Dreams Related To Male

Having male parts

For a female, having male body characteristics, like broad shoulders or a penis, means she is dealing with some confidence issues in the bedroom. Perhaps she has some self-esteem problems with her own body, or maybe she feels her lack of experience makes her seem naïve. In either case, women who see this symbol should focus on body positivity and only get involved in physical relationships if they feel up to it.

The presence of a male sprinkling water

I was lying down on the bed when I suddenly fell asleep. I dreamt that a male entity was standing beside my bed. My neck was exposed and he sprinkled some water on it. I felt those water drops on my neck. Please help.

Dreaming about an unwelcome man in your bedroom is often interpreted as a sign that something is not right in your current way of living. Your routines may not match with the type of future you envisioned for yourself, or perhaps they are not conducive to a healthy, happy lifestyle. Having water splashed on your body, in this case, seems to be both a wake-up call pointing out the time to change and a signal that someone is waiting for you who can help with your transformation, most likely by providing you with a loving, safe relationship in which to grow.