Dreams Related To Love

A couple in love

Seeing a happy couple the love in your dream is an indication of being defeated or unable to accomplish your plans or projects because of some unanticipated circumstances or events beyond your control.

Being happy because of loved by others

Having a dream when people around you bring happiness and joy to your life because they love you is a good sign of happiness and personal satisfaction you are destined to experience in your life.

Love quotes

Seeing images of famous love quotes in your dream would be interpreted by Freud to suggest you have a very high opinion of yourself. While self-love is certainly a good thing, taking it to the point of narcissism may have adverse effects on your connection with others. For instance, if you always put yourself first, friends may think twice before inviting you to join their groups or share meals with them. Perhaps this would be a good time to consider what is taking care of yourself and what is purposely putting yourself before others for your own gain.

Making love with someone

In the realm of dreams, engaging in intimate moments with another person serves as a poignant reminder. It urges you to uphold unwavering consistency and diligence as you navigate the intricate steps of your life's journey, particularly in your pursuit of happiness and overall well-being. This dream's subtle caution encourages you to tread with dedication, ensuring your path remains illuminated with positivity and fulfillment.

A person you love hugging someone

Having a dream about a person you love giving a hug to someone is a warning about a lack of attention you are giving to your spouse or partner. The lack of warmth and caring is most likely the result of your behavior or inability to devote more time to this person.

Meeting a person you love

Dreams of meeting a person you love can be a hopeful sign, suggesting the potential for reuniting with this individual, especially if they are currently distant or inaccessible for some reason. This dream may reflect your longing for reconnection and the desire to be close to someone who holds a special place in your heart. While dreams can evoke strong emotions, it's important to approach the situation in your waking life with care and open communication to determine the possibilities of reuniting with your loved one.

Others giving you love

Dreams of being surrounded by abundant love from others can be a powerful sign of triumph in your daily endeavors and a life free from concerns. Such dream experiences could symbolize success and contentment in your waking life. The presence of overwhelming affection and support in your dream world may reflect the positive outcomes you can achieve in reality. Embrace the encouraging message from your subconscious, as it could be an indication of your path to success and a worry-free existence in your waking hours.

Falling in love unexpectedly

Falling in love during the course of a dream vision is actually a highly ominous symbol to perceive. It suggests you should be very wary of those around you whose motives are unclear, like someone who has recently been trying to cozy up to you. This man or woman is likely trying to deceive you for their own gain. For example, a co-worker may be after some secret information in a project you are running, or a classmate may be trying to get on your good side so you'll let them copy your homework. Once you realize their true motives, however, you would be very disappointed and upset.

Someone madly in love with you

Dreams in which you feel deeply loved by someone with great passion and affection can be a positive sign of happiness and stability in your life. These dreams often reflect feelings of contentment and emotional fulfillment. They suggest that you may be experiencing a strong sense of well-being and connection in your waking life, which can contribute to overall happiness and a sense of security.

Love of friends

Experiencing a dream where you are embraced by the love of your friends bears a significant symbol, hinting at the presence of harmonious family relationships and a stroke of good fortune illuminating your endeavors and pursuits. Just as your friends shower you with affection in the dream, it signifies the potential for thriving familial bonds and serendipitous outcomes in your ventures. By interpreting this symbol, you're encouraged to nurture your relationships, recognizing that the warmth of companionship can extend to your family life and your goals.

A person in love

Having a dream about a person in love symbolizes being happy with your current situation and living in a pleasant and safe environment while feeling satisfied with the way your life is going.

Love toward a celebrity

Experiencing a dream about love you express toward a celebrity or a very famous person can be an indication of great disappointments and dissatisfaction you are about to face because of your actions or behavior.

Love towards someone of opposite sex

Dreaming about expressing love feelings toward a person of the opposite sex is a sign of serious romantic affair and a good start to building a lasting relationship with someone you know very well.

Love towards children or elderly people

Having a dream about expressing love toward children or elderly people symbolizes a strange and unexpected event that will occur in your life and which will leave an emotional imprint on you for the rest of your life.

Feeling love in general

Dreaming about feeling love, often mixed with other feelings or emotions, without the object of attraction or affection symbolizes a moment of spiritual ascension and personal enlightenment. Try to develop and enrich your soul further after experiencing this kind of a dream.

Being in love with someone

Dreaming about yourself being in love with someone is an indication of your spiritual growth, the ability to deal with obstacles and hardships in your life and the feeling of happiness and joy that will come along as a result.

Madly falling in love

Dreaming about yourself madly falling in love with someone is a sign of serious difficulties, which you will be able to overcome while achieving your goals and aspirations because of hard work and diligence.

Love feelings

Dreaming about experiencing feelings of love or being loved can be interpreted as a positive indicator of happiness and confidence in various aspects of life. These dreams often reflect an individual's emotional well-being and their ability to cultivate meaningful connections. Furthermore, such dreams are often associated with a positive mindset, which can contribute to an individual's overall optimism and motivation. By fostering a sense of love and being loved within dreams, individuals may find themselves more inclined to pursue their goals and take on new challenges with renewed vigor. Embracing the positive emotions evoked by love-related dreams can have a profound impact on one's outlook, helping to shape a future filled with happiness and success.

Love between husband and wife

Dreaming about a husband and wife loving each other can be interpreted as a positive sign symbolizing great fortune within your family. The dream suggests a harmonious and loving atmosphere in your domestic life. Additionally, having healthy and smart children being born and raised is another possibility in your family life. This dream encourages a sense of contentment and optimism about the future of your family, highlighting the possibility of joyous and prosperous times ahead.

Feeling love toward yourself

Discovering yourself surrounded by an overwhelming wave of love in your dreams can carry an important message about your physical well-being. Such dreams may serve as an intuitive signal, urging you to pay closer attention to your health. Embrace this dream as a gentle nudge to listen to your body, addressing any potential health concerns with mindfulness and care. By proactively tending to your well-being and seeking appropriate support, you pave the way for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Remember to prioritize your self-care and vitality on your journey to greater well-being.

Misfortune in love

Encountering a dream where misfortune intertwines with your feelings of love unveils a fascinating symbol, heralding a promising revelation. This imagery is akin to a tapestry woven with both shadows and light, signifying a profound connection to your emotions. It signifies a dualistic awareness of challenges and affection. By decoding this symbol, you're poised to welcome a transformative chapter in your love journey. Just as the dream's blend of misfortune and affection forms a unique narrative, so too does your future hold the potential for a perfectly matched love partner.

Someone confessing their love for you

Freudian interpretations of being confessed to in a romantic sense suggest that good things are on the horizon for you in reality. You would be able to have confidence and great faith in your ability to accomplish you goals and make progress on your dreams. If you were unsure how to react to this individual's confession of love, it could mean you would face minor troubles on the way, but it would be nothing that a bit of hard work and perseverance could not fix.

Being in a love triangle

I dreamt, that my long time boyfriend, (who loves me too much), was in love with another girl, but his attitude in the dream was that I should know about it and I should understand. In the dream he first went to meet her outside after telling me he is going on a date with the girl. I pulled them apart but he laughed thinking I am mad to not understand. Somehow I felt I should at least try to understand so I went to my room while they stayed in the living room. The girl played very sad in front of him but behaved like a superior in front of me. Later she tried coming in my room under the pretext of looking around the house. I yelled, twisted her arm and threw her out of the house, saying this was it. She kept waiting outside the house as her purse was left behind. He thought I will understand on my own. All I wanted was for him to reassure me.

To dream of seeing another girl with your current boyfriend means your boyfriend is hiding something from you. Once you discover the secret that he's hiding, it may change the way your relationship is developing. Arguing or fighting with your boyfriend about someone else interfering with your relationship could indicate that your boyfriend is actually trying to keep secrets or hide something important from you. It can also mean he's thinking about something you are unaware of that may cause confusion or disagreements in your relationship once the secret is revealed.

Sincere love

Dreaming about expressing genuine love and affection towards someone signifies a deep sense of happiness and contentment in your life. This dream suggests that you have found fulfillment and satisfaction in your relationships and personal circumstances. It may also indicate that you are surrounded by loving and supportive individuals who bring joy and positivity into your life. Embrace and cherish these connections, as they contribute to your overall well-being and happiness. Allow this dream to inspire you to continue fostering loving relationships and cultivating a positive and fulfilling life.

Lost love

Dreaming about lost love or that there are no reciprocal love feelings left between you and the person you love is an indication of a dilemma about possible changes in your lifestyle or considerations of a marriage in order to secure better life for your future.

Falling in love and being abandoned later

I had this dream that I remembered vividly (which is weird for me) that I had met the love of my life (and it wasn't my husband) and it was a deep and passionate love... And then he just left, totally out of the blue. I'm really confused about the meaning of it.

Dreaming that you are in love or having a passionate affair with someone other than your husband suggests dissatisfaction or discontent in your current marriage. Perhaps the reality of your relationship falls short of your expectations. Lately you may have been fixating on his flaws. Hence, you may find yourself dreaming of an ideal partner, one who possesses the qualities you find lacking in your husband. On the other hand, getting left behind by this idealized partner reveals your pragmatic and rational thinking. While you may find yourself wanting more from your husband, and your marriage in general, the disappearance of the other guys alludes to a reality check. Deep inside you may be inclined to resolve your problems rather than run away.

I dreamt I fell in love again what is meaning of this vision

Falling in love

Experiencing the sensation of falling in love within a dream could serve as a warning sign of potential deception from individuals in your inner circle, leading to subsequent feelings of betrayal and sadness. This dream might be a metaphorical representation of emotional vulnerability, cautioning you to be vigilant about the intentions and actions of those who are intimately connected to you. Trust your instincts and carefully assess the relationships around you, ensuring that you maintain a healthy balance between openness and protecting your emotional well-being.

Falling in love with a stranger

Falling in love with a stranger while you are in the dream realm has two possible meanings. On one hand, this vision may be a reflection of your ability to "fall in" and get along with different groups of people easily. You can smoothly and confidently move between groups of varying individuals, like athletic jocks or artistic theater majors, without any friction. Alternatively, this dream symbol can also mean you have tried to open yourself up to someone in reality, but the timing was bad for some reason. You may want to wait a little before pursuing the connection again, as trying to force things now may push that man or woman away instead.

Thinking about a person you love

Dreaming about contemplating a person you love may serve as an early warning for forthcoming anxieties and preoccupations linked to a family member or someone deeply significant to you. This dream suggests that concerns about the well-being or circumstances of this individual may be on the horizon. Pay attention to the emotions and details within the dream, as they could offer valuable insights into the nature of the impending worries.

Falling in love with a woman for women

I dreamt that me and my female best friend fell much in love with each other, we are both females what does this mean?

Dreaming that you fall in love with your best friend who is a female suggests being deceived by a friend or colleague in the real world. This treachery would cause a world of pain because you would not see it coming. Alternatively, your best friend represents qualities you may aspire to have. Hence, loving her signifies your yearning to emulate her good points. In addition, lesbian tendencies manifested in dreams illustrate your efforts towards self-acceptance. You could be getting tired of putting on a facade just to make other people like you or maybe you are denying certain aspects of yourself for fear of being judged or ridiculed by others.

A stranger wanting to be in love

I am 53. I've had 2 dreams this week of meeting a stranger who convinces me that we are supposed to fall in love with each other. Different men, same dream.

This vision can have two different interpretations depending on your situation in reality. If you have recently gotten out of a relationship, strangers who profess their love to you can be seen as the manifestation of how you opened yourself up to your past partner and were, perhaps, burned. Alternatively, if you have been single or unattached for a long time, this symbol could shed light on your ability to "fall in" and get along with different groups of people, as is perhaps represented by the two different men.

Love without reciprocity

Dreaming of harboring unrequited affection for someone brings forth a fascinating symbol, heralding a stroke of good luck intertwined with your capability to conquer the aspirations you've set in your sights. Much like the unreciprocated love within the dream, this imagery holds the key to unlocking a fortunate chapter in your life's narrative. It signifies an auspicious alignment of circumstances that propels you toward the realization of your coveted goals.

Your first love

Seeing your first love in a dream reveals your sentimental nature and a tendency to dwell in the past. Through associative method, your first love could represent an idealized past. You are likely struggling in the present, so your subconscious is allowing you to escape in the past where your problems were petty and you held no responsibility. One can also speculate that you have lingering feelings for this person and the present challenges are making you regret letting this person get away.

Your love reciprocated by someone

Having a dream about your love being reciprocated by someone means that you are surrounded by true friends and can rely on their help and advice in situations when you need them to help you on a first call.

This dream can be a good sign of several successful voyages for a sailor who is destined to marry a rich woman in the nearest future and be settled for life. For farmers, this dream is a promise of good harvest because of favorable weather conditions and resulting prosperity and wealth in the coming years.

Losing someone you love

Losing a loved one, whether it is a family member or a dear friend, is a vivid representation of a personal transformation. You are arriving at a crossroads in your life where you have to decide what future you want for yourself. Unfortunately, this will mean drifting away from certain people who may be interfering or hampering your growth. Losing someone also implies a new beginning or a reincarnation. Maybe letting go of bad friends and toxic relationships will get you closer to freedom and your ideal self.

Platonic love

Experiencing platonic love, loving someone unconditionally or without asking for anything in return, signifies living through a period of great hope and trust in other people. The person you had a platonic love with in your dream will not be a part of this personal experience.

Meeting someone and falling in love

Experiencing a meet-cute in the dream world carries both positive and negative interpretations. On one hand, this imagery means you can get along well with other people which means you likely have a big network of friends and acquaintances. You could soon be attending a big event which will help you expand your connections and open new doors. On the other hand, your tendency to perceive people in a positive light could make you an easy target for unscrupulous personalities.

Making love underwater

Having a fish tail and making love under water.

Having a dream vision about going through a transformation or metamorphosis when you notice you have grown a fish tail is an auspicious sign of your body getting a lot of energy, which could be a result of committing yourself to exercise routine, having excellent nutrition sources and preventing or avoiding stressful situations in your waking life. Visions of having sex or making love under water reflects your tendency to sway toward seeking a more deep and meaningful connection with the person whom you are romantically involved with. You want the relationship with them to be more fulfilling and gratifying for both of you.

Being in love with an unknown person

I am a married woman in real life, but I always dream about being with another man, that I feel loved and in love... But I don't know that person.

Cheating on your husband with a strange person is often associated in dreams with a sudden paradigm shift in your relationship, usually a negative one. In this case, things that made your relationship work at first, like love and respect, are being twisted into becoming negative emotions. Unless you take preemptive measures to prevent this from happening and mend the growing rift between you and your partner, your relationship may suffer irreparable damage.

Getting re-united with first love

My dream was me getting my nails done and even though in real life I don't talk to my first love, in my dream we were really close and happy. But I am getting my nails done, then I end up in a corner with a half-bloomed black lily or rose tied to hand. Then these women and some men come in and my first love which is a boy takes off to the back and one man comes over and takes the flower from me and plucks a piece of hair off my hand. My first love said he called her to get answers.

Dreaming of your first love could be an indication of your lingering feelings for this person. Perhaps you have not fully moved on and this is keeping you from finding new romantic prospects. Further evidence of your inability to let go of the past are the flowers snatched from you. The rose, in particular, is a symbol of love, so the vision could be telling you that your personal baggage from the past is keeping you from finding the love your deserve. In addition, getting your nails done may be an allusion to your preoccupation with superficial beauty which could also be attributed to your problems in finding real and lasting connections.

A person you love smiling

Dreams of a loved one smiling at you often reflect feelings of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction in your waking life. These dreams can be a reflection of the positive aspects of your current circumstances, relationships, or personal achievements. The smile of someone you love in a dream is a reassuring symbol, indicating that you are on the right path and that your emotional needs are being met. It's a reminder to cherish and appreciate the positive aspects of your life and the people who bring joy to it.

Fast-paced love affairs

Dreams of fast-paced love affairs can signify an indication of success and having the upper hand in various aspects of your life. This dream suggests that your enthusiasm and drive in matters of the heart may spill over into other areas, allowing you to tackle challenges and achieve your goals with confidence and effectiveness. It serves as a reminder that your romantic experiences can empower you to excel in different aspects of your life as well.

Infidelity of someone you are in love with

Dreaming about the infidelity of someone you deeply care for may hold a positive connotation, indicative of forthcoming favorable occurrences or improvements in various aspects of your life. Such dreams, involving a beloved partner's unfaithfulness, could potentially signify a promising shift in your circumstances. The subconscious portrayal of infidelity might be a symbolic representation of transformation and positive changes that lie ahead. These dream scenarios, seemingly unsettling at first glance, could actually be a subconscious manifestation of auspicious events on the horizon, contributing to an optimistic outlook on the future.

Re-meeting first love and falling in love again

I was in a surreal world, not sure. But there I could fly and the peak of my dream was when I was with my first love. She was never my girlfriend, but in my dream I was nice to her and then she nodded as saying yes. Let's date. But another thing I noticed was her rough hands and her saying she got hurt on a coral... What is that all about?

This dream vision of encountering someone who was your first love in the past could be indicative of your dissatisfaction or frustration with your current circle of close friends or even with your romantic partner. Most likely, these feelings of unhappiness with the people who surround you in waking life have been bothering you for quite some time now. This emotional state could simply be caused by deep nostalgia about past years and remembering the people you used to know when you were younger. The notion of noticing the girl's hands being hurt by corals could mean your desire to have more meaningful and rewarding life experiences while communicating with the people you surrounded by, but something connected to your past is holding you back. The symbol of coral or corals in a dream is often associated with re-building existing relationships, but through a lot of effort and sacrifices on the dreamer's part.

Walking through doors with a love interest

I was walking down a hallway or corridor holding hands with the man I love (who abandoned me 2 years ago and is currently with someone else). We passed a door on the left. He went in but I didn't. I continued walking down the corridor to another doorway on the left. I went in this door. Then the man I love ran out the door he had gone into before and came into the door behind me.

Dreaming of an ex typically points to a lack of closure. As you said, you still harbor fond feelings for this person, perhaps even hoping that you would get back together, which is why he appeared in your dream. The doors represent choices, hence entering different doors is merely a metaphor for parting ways in reality. When he followed you, your subconscious likely created the scenario as wish fulfillment for you because you have been wondering whether he regrets leaving you. Alternatively, following you may be an allusion to your inability to move on. Memories about him, his lingering presence and overall influence keep following you around which prevents you from opening yourself up to other possibilities and opportunities.

Killing someone because of love

I killed someone because my guy friend did not like them. Once I did it, he told me he never even cared about me and laughed it off. I was eventually investigated and found guilty. This guy is my friend in real life. I'm a girl.

Murdering someone in a dream has negative connotations. It suggests that you would get involved in untoward activities which may bring shame and destruction upon you. Committing murder because of someone else indicates that these mishaps are likely the result of blindly following someone or allowing them to take over your life. You should try to avoid such malicious individuals and instead focus on the people who want the very best for you.

Finding out that love interest likes someone else

In the dream I walked in this girl's house whom I still have feelings for, I go sit beside her sister on a couch and I saw the girl. She comes from another room with another man, both their backs are towards me as they walk to the front door and put their shoes on and I ask her sister who is that guy? She says that is her husband. I get sad after hearing this, I go into the bathroom, wash my feet and switch my sandals. Then I open the door and some of her family standing outside bathroom door looking at me.

Walking inside the house of a girl you like suggests a yearning for a stronger connection with this person. Her sister or any family member represents her close friends or actual family in real life whom you probably want to impress. Unfortunately, the husband of the girl in your dream implies a level of inaccessibility. It is possible you see her as out of your league or hard to get to know. You likely also think that you do not stand a chance with her. The sandals or slippers also represent insecurity and self-doubt. Ultimately, this desire to get closer to her is impeded by your own flagging self-confidence. Washing your feet in the bathroom is a particularly negative dream symbol signifying rivals taking advantage of your moment of weakness. In addition, seeing her family looking at you implies a desire to please others. Your own consciousness could be encouraging you to believe in yourself instead of seeking approval from others.

Parents expressing love toward each other

Seeing your parents expressing their love toward each other in your dream means that you rely on honest practices and consistency in how you handle things in order to achieve wealth and higher status in society.

Love towards animals

Dreaming about expressing love toward animals of any kind signifies that in general you are happy with the way your life is going while having minor inclinations to make things even better. Your life, the way you live it, tends to bring rewarding experiences and satisfaction, even though you have to work a bit harder to make things more attainable.

This dream can also be a sign that you love yourself and things you do in life a bit in excess, these feelings can become more and more self-centered and narcissistic in nature if you continue down this road.

Falling in love with someone you know

Falling in love with someone you know in reality does not actually represent developing romantic feelings for this individual. Rather, this symbol should be considered a warning to be on your guard, as this man or woman may deceive you in some way. You would feel extremely hurt by their betrayal of trust, and you may not be able to forgive them for their transgressions against you.

Confessing love to someone

I was confessing my love to the one I love and he accepted my proposal saying he loved me ever since a long time. I saw this dream many a times that I am confessing my love and he is accepting it. We both live happily ever after forever together but haven't talked to that person in real we meet gazed as pass by!

Dreaming that your love is being reciprocated by a romantic prospect means that you are in good company. You are likely surrounded by trustworthy and reliable friends who are always ready to lend a helping hand and give useful advice in situations when you need them. In addition, the recurring aspect of this dream vision can also point to successful ventures and travels. No matter what profession you are in, this auspicious dream foretells happiness, wealth and prosperity on all fronts. You could find the perfect partner who would inspire you to pursue wilder dreams and increase your productivity, or you may finally find the time for implementing lucrative business ideas and finalizing profitable deals.

Expressing love toward someone

Dreaming about expressing a great deal of love toward someone in your life indicates a rewarding experience and being valued for your actions or caring attitude directed at someone close to you.

A company of a person you are in love with

Seeing yourself being with a person you love or spending time together with this person in your dream means that you will become married soon, create a big family and have children who will bring a lot of joy and happiness into your life.

If you are pregnant and have been dreaming about being in the company of a person whom you love, it is a sign of successful delivery and a healthy child as an addition to your family.

Making love in an unfamiliar house

I had a dream that I was in an unknown person's house and I was in a bedroom, then the boy I like came into my room grabbed me and kissed me repeatedly. Then we made love.

Dreaming of being inside a house you have never been before is a sign that you will soon have an unexpected encounter from someone who wants to be a part of your life. This could interfere with the relationship you are having right now. Having sex with someone you consider attractive or desirable is actually a symbol of having too many choices you are considering before making the final decision to give your attention to someone who you think will be the best match for you.

Falling in love with a married man

I fall in love with a married guy and we have an intimate moment once, then he ignores me. Now I dream that he visited me in our old house. He hugged me tight and became sweet to me. Before he whispered to me and told me that he have to leave because he needs to study.

While this seems to be a romantic vision, it is more likely related to the projects you are responsible for or a goal you are working toward in wake life. Specifically, a relationship with a man which seems to oscillate between intimacy and rejection can predict both success and failure. This means you probably can overcome the challenges on your path and finish tasks promptly, but you are also unlikely to gain overwhelmingly positive results.

Overwhelming love

Experiencing overwhelming or breathless love in your dream can be a symbolic representation of the influence, affluence, or power you hold within your social circle. It suggests that your charisma and presence have a profound impact on those around you, eliciting strong emotions and admiration. This dream may reflect your awareness of the positive effect you have on others and the deep connections you create. It signifies a sense of fulfillment and significance in your social interactions, highlighting the richness of your relationships and the intensity of the emotions involved.

Being in love with someone you've never met

Interpreting the mystery behind falling in love with a person you have never met will depend on other imageries in the dream. In general, this symbol is indicative of your good social skills. You are able to carry a conversation with all types of personalities and social class. This gives you a big advantage in careers requiring networking for professional advancement. On the other hand, other sources relate this to an ill-timed love affair. There is a chance you will be spellbound by someone, but you cannot pursue a relationship because of bad timing. One of you could be committed or perhaps you are not in the right mindset to get into a relationship.

Being overwhelmed by someone's love

In the dream, the man commanded power, his love and lust for me was overwhelming in the dream... He took me to the rails of a jetty of a lake and was kissing and cuddling me.. His car was parked where I could see it (a red Toyota Camry 2014 model saloon car). I was treated with respect by everyone because of him.

Experiencing love in your dream which left you feeling overwhelmed or breathless is a symbol of your own control and power you exert on other people present in your social circle. The image of kissing with this man publicly, in broad daylight for a lot of people to see, shows that you stand firm in your attempts to become involved in a romantic affair. You could be longing for love and affection regardless of what you see around you, or what others close to you do or say. However, the little details you paid attention to while in the arms of this man, such as his car parked nearby, could also reveal your insecurities, reservations or even fears which you think you may face while dating someone new. These feelings could be directly related to the current position you have within your social stratum.

Signs of love from guys all around

My dream was about guys giving me love letters and falling in love with me.

Depending on your emotional state, dreaming that guys are falling in love with you could be a reflection of your low self-esteem. Perhaps you need validation or reassurance of your self-worth. Your mind is trying to make you feel better about yourself by conjuring up this dream scenario. On the other hand, if you have no insecurity issues, then the love letters could symbolize a budding romance in the real world. Maybe you sense some romantic energies being sent your way, hence you are feeling extra confident in the dream.

In love with a marine

I went back to my old home and spoke with a marine's grandmother. She told me about how he was coming home in 6 weeks and that she would like to visit. I agreed. He's constantly been in all my dreams.

Recurring dreams that involve a marine or a soldier of some kind point to the possibility that you may soon lose somebody's love and respect. You may end up greatly disappointing this person with some questionable behavior. You may eventually get a chance to redeem yourself, but it is likely that your window of opportunity in this matter would be rather limited.

Love feelings while naked in a forest

I was standing in a sun-filled forest naked hugging someone, he was naked too. I buried my face into his chest and said "I love you". He said "Say it again". I looked up into his dark brown eyes, "I love you". He had a huge smile and said "I have been waiting a long time for you to say that".

Dreaming about being naked with someone you have feelings for means that you both are in complete accord with one another. Since nudity represents lowering all barriers and exposing your vulnerable sides, this dream could mean that both of you have accepted each other as you are. This is a positive sign and one which indicates that your current relationship is at its most comfortable level. You both know each other's weaknesses, but there is a sense of acceptance and that makes your affection to grow even more.