope to achieve from your activities may not give you the satisfaction you expected. You may find yourself wondering whether the path you have chosen is the right one for you.

Mango in general

The fruit of a mango tree is a fairly positive symbol often interpreted as a sign of future wealth or financial stability. Seeing a mango tree growing near a particular place from your reality would then suggest success and prosperity there. For example, a mango tree near your place of work could predict a raise, promotion or profitable business deal, while one near your place of residence may point toward a rich home life or satisfying interpersonal relations. A more general interpretation of this symbol suggests positive changes sweeping through your life over the coming days and months.

Picking mangos from a tree

I was with two colleagues of mine and I saw a very ripe mango tree and I decided to climb the mango tree to pluck for my friends and I did exactly that. But when I came down from the tree, the tree was trying to fall and I did everything I could to stand back from the tree.

Climbing a mango tree to pluck its ripe fruits in this dream alludes to the fulfillment of your desires. You would soon reap the rewards of your hard work and you would generously share the fruits of your labors with your colleagues or teammates. Unfortunately, the falling tree at the end of the dream likely reveals some future disappointments on your part. Perhaps the success and victory you achieve from your activity may not give you the satisfaction you expected. You may find yourself wondering whether the path you are on is the right one.

Handling a mango fruit

Giving or receiving a mango as a present is often thought to represent interpersonal relations and our human connection to each other. Giving a mango as a gift reveals upcoming opportunities to help someone you care about with something important to them and their life. This could include anything from physically helping them move or change something to giving advice or providing moral support. Receiving a gift carries much the same meaning for you, suggesting you would receive aid from someone with the skills, expertise, influence or money. You would either become happy that you were able to brighten someone else's day or feel content knowing others love and support you enough to lend a hand.

Sister carrying mangoes

I dreamed that my sister gave me yellow mangoes which I enjoyed eating. She was carrying mangoes on her dress together with my other sisters. What does it mean?

The yellow color of the mangoes suggests you are about to go through some difficult or sad period of time in the near future. However, the image of your sister giving you the fruit does not imply she is the cause of this mischief. Rather, the giving and receiving of fruit symbolizes the love between you and all your sisters. This dream, therefore, predicts that even though you may face some challenges, your family, particularly your sisters, are there to support and care for you.

Buying a mango

Dreaming about buying a mango fruit, either at a supermarket or from a street vendor, is usually an auspicious sign which predicts coming into possession of a large sum of money, most likely from some unexpected sources, such as inheritance, or as an incentive for your previously completed tasks and projects.

Peeling a mango

Peeling a mango during the course of a dream vision is a fairly neutral image associated with having your eyes opened to the world around you, particularly your relationship with others in wake life. After seeing this symbol you may soon realize or learn of the true character of some of your closest companions. In some cases you would be happily surprised by the loyalty and camaraderie felt by your friends, however, you may also be shocked and horrified to learn of others who have a blatant two-faced nature.

Eating a mango

Eating a mango during a dream vision may have different interpretations depending on the context and other symbols present in the vision. In some cases, eating mango is associated with having fun, playing around or participating in activities that your consider interesting or rewarding. This is especially true if the other images in the vision were of a positive nature. However, if the other images were negative or sinister in nature, it is possible that this symbol means you would soon become involved in illegal or immoral activities. If you see this image, you should carefully consider your actions in reality.

Eating a ripe mango

I was eating a big ripe mango.

Dreaming about eating ripe fruits, especially the kinds you do not consume as everyday food, is symbolic of your dreams and aspirations getting one step closer to becoming reality and "ripe for the picking." The odds are in your favor that you may soon gain success in your chosen path in terms of your career, business, project, or personal relationships. Consequently, people would accord you respect and admiration.

A rotten mango

The image of a rotten, decaying mango carries an ominous prediction in the realm of dreams. It means your current tasks or projects are about to be plagued by major setbacks. On one hand, this could simply be the result of bad luck or ill timing on your part. However, it is also possible that someone in your friend group or from among your co-workers would actively try to sabotage your progress by interfering with your progress or betraying you when you turn to them for help.