Dreams Related To Makeover

A makeover for a male

I was with my aunt and we went into a nail salon and she convinced me to get them done, I am a guy by the way. I went in with my aunt and started to get them done. A woman came and asked me if I wanted my makeup done and she, my aunt, said yes. I was convinced and she made up my face and made me look very feminine. What does it mean? Please explain.

Dreaming of feminine beauty rituals, such as putting on makeup and having your nails done, reveals your preoccupation with appearances. You could be fixated on looks instead of the character and personality of women. You could also be putting on a mask, as indicated by the makeup. It means that you are not fully being honest in how you present yourself to others. There may be secrets and flaws which you try to hide even from your closest friends for fear of being placed in a vulnerable position. Then again, maybe this dream is merely a projection of a healthy curiosity about the female body.

Getting a makeover

Getting a makeover can have a few different interpretations, depending on your circumstances and other symbols present in the vision. For example, if you seemed preoccupied with your appearance or overly concerned with outcome of all the changes, it may refer to some self-esteem issues or a tendency to place more value in appearance than personality. This could be tied to spending long amounts of time looking at pictures of celebrities and influencers on social media accounts. Similarly, it may often reflect a desire to change certain areas of your life for the better, such as getting involved in Soul Cycle, joining an online learning community or simplifying your lifestyle.