Dreams Related To Mall

A mall in general

Imagining yourself regularly visiting a mall in dreams reflects you are in a strong position financially. You are able to satisfy all your material needs and frequently purchase from an abundance of choices. It may also mean you sometimes tend to go overboard with your spending, however, more as an attempt to feel self-satisfied.

In another light, your vision is also indicative of your high morale and self esteem. You have a strong image of self as you witness yourself making the right choices in life, time after time. If you saw the items you are purchasing being too specific, it is an indication of the aspects of your existence you should put your absolute focus on or pay attention to as a priority.

Shopping mall

Being inside of a mall, especially one with a lot of outlet stores and retail shops, can be a metaphor for financial stability. You are earning more than enough for your needs, so you can indulge in retail therapy or spoil your loved ones with gifts. On the other hand, a huge shopping center can also serve as an allegory for consumerism. It is possible that you are spending too much and on the verge of becoming a shopaholic. Your subconscious is reminding you not to go overboard with unnecessary spending.

Meeting an enemy at a mall

My enemy was talking to me nicely in a shopping mall where we met as if nothing had happen.

Being inside a mall, such as a shopping area, means you will be faced with options and opportunities which require immediate decision-making. So meeting your enemy at the mall signifies inner conflicts and opposing sides. You are trying to establish your identity and choosing a definite career path, but you are having a hard time deciding since you have a lot of interests and you do not want to box yourself into one narrow specialization. The mall can also signify worldly desires and material needs, so you could also be trying to temper your spendthrift ways with your practical side.

Meeting an ex at the mall

I had a dream where my friends asked to hangout and then we went to the mall and at one store there was a party with everyone from school and I run into my boyfriend and say hi. Then when we were going to leave I see my ex who is working there tell me he still loves me and then I leave to find my friends and go somewhere to eat.

Being at a mall during a night vision suggests a need to make a good impression on someone. In your case, it seems you are still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship with your current boyfriend, hence the need to keep up appearances. You are also perhaps keen to make your ex a little jealous of your happiness. Your ex's confession about still loving you means you would soon be surprised or astounded by one of these men in reality. Perhaps your ex-flame would indeed confess his lingering attachment or make some grand gesture to win you back. Despite how nice this might sound, whatever this surprise is would turn out to be more trouble than it's worth. It could make your life very difficult or cause some friction between you and your current boyfriend.

A car lost at the mall

Hello. My recurring dream is: I'm at a large shopping mall, it has snowed, I can't seem to locate my car in the parking lot. I walk and walk and walk, trying to find it before dark. Female.

The mall usually reveals a fixation on maintaining appearances. It is also associated with consumerism which could be a very salient aspect of your life, hence the recurring aspect of this dream. You are consuming a lot of goods and you are likely always bombarded by images and ads selling you endless items. As such, a particularly large shopping mall alludes to a great desire to acquire and amass various products, even ones you do not necessarily need. Meanwhile, you may have friends or family members actually struggling to make ends meet yet you are trapped in your own bubble of materialism. These wants push you to focus on making more and more money, or worse, get yourself neck-deep in debt. All these distractions and fixation on things forced your subconscious to confront you with these symbols. The parking lot in particular means you need to slow down and refocus your priorities. Not being able to locate your car symbolizes your lack of direction. You are trying to find a purpose and your place in this world, unfortunately you are being sidetracked by inconsequential things. Ultimately, this dream vision is a wake up call to you for you to evaluate whether your busy life is actually productive and fulfilling or fruitless and meaningless. This way you can start implementing changes to get you closer to your original goals.

Sales people at the mall

When you see a sales representative at the mall in your dreams, particularly if that person was known to you, your vision reflects your inner feelings that you owe this person something. It could be something material or it could your opinion or pitch-in about a particular topic.

Unable to get assistance at the mall

If you saw yourself in a dream seeking assistance at the mall and unable to grab the attention or receive the attention you need, your dream means you are having unsuccessful attempts to grow personally or professionally. This could be because you seek assistance from external parties that do not fully understand your requirements. What you should focus on is helping yourself and relying on your experience with your own resources and time.

Being intimidated while at the mall

We were out shopping, me and an old friend got lost, we went back into the supermarket, there was a public phone but didn't look like a phone and we tried to use it to call our other friends to see where they were as we were lost and one person working in the shop wouldn't leave us alone and I called her a racist.

Most of the symbols in this dream, while they might seem chaotic, are actually fairly positive. However, this vision does come with a warning. First, going shopping is often thought to allude to financial wellness or stability. This ties in with the symbol of getting lost, which suggests your improved position financially would allow you to indulge in your sense of adventure, for example, by traveling or taking part in unique experiences. The supermarket reveals that your financial success may be related to some particular business you are associated with, either as an employee or a stock holder. You should be warned though that trying to call your friends for help might mean your success could be dampened by poor communication skills.

Needing to buy something at a mall

Dreaming that you are heading to the mall as you need to purchase something has a strong indication of wealth that is approaching you. It could either mean your income is going to increase shortly or new doors are going to open for you and provide you with extra sources of income. You could finally have your big hit and turn the tables financially.

A mall as a building

If you saw a mall in your dream from outside, taking note of its architectural details, your vision indicates a soon to occur shift in the way you feel about your friends or your wider social circle. Your opinion change might also be accompanied by a change in the way you deal and interact with those people.

Surprise attacks at the mall

I was shopping in a mall where passerby people were having surprised attacks with very unique things like balloon blasts near cylinders, with chains, etc. People tried to hide but many were killed. No sort of help we received. And after 5 minutes or so I was killed by an arrow.

Malls in dreams symbolize materialism and facades or outward appearances. In that sense, seeing people being attacked by surprise and possibly killed could suggest you see others being blindsided by their own greed and insincerity. You may be concerned that you would fall victim to the same fate because you were also killed in this vision. However, you could interpret this as a warning for future behavior rather than a premonition or destiny waiting to be fulfilled.

Shortage or surplus of goods at the mall

Mall shelves that seem to be stuffed with or lacking goods take on a special meaning in the realm of dream visions. Full shelves reflect balance and having everything you need in reality, while a lack of products on the shelves means a lack of balance. In the case of the latter, you may need to analyze your everyday situations and determine what is missing.

Helping someone at the mall

I am at the mall and no one is there except these two boys. One is lying on the ground and the other is over him trying to wake him up. I go over and help. I do CPR on the boy.

Malls in dreams symbolize materialism and facades or outward appearances. Being inside a mall in your dream connotes a need to make a good impression on someone. This matches with the image of the two boys at the mall, a symbol that suggests you are waiting for news. Perhaps you are waiting for your boss to give you a promotion, or maybe you need a family member to do something for you. In either case, having to perform CPR on one of the boys could reveal things not working out in your favor. However, all is not lost. While you are unlikely to succeed at this particular goal, you are likely to grow and develop you character, which would help you in later endeavors.