Dreams Related To Man

Nice-looking man

Dreaming about encountering a handsome and attractive man, with a muscular body and impeccable manners is symbolic of the good vibes in your life. Its an indication that you are about to strike it rich and become affluent. It also signifies that you would be completely content with what life has to offer for you.

An old man

A dream in which you encounter or perceive meeting an old man has positive connotations. It is an indication of the good vibes in your life. It symbolizes that you are to live an extended and happy life which will be full of warmth and pleasantness.

Meeting a man for a female

If a female dreams about encountering a very alluring and handsome man who is also quite dignified and poised it could be an indication that you might soon become an eminent or famous personality. Your success would bring along with itself many reimbursements and the adoration of all and sundry, which you would greatly enjoy.

A man flirting with you

A dream in which you see a man flirting with you or trying to make an eye contact to get some attention from you must be considered a forewarning. Its a sign that you might be disregarding something of great importance, perhaps an obligation which needs to be fulfilled. Additionally, it could be some business which you might have left unattended or overlooked.

Dreaming of a man who is flattering you may also translate a call for attention. It may be trying to warn you about what you may do to help yourself out. For example, if the man is being flirtatious because he is fond you, then it may as well be that you pleasure-seeking experience may be standing in the way of more important accomplishments.

A short man

A dream in which you see yourself encountering a petite or short man is indicative of the successes and triumphs which you would achieve in life. You would be able to overcome all obstacles and adversities which you have been facing in the recent past with as little tribulations as possible and all your troubles in life would soon disappear.

A young man

A dream in which you perceive yourself meeting with or encountering a young man is portentous of the negativity in your life. It has an indication of the tough times ahead of you. It signifies that there are quite worrisome things or emotionally unsettling issues in store for you.

A fat man

A dream in which you see yourself encountering a plump and stout man is an indication of the joyful times ahead of you. It signifies that you would have a great time which you would enjoy immensely in a company of your friends and acquaintances.

A man you are attracted to

A dream in which you perceive yourself trying to pursue or attract a man towards yourself indicates that you might become immersed in a seductive and fascinating world of indulgence and desire. This situation would provide you with loads of thrills and keep you mesmerized by its provocative web.

A man causing a road accident

I am a 24 year old female and I just woke up from a dream where I was driving on the highway talking to my mother-in-law and a man walked into the highway and later down he caused a Toyota Tacoma truck, maybe dark blue or dark grey, to roll over. There was blood everywhere. I pulled over and was screaming that I had to call 911 then I woke up terrified.

Dreaming of being involved in or witnessing a car accident is usually a warning about experiencing a rough road ahead. There could be obstacles which you would need to overcome in order to achieve your professional or personal goals. In addition, the truck represents too many responsibilities and burdens in your daily existence. Perhaps you are taking on too may tasks which you are no longer able to handle. If you do not learn to seek help from others or prioritize your tasks, you may end up sabotaging your potential to the detriment of your mental and physical well-being.

A man wearing white clothes

Dreaming about a man wearing white clothes has ominous connotations. It must be considered a forewarning that someone who's very dear to you might suffer severe health ailments or the fact that you might hear the news of their demise very soon.

A rich man

Dreaming that you encounter or see yourself encountering a wealthy and affluent man is usually a positive sign. It may represent the possibility of seeing the people that surround you become happier and more successful. In turn, you yourself may end up rejoicing with their newly acquired prosperity and bliss.

A man with a closed umbrella

Dreaming about encountering a man with a closed umbrella must be considered as a forewarning of unfavorable events which might occur in your life. These circumstances might take you by surprise but eventually you would triumph in getting yourself out of these adverse situations by acting in a timely manner.

A man you know

A man can convey a multitude of meanings in different contexts within a dream. On a basic level, the mystery behind the man will depend on his identity. If he is someone you know, then you can extract the message based on the man's personality. The man could be a metaphor for something you covet, such as a characteristic or their possessions. Alternatively, you could be telling yourself to "man up" or exude qualities which are traditionally associated with masculinity like being assertive or competitive.

A man in your bed

A dream in which you perceive yourself in bed with a man signifies that there are certain things which need to be adjusted in your life pattern. You might have to apply a bit of creativity and make use of innovative ideas to help your goals become a reality. Additionally, it may require quite a bit of unorthodox thinking in order to help culminate your ambitions.

If the man in your bed is someone whom you already know, for example a close friend or an acquaintance, it is an indication that you must keep pursuing the goals on which you have been working in the past. These ambitions are now what can be called the ultimate purpose of your life and one which you shouldn't forego at any cost.

A man with a black beard

Dreaming about encountering a man with a black beard symbolizes that you would meet up or get acquainted with a person whom you might adore and may even be extremely fond of. However this relationship wouldn't bear any fruit and would only become insignificant with the passing of time, in fact it might stop being important to you and would not be beneficial for you in any way.

A man wearing black clothes

A dream in which you encounter a person wearing black clothes has ominous connotations. It portends severe health problems for this person. On the other hand it could also signify that you would soon get to know about the demise of this person.

A man for a male

If a man dreams about meeting another male, it has negative connotations. It is indicative of the bad vibes in your life. Its a sign that you might have discord or disagreements with people in the workplace. These issues could be a direct result of you getting into incompatible situations with your business partner. On the other hand it could also indicate that you might be surpassed by your business competitors.

A wounded man

A dream in which you observe a wounded man is indicative of ominous connotations. It could be a forewarning that someone who is very close to you might have to confront severe tests and obstacles in life. These dire circumstances could result in the loss of property, wealth and close relations for this particular person and might also become a cause of critical and grave physical and psychological trauma.

Seeing a handsome man

A vision of a handsome man in your dream generally conveys a positive meaning. If you are in a relationship, this dream suggests tangible development in your romantic affair in the real world. Conversely, if you haven't met a partner yet, this is a sign that having confidence will be the key for you to be noticed by the person you are attracted to.

Unknown old man

Jungian interpretation refers to the image of an old man as an archetypal symbol. The presence of an old man in a dream is often associated with gaining wisdom and knowledge. Whether this elderly man is familiar or unknown to you, this vision typically represents things you have recently learned or realized. The spiritual meaning of an elderly man that appears in this dream also indicates that you may soon face some problems in your life. Yet, the wisdom you have acquired from your experiences will be your strength to overcome any conflicts ahead of you.

A man with a suitcase

A dream in which you perceive a man carrying a large or overloaded suitcase or a bulky bag is an indication that there is someone out there who's relying on you whole and sole. It is your responsibility to help them in their time of need and not disappoint them by turning your back. For this you would need a great deal of patience, persistence and fortitude so that you behave in an appropriate manner towards these people.

Unattractive man

A dream in which you find yourself come across an unattractive, revolting or hideous man has ominous connotations. It portends that there are negative vibes about to enter your life, either in the form of disillusionments and frustrations or problems and obstacles which might be the cause of your suffering and anguish for quite a while.

A man in the sky

Man standing in sky.

Dreams of observing a figure or silhouette of a man standing in the sky often symbolize the likelihood of success in a task or project you've recently embarked upon. This dream serves as a positive omen, suggesting that you have the potential to achieve your goals and that your efforts will be rewarded with success. It encourages you to remain determined and focused on your endeavors, as the dream foreshadows positive outcomes and accomplishments in the near future.

An evil despotic man

A dream in which you perceive an immoral and malevolent man, who is also a despot, is indicative of negativity. It symbolizes the rule of a tyrant or a despot, which would eventually lead to major calamities such as battles, crusades, famine and poverty for all of mankind.

A man as a beggar

A dream in which you stumble upon a man as a beggar has negative connotations. It is indicative of the disturbing events which might eventually lead to you squander away your assets and property. It might even symbolize the loss of your residence or perhaps breaking ties with an acquaintance who might at one time have been a great friend of yours.

If the involved was not one, but several men beggars who were surrounding you this often is a very negative sign. This is because the dream may represent the possibility of seeing your community affected by a dramatic and even catastrophic situation. For example, your community may be severely impacted by poverty, famine or devastation.

A man with black eyes

Dreaming about a man with black eyes is symbolic of the negativity in your love life. Your relationship with a certain individual whom you love might start disintegrating either due to suspicions or accusations leveled at each other by both of you. Additionally, it could mean that you might become entangled with a person or people who might become indispensable or beneficial for your success.

Dark man

When considering the dark man dream meaning, it is important to consider your situation in reality. A dark, concealed character in a dream alludes to secret feelings or things happening in the background. If the dark man appeared to be following or helping you, it likely means you are harboring some emotion that you would rather keep concealed from others in reality. Alternatively, if this man appeared menacing or scary, it could point toward others working against you in the shadows.

Unknown handsome man

The image of a handsome man or cute boy who is unknown to you is related to feelings of dissatisfaction. You likely have unmet needs or strong desires with no outlet for release. The only way to move past this situation is to find a way to deal with your emotions or manage your wants carefully.

An aggressive man

Dreaming about having an encounter with an aggressive and antagonistic man has positive connotations. Its an indication that your latest achievements and goals which you have achieved or completed will bring positive results in your life. They would prove to be greatly advantageous for you and bring you much happiness.

You as a man

If a female dreams about being a man, it is indicative of the fact that your life is about to take a strange and ambiguous turn. It also symbolizes the vague and hazy situation which might have a deep impact on your life. In order to rid yourself of these circumstances you might need to gather your complete concentration, strength and determination.

Threatened by a white man

A white man with an evil face looking and screaming at me.

This dream of an evil face screaming at you suggests fear towards a powerful and influential figure. Much of your life may be in the hands of this person who you feel is oppressing you. Alternatively, this evil face could represent a darker side of yourself, tempting you to go astray or get into trouble.

A gentle man

Dreaming about encountering, having a conversation or dealing with a gentle man has somewhat negative meaning. Its an indication that things which you were hoping to achieve might not turn out the way you wanted them to. Additionally, they might even result in some disruption or disturbance which might only cause you harm or trouble.

A man of your dream

A dream in which you perceive yourself encountering the man of your dreams and having an interesting dialogue with him is symbolic of a few negative connotations. It signifies that you get upset and shed tears over trivial things, which are normally of no real importance or significance to you.

A man with piercing eyes

A dream in which you perceive yourself encountering a man whose eyes are ferocious, intense and piercing has ominous connotations. It is an indication that you might soon stumble upon Antichrist himself.

A silhouette of a man

A dream in which you perceive a silhouette or profile of a person whose gender seems indiscernible is indicative of the changes about to occur in your life. This could be taken as a prediction regarding a variation or change in your place of work. It could also be indicative of the fact that you might be rebuffed or contradicted by your new coworkers who might never accept you as a part of their team.

A man with a gray beard

A dream in which you can perceive a man with a graying beard is indicative of a few negative vibes about to enter your life. It symbolizes that your most dire and intimate secrets are about to be revealed to the rest of the world by a person whom you considered to be extremely close to you and had complete faith in.

You must be prudent in what you talk about or discuss with people or acquaintances because some of them might out of pure spite enjoy spreading false rumors about you. They might either twist your words or simply spread out your secrets to anyone with a willing ear. Be wary and cautious of those whom you talk to about important matters, you might not like the fact that the whole world has come to know about the skeletons in your closet.

A man with a hump

Dreaming about meeting a man with a hump or a hunch back portends the negativity surrounding your life. It must be considered a warning that you might become a recipient of deception, pretense or betrayal. You would be surprised to find out that you have been duped or decieved by people whom you had complete trust in and whom you considered to be honorable and most trusted companions.

Being held by a man

For both males and females, dreaming that a man is holding you can be an ominous message about health issues. There is a chance that you will be out of commission for a while after getting ill. This prediction applies to dreams which involve stranger or an unfamiliar man. However, if you know the man who is holding you in the dream, then this is a much more comforting imagery representing a loving and nurturing energy in your life. You will be blessed with someone who loves you unconditionally.

A man with an open umbrella

Dreaming about having a meeting or encountering a man with an unfastened umbrella has ominous connotations. It must be considered a forewarning that there are negative vibes and unfavorable circumstances coming your way. These instances could either be in the forms of ailments or general ill-health, on the other hand it may also signify periods of infirmity for your near ones.

This dream could also be a foretelling about possible changes which are about to take place in your life. However you must know that not all changes are good and at times might lead to plenty of upheavals in your life. It is essential to be on guard and look in all directions so that you can be equipped with the knowhow of dealing with all kinds of outcomes which would be a direct result of these alterations in your life.

Another man

Seeing some other man in your dream signifies a corroding relationship. For dreamers in a romantic relationship, this symbol alludes to cheating. If you are attracted to this man, then it means you will be the unfaithful one. Otherwise, it is your partner who will stray. This man, whom you may or may not know in reality, can also predict rejection. The person you desire is looking for another type of partner and this will be a big blow to your self-esteem.

Meeting Mr Right

I dreamed last night that I met the right guy for my future.

Despite seeming like a happy sign, dreaming about Mr Right is a relatively negative symbol associated with erratic emotions. More specifically, it portends becoming upset about small things or events that do not go the way you want them to. Seeing this in a dream may be a warning to watch your behavior and words around others, as you may be judged for your reactions to such petty details.

Frightened by a man

Dreaming about being alarmed or startled by the looks of a certain man whom you have met in this dream has negative connotations. It indicates that your current flame or love may become a source of much anguish and heartache for you. You would be surprised to know that this relationship of yours is nothing but a big disappointment for you.

A familiar looking man

A dream in which you see yourself meeting or conversing with a man who looks familiar must be considered a forewarning. Its an indication that you might need to reevaluate or reconsider your outlook on and perception of things which might be occupying you for the moment. Additionally, it signifies that you must try to come up with fresh and innovative ideas and approaches in order to make things move at a faster pace.

A baboon and a white man

A baboon and a white man.

Seeing a baboon in a dream vision indicates there are some aspects of your personality which are immature and under-developed. You may have little patience for tasks or tend to speak without thinking first. Seeing a man with the baboon predicts upcoming troubles with people you see on a regular basis, such as family or colleagues. They may find your childish behavior off-putting or unprofessional. It would be wise to carefully consider your recent behavior to see if you can make changes which keep your relationships happy and congenial.

Black-haired man

A dream in which you see yourself having a tête-à-tête with a man with black hair symbolizes the negative vibes in your life. It's an indication that you are about to encounter a person who has an infuriating personality and exasperates you at all times. Additionally, it could signify that you might suffer from health ailments like headaches or high blood pressure which are a direct result of a few taxing events or unnerving news which you might not want to hear.

A man challenging someone to a fight

Dreaming about a man who is trying to instigate or initiate a conflict while challenging someone to a fight, particularly if the other person is a great deal bigger and stronger is symbolic of your habit to indulge in trivial and petty issues. It indicates that you are the sort of person who evades problems which are of utmost importance, yet are making a fuss over issues which are trifling and insignificant.

This dream can also translate the possibility of an upcoming enjoyable encounter with someone. More than merely the meeting itself, the relationship with this person will probably benefit your overall life. It will probably be the cause of your happiness and satisfaction, a state that may last for a considerable while.

An unfamiliar man wearing black clothes

Dreaming about a stranger or an unfamiliar person who is wearing black clothes simultaneously carries positive and negative meanings. First, it is possible that you would become very wealthy, famous or successful. However, it is also possible that the benefits that you could gain would not bring you the happiness or satisfaction that you expected them to.

Being intimidated by two men

First I was in a fight. Then suddenly two men were asking me and that was overwhelming.

While this vision may have seemed overwhelming and confusing, being in a fight and being asked questions are both generally positive symbols in this context. They allude to being caught off guard by something going unexpectedly right. For instance, not studying for an exam but still getting a passing grade. It is unlikely that this occurrence would significantly change your life, but it would be a minor blessing nonetheless.

A fear of a man in a circle

I didn't have much of a dream other than seeing a man in the middle of a circle. No specific characteristics. He was more like a shadow than anything. My mom woke me up because I had slept through all my alarms and just started saying over and over, "The man in the circle." I wasn't myself when I woke up. I had no clue what happened. All I could remember was him and an overwhelming sense of fear.

The shadow man who appeared in your vision is actually the manifestation of dual realities in your everyday existence. For example, you may have positive ideological beliefs that make you feel kind and generous toward others, however, your actual actions and behavior may not reflect those values. Additionally, the image of the circle around the man could reflect your ability to benefit from this situation, suggesting that you can adapt your speech and mannerisms to mesh with whatever crowd you wish to spend time with. Your fear may only represent your apprehension at being called a fraud or fake.

Being harassed by a man

For women, being harassed by a man in the dream realm, particularly someone who is bullying you into paying attention to them or even trying to rape you, means someone in wake life wants to attack you or use their cleverness to force you into an impossible situation. The fact of the matter is, you likely know who this person is and what their behavior means. They are threatened by you. So instead of allowing yourself to be chased out of a leadership position or giving into their animalistic tendencies, rise above and take the high ground. The view and the perks are better up there.

Frightened by men while wearing uniform

I don't remember the dream in full, but this is what I remember. Prior to turning left to an intersection of a road I was walking on for a while, was wearing an inform dress like that a navy uniform sea blue. So I turn as I saw two men approaching me in my direction from a distance as I caught sight of them I turn back from my steps and walked away from their sightings disappearing completely, maybe because I was afraid they will see me wearing that uniform. So please explain to me.

The intersection in your dream alludes to a pivotal moment. Maybe you are currently in that situation or would soon be in a position to make a decision regarding the direction you are headed, whether professional or personal. Taking the left turn depends on your associations with the left. In general, it means you chose the less traveled and more risky path. Wearing the navy uniform possibly means that you know your decision is not the rational one. The uniform represents your pragmatic side, which explains why you were afraid to be seen. Maybe a part of you is ashamed or not proud of the decision soon to be made.

Shirtless man

The symbolism of a shirtless man in the dreamscape suggests the need to look inward rather than outward appearances and focus on your strength instead of your weaknesses. It also indicates your vulnerability and your likelihood to have low self-esteem at times. Moreover, this dream is a representation of your virility and hidden sexual desires. You have some fantasies you wish you could fulfill in the real world.

Drugged and pursued by a crazy man

This crazy dude was trying to kill my friend, so I got in the way to give her time and basically tackled him and then no one would believe us that he was crazy, so we had to just leave and go to school as if nothing happened. And then he came after me at school the next day and drugged me and I managed to get away for a minute and when I was running I called my mom screaming that a crazy guy drugged me and he was trying to kill me and she laughed it off and told me I was overreacting, then he caught up to me.

Envisioning a deranged person trying to kill you and your friend is a highly ominous symbol to see in a dream vision. It suggests that your enemies are plotting behind your back, waiting for the opportune moment to put their dark plans into motion. Because this person was chasing you and your friend, it is possible that you share a common enemy. Going to school could be the manifestation of stress due to this situation. This means that you either know that an attack is coming or, more likely, you have a sixth sense that things are not as they should be. It would be wise to be watchful and prepare as much as possible for what is to come.

Feeling the presence of a man for males

I was on an empty airplane, and anytime I would try to relax, by trying to sleep or get into a more comfortable position I would feel a touch on the side of my stomach. It felt very real and although I couldn't see the person, I knew it was a man. When I got to my house, I laid in my bed and I felt the same man in the bed with me in some kind of spooning position and I could not move for hours. I am male.

Dreaming about flying in an airplane symbolizes that you are about to make some major decisions in your waking life. It is an indication that you are about to embark on a journey which you always wanted to happen. However, the notion of being involved with a male actually depends upon your sexual orientation. If you consider yourself homosexual, it symbolizes that you would find yourself enter a new relationship or perhaps finally realize your inner desires. On the other hand, if you are straight such a dream could signify that you greatly admire masculine traits like strength, perseverance and good judgment. You would be able to find all these traits within yourself and these could help you achieve what you have always desired.

A man sitting atop of a cliff

Dreaming about observing a man sitting on the top of a cliff which rises to a high altitude symbolizes major changes and upheavals in your life. It indicates that there are vital and crucial circumstances in store for you which might alter the course of your life.

A man I've never met

Running into a stranger in the dream world is often a bit enigmatic, as scientists know that the brain cannot create new faces in dreams. Therefore, the presence of someone you do not recognize or have never met is often thought to be a reflection of someone you do know in reality. For instance, you may be creating a mental caricature of someone you know in wake life. An older person may represent a grandparent or mentor, while a young person could be a child or neighbor. Pay close attention to the behavior and actions of the individual in the dream, and it should shed some light on who your unconscious mind is referring to.

A man moving to a beat

It starts off with a man very far away and he starts coming closer and closer to a beat and he smiles and he stops when he gets to my face.

This dream vision of a man approaching you from a distance could be a reflection of your own recent behavior, actions or personality. You could have recently come to terms with something you have been questioning or trying to solve for a long time. It is not necessarily an indication that it was a good or bad decision or action, but merely a reflection that you have finally made your choice and moved on. Judging by the elements contained in this dream scenario you described, this decision could be related to your personal life, relationships or even romantic affairs.

A man with skin like a fruit texture

I dreamed about a man that came at my grandma's house and the man had a ripe-fruit skin. And that fruit-skin man was acting very normal to me, but I was afraid to touch his skin because I thought that my skin will be of ripe fruits, and I remember that I saw an apple, orange, pineapple, grapes, pomegranate, banana, lime, papaya. I would like if someone can explain me that dream.

Dreaming about a man whose skin is like that of ripe fruit contains both positive and negative news. On one hand, the variety of fruit predicts interesting and exciting experiences which may change your perspective or way of thinking. On the other hand, this vision suggests you could be hesitant to step out of line and try something new. The negative news, then, is more of a warning or suggestion to not be afraid to be extraordinary. You never know where life can lead you if you are willing to follow your aspirations and be open-minded.

Signs of affection from a younger man

A seemingly wealthy, somewhat handsome young man insisted to pursue the likes of my attention, though I was not impressed. He continued to follow me throughout my day until it was night, doing nice things for me and, because I was uninterested he continuously fell asleep, but he never gave up. I am a woman.

This somewhat handsome, young man pursuing you in the dream could represent an opportunity about to come your way in reality. Your disinterest in this person mirrors your attitude towards the prospect or the offer. The nature of the opportunity is unclear, except that you are the one being wooed in this scenario. Perhaps if this refers to a promotion or a new job, then being aloof means it is not your cup of tea for one reason or another. Maybe you feel it is not the right fit for you in the sense that while lucrative, it could be a new venture or a startup ridden with a lot of risks. Alternatively, it could be your own desire to start your own business, but your pragmatic side keeps putting it off.

A man cutting a loaf of bread

It's very simple. I was watching a man sitting at a table cutting a loaf of bread. What does this mean?

Dreaming of watching someone cutting a loaf of bread represents the possibility of hardships in your future. This may happen while you are working on a particular project and hit a setback that could undo all of the efforts that you have put into achieving your goal. As long as you do not give up, you should eventually be able to overcome this adversity.

A faceless green man

A recurring dream from a small child till 20 years. Out my window, a green man, no face, hides in the bougainvillea bush at night. It's right next to the sidewalk path to the garage. He would haunt me nightly. Grab me, kidnap my friends, stare at me, but no face. I would wake up in a panic. I have never heard of anyone else having this dream. Kept it short for this submit box. Thank you.

This vision is filled with opposing imagery, probably reflecting various periods of your life, especially given the length of time this vision has occurred to you. The green man without a face is likely the manifestation of something which stood out to you in your childhood, for example, a monster you saw on television or a monster costume on Halloween. The green color usually represents future victory and happiness, while the menacing demeanor suggests failure and hardship. In this case, then, it seems you may find it difficult to be successful due to a fear of facing hardship on that path. In order to be free of this green man, you may have to find great courage within yourself to triumph once and for all.

Together with an ideal man

I met the man that has all of the qualities I am looking for. The dream took place outdoors in a warm climate. There was a loving bond, but no sex. I thought "This is the man I'm looking for". He called me by name, but I never knew his name. His last question to me was "Are you willing to leave the mountains?" I said "No".

Seeing your ideal man or the man of your dreams may contain a few negative connotations. On the one hand, it could indicate that you get upset and shed tears over trivial things. On the other hand, this romantic encounter in your dream world reveals your desire to settle down or be committed to someone. The mountains he was referring to are probably your dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, being with someone means letting go or compromising certain goals.

A man collecting chidlren in a bag

Children are in a church. A man in a top hat and tux starts collecting the children into a bag.

The combination of symbols you have experienced in this dream vision points to a recent episode when you may have been insulted or taken advantage of. The innocent children in the church represent your feelings of acting out of kindness and good heart, but still being used by someone or some people for selfish and immoral reasons. It is quite possible that you hold a grudge against some influential or authoritative figure for being abused this way, as the symbolic construct of the man seen in church suggests.

A likeable man inside a new apartment

I was getting on an elevator in a strange building, but familiar feeling, and as I was walking to what was my new apartment I got overwhelmed with my job to be greeted by this handsome man, feeling as if he was my husband. The apartment was beautiful with a high ceiling, but I never got to see this man's face, but he was beautiful inside and out. The apartment had high ceilings, and wood fixtures and it was huge.

The elevator alongside the feeling of having visited the place before in your dream contains a positive message indicating a possible new opportunity you could get involved in. This opportunity could add improvements to your current life situation. Similarly, the high ceilings reflect your ambitious nature and a need for continuous growth, whether personally or professionally. Most importantly, the handsome stranger who was perceived to be your husband bodes well for your romantic involvement. His presence could indicate discontent with your current romantic partner and you may be seeking out new experiences and fresh faces because your current status has not met the standards of how you think you should be living.

Being carried by a man

Dreaming about being carried by a man symbolizes a sense of dependence or reliance on that person you see in the dream for support and protection. It also indicates that being carried by a man is a desire for a closer, more intimate relationship with him or a need for his guidance and assistance. In essence, the dream symbolizes a feeling of being fortunate to have this person in your life or a sense of gratitude for the support and care he provides.