Dreams Related To Lost

Lost personal documents

Having a dream in which you have lost some personal documents, such as an identification card, driver's license, or passport, is an ill omen predicting doom and ruin in business affairs. Specifically, a vision where you lose important papers about yourself indicate becoming involved in a project or task at your place of work which would face many challenges and ultimately fail. This disaster might leave you both frustrated and upset, as others are likely to blame or mock you for this unsuccessful endeavor.

Being lost

Being lost in dreams is often a reflection of your current state of mind. You could be feeling directionless and unsure about your next steps both in terms of your chosen career and personal development. In addition, this dream symbol could also be a reference to being overwhelmed by a ton of responsibilities and commitments. The sheer number of the things you have to attend to could be affecting your ability to prioritize and tackle problems in an efficient manner. Perhaps you need to take a breather from all the stress so you can find your center again and clear you mind. Once your mind is uncluttered, you can begin to figure out how to focus your efforts towards doing what needs to be done.

Being lost in large places

I have several similar dreams: I am lost in a large shopping center and can't locate an exit... Or I've parked my car and don't remember where it is located when I return from doing whatever! I have these dreams at least once a week and I am exhausted from mentally racing around.

Dreaming that you are lost in a large place, such as a shopping center or a parking lot, represents your existing insecurities. There may be certain aspects of your life that you wish you could know more about. Such subconscious concerns may be causing you undue stress and keeping you from having a good night's rest. Do not be afraid or ashamed of reaching for professional help should things start spiralling out of control.

Something lost

Having a dream about losing or misplacing something, particularly something meaningful or important, represents a proclivity toward taking on tasks which do not benefit you in the long run. This may be because these activities are doomed to fail or because they are not actually in line with your long-term plans and goals. If you seemed emotionally unaffected by this lost object, either distracted or not upset about its loss, you may be able to live with the fact that your efforts are not truly accomplishing anything useful or productive. However, if you were upset or frustrated by the misplacement of this item, you may not be able to cope with your ineffectiveness, leading to disappointment when all is said and done.

A lost umbrella

Dreaming about losing or misplacing an umbrella is a symbol most commonly associated with someone close to you experiencing some difficulties or facing a challenge. This is likely someone you know very well, like a family member or a friend from work or school. In this dream vision, this person is predicted to have some serious troubles that could cause feelings of sadness, frustration, and depression. If you envision a lost umbrella in your dreams, you may want to be on the lookout for someone who could use your help or a shoulder to cry on.

Lost cash

Having a dream where you lose some cash or change that you were carrying is a negative symbol which represents inappropriate behavior, either on purpose or accidentally, toward people you regard as having a lower social status or less importance. This attitude and the associated actions may cause others to view you unfavorably, and you may miss out on some golden opportunites as a result. A dream about losing a significant sum of money or a credit card may predict serious financial issues related to either your workplace or your home.

Lost glasses

Losing your glasses in a dream vision, particularly if you cannot see well without them, is an ominous sign to see in a vision, predicting that you are soon to experience some personal injury. Misplacing a pair of eyewear indicates an upcoming accident which, though minor in nature, is likely to cause some wound or pain. This situation is probably due to your own carelessness and negligence in a situation where you should be more cautious.

Lost in the woods

Envisioning yourself lost in the woods in a dream vision means you are likely to be the victim of vicious rumors or betrayal. Seeing yourself unable to find your way through a woodland or densely forested area predicts that you could soon be faced with unflattering gossip, causing you sadness and frustration when you determine what has actually happened and who is behind it.

The cause of these negative, cynical feelings which are being projected by this dream vision is likely some people in your life who are exerting pressure or belittling you. These could be friends, but could also be authority figures, such as your parents, a boss or a teacher. Because they are always telling you that you are not good enough or trying hard enough, it is causing low self-esteem. This may affect your ability and attitude toward your work and any other activities or events your participate in.

Lost keys

Finding yourself without your keys, whether they are for your car or house, in a dream vision is usually indicative of involvement in less than savory actions or behavior. Becoming entangled in these morally questionable and possibly illegal endeavors is predicted to bring only disappointment, frustration, and feelings of remorse after the fact. Misplacing or losing your important keys additionally portends a romantic partner leaving you or becoming overly concerned with your whereabouts, most likely because of jealousy and suspicions of infidelity.

Lost on the street

Having a dream vision where you become lost and confused on a city street, particularly if you were searching for a particular building or address, reflects a particularly ambitious and adventurous aspect of your personality that you may have been ignoring or putting off recently. You may wish to travel to some faraway and exotic location or participate in some extreme sports. If, by the end of your dream, you found the place you were looking for only to get lost inside the building itself, it means you should rely more on your own experience and intuition to guide you in you decision-making processes, particularly if you are working on a task or toward a goal that is important to you.

Lost in an unfamiliar house

Envisioning yourself lost in a large house, particularly one that you have never seen or been in before, portends meeting with or being introduced to a mysterious person with peculiar attributes or unusual personality quirks. Their unique and interesting aspects are likely to cause feelings of amusement and curiosity, prompting you to invest more time and energy in the relationship in order to learn more. The more you meet with and talk to this person, the closer you may feel to unlocking the mystery surrounding them and their past.

Lost clothes

Having a dream where you lose clothes or are missing part of your usual wardrobe is a negative sign associated with business and communicative endeavors. Knowing or feeling as though some article of clothing you want is nowhere to be found is a reflection of your current mindset, meaning you are preoccupied with worries over work-related tasks or responsibilities. This dream is also indicative of concerns with interpersonal communication, particularly with a romantic partner or a group of friends.

Getting lost

Becoming lost during the course of a dream vision, as a general symbol, literally refers to a lack of direction in reality. This could be due to a specific project or responsibility you are falling behind on or a broad disregard for future thinking. While you may not see any negative repercussions at present, you may find yourself suffering because of this later on in life.

A lost shirt

Dreaming about losing your shirt, particularly if within the dream you feel as though it is the only one you own or if you would be unable to find another, is an ominous symbol often interpreted as a sign that you are soon to face dishonor, disgrace and condemnation through no fault of your own. You are likely to feel extremely embarrassed or shamed, possibly wishing to not go out in public for some time for fear of ridicule or contempt. Restoring your previous status and good name after the fact may be impossible or extremely difficult and time-consuming.

Yourself lost

Envisioning yourself lost and unsure of where you are means that, in real life, you may have a lot more questions than answers about certain aspects of your existence. You might want to learn more about your parentage and heritage, or you may start exploring the cultural aspects of your ancestors. Additionally, dreaming about being lost could also indicate low self-esteem or not having a clear direction for your life path.

Lost scissors

Finding yourself in a dream where you have lost a pair of scissors indicates you are about to start or take on an assignment that is boring, difficult, and mostly a waste of time. Lost or misplaced scissors represent thankless tasks where the benefits do not outweigh the costs. If you experience this type of dream, carefully consider any projects you become involved with in the near future, especially in regards to their expected outcomes and the amount of time and effort they take to complete.

A lost gold chain

Having a dream where you suddenly realize you have lost the gold chain you wore as part of your jewelry is often interpreted as a negative sign predicting missing out on an important or fortuitous opportunity. This lost chance is, in most cases, because of your own negligence and carelessness and includes details like missing an application deadline or not submitting all the required materials. This chance might have greatly enriched your life, especially financially, if you had been able to do it.

Someone getting lost

Dreaming about meeting or seeing someone who appears to be lost or confused about where they are is a negative sign meaning that someone you know, possibly the person you saw in your vision, could soon experience some hardships or great difficulties, something they cannot overcome on their own. Your help, should you be willing and able to give it, would be most appreciated, and possibly become the only means necessary to resolve the problems they are dealing with.

Lost jewelry

Dreaming about lost jewelry, in general, carries the unhappy prediction of interacting with dishonest, untrustworthy people who wish to infiltrate your circle of friends for their own ends in the near future. You may succeed in preventing them from doing so, and therefore avoid becoming entangled in the web of lies and deceit, by shunning their advances and denying them any chance or opportunity to befriend you or become someone you trust.

Losing something

Losing something during the course of a dream vision symbolically represents needing to assist someone in reality. This vision is often considered a hint or nudge from your subconscious that a friend, lover or family member is in need of your help. Giving them advice or doing something for them would earn you their gratitude and loyalty.

Losing things

Losing multiple items alludes to missed opportunities and long-lost relationships. This imagery is triggered by nostalgia and regret, likely because you are imagining an alternative reality by changing your past decisions. The specific things you lost in the dream can also provide more specific dream analysis. For instance, lost shoes signify the end of a romance or being rejected by someone you love. Losing money, meanwhile, indicates domestic and financial problems.

Lost in a city

Finding yourself lost and wandering about a city is often interpreted as a sign that you will experience many large problems or roadblocks while attempting some difficult, challenging task. Other people may keep getting in your way, or you may find yourself without the resources or assistance you need to finish things in a timely manner. Not being able to find your way in a city may also mean holding the weight of the world on your shoulders, blaming yourself for being unable to complete a job which was, in reality, more than any one person could realistically handle.

Envisioning yourself lost in an unfamiliar part of town may also reflect that you are unsuited or unprepared to dwell in an urban environment, such as a large bustling city or cosmopolitan area. This may specifically be related to uneasiness over the crowds and noise pollution. If planning to move to such an area, it may be wise to give yourself plenty of time to adapt to your new living quarters. Additionally, if you currently live in the big city, you may want to take some time to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside to soothe your frazzled nerves.

A lost medallion

Finding yourself in a dream where you have lost a medallion, particularly one that you have had for a long time or was very precious to you, is a negative sign to experience when in a vision. It indicates some sad, frustrating or depressing event taking place which directly affects your circle of friends. This may include something as simple as a fight or misunderstanding, but it may also predict more serious issues like a break up of the group or the tragic death of someone within it.

Lost loved ones

Trying to find lost or missing loved ones indicates problems in your household. You are about to enter a period of struggle for you and your family. This ill omen likely involves financial problems as well as personal disagreements. Fortunately, there will be moments of levity which will help strengthen your bond. In fact, if you manage to overcome your problems, your family will emerge stronger for it. Take this dream analysis as an opportunity to grow as individuals and as a family unit.

A lost path

Envisioning yourself looking for a lost or hidden path, such as when hiking in the woods or following an unclear map, predicts being unable to successfully complete a project that looked like it could not fail. Having difficulties finding your way in a dream vision represents the same thing in real life, particularly when the way has been carefully documented and preparations were made beforehand. The unfinished task is likely to leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed in yourself.

A lost needle or pin

Finding yourself looking for a sharp, pointed object in a dream vision, such as a needle or a small pin, predicts experiencing a loss or separation very soon. Dreaming or a lost or misplaced needle may also mean having minor fights or conflicts with a good friend or someone else you see regularly, which may or may not lead to the time apart previously mentioned.

Being confused and lost

To dream of feeling lost and confused suggests you are dealing with a complicated problem and have no one to help you sort it out. You could be at fault for the weak relationships you have, but this can still be fixed. Unfortunately, a lack of supportive friends or family could be making you feel bad about yourself, but there are other channels which can help you find a solution. While you work on being a better friend, partner or family member, perhaps approaching professionals or connecting with experts on the matter are the best steps to take rather than tackling it all on your own.

A lost thimble

Finding that you have lost a thimble during a dream vision is an ill omen predicting going through some serious misfortunes. In particular, a misplaced thimble, even if you never use it in reality, usually means experiencing some sub-standard way of living due to being destitute or having domestic problems at home.

A lost pearl necklace

Finding yourself in a dream where you have lost or misplaced a valuable pearl necklace, such as one you inherited or received as a gift, indicates experiencing some sad, disappointing circumstances in the near future. This also means you are likely to experience the associated feelings of frustration and depression as a result.

Lost cosmetics

Having a dream where you have lost some personal cosmetic items, like foundation, blush, lipstick, and so on, is a lucky sign indicating success in your current ventures. Dreaming of misplaced makeup products represents achieving both completion and excellent results on a project you are working on or a goal you are working toward, most likely due to good fortune or a lucky break.

Lost time

Having a dream where you have lost time, such as when you are working and do not realize how much time has past or when you are unable to get things done in the time allotted, means you have recently been in a situation where you have missed a good opportunity to advance yourself. Dreams of lost time can represent feelings of disappointment or frustration with this situation, especially because it is likely you missed this chance due to your own negligence. You may blame yourself for having a lazy, indolent nature or your habit of procrastination.

Lost hope

Being in a dream where you feel as though you have lost all hope is an ill omen often interpreted as a sign that evil is near you. Being in utter despair in a dream vision, no matter the cause, means that dark forces are surrounding you, even at this very moment. This dream may also indicate that whatever higher power you believe in is not around to protect or support you in this matter.

A lost companion

Envisioning yourself in a dream where you have lost your companion, such as on a busy street or in a crowded building, is a harbinger of experiencing disagreements and having conflicts with the people you live with, including anything from quarrels with children to a major fight with a spouse. For unmarried people who live on their own, losing a friend while out and about in a dream portends breaking up or ending a relationship you are in, most likely due to the other person`s infidelity.

A lost wrist watch

Finding yourself in a dream vision where you have lost your wrist watch is normally interpreted as a negative sign, especially for a girl or woman. Lost watches predict experiencing domestic issues, particularly conflicts with family members or housemates.These difficulties could be anything ranging from minor disagreements to domestic abuse, and the source of these problems is also likely something present within the home.

A lost wedding ring

Discovering that you have lost a wedding or an engagement ring in a dream vision is an ominous sign predicting experiencing shame and guilt. The cause of these strong negative emotions is most likely your own doing, including bad behavior and immoral activities. Dreaming about a misplaced wedding band may also portend going through a serious rough patch in your life, probably related to money or lack thereof, where you experience great need or some degree of poverty.

A lost handkerchief

Having a dream about losing your handkerchief, such as by misplacing it or it being blown away in a breeze, symbolizes a recent experience in which you realized that your life is not going in the direction you anticipated. You may have had grand goals or visionary ideas in the past, but you are no longer working toward them and feel slightly disappointed in yourself for giving up. Not being able to find your handkerchief may be a sign it is the time to reclaim the dreams you have not made come true yet.

Lost consciousness

Envisioning yourself losing consciousness in a dream, such as passing out or fainting, is actually a positive symbol meaning you are soon to receive pleasant, encouraging news. Additionally, if your loss of consciousness is due to some injury or hit, like when playing sports, it predicts quickly recovering from some wound or sickness you are currently suffering from, leading to drastic improvements in health and wellness. If you dream of your wife or female partner losing consciousness, it could be a sign that she will soon go into labor.

Looking for something lost

Having a dream where you have lost something you were holding or intending to use means your mind is currently preoccupied about an unusual, confusing situation which you were recently in. Losing something within a dream vision indicates having difficulty wrapping your head around something that occurred, causing you some frustration and annoyance.

Lost teeth

Dreams about losing teeth, especially those that have fallen or been knocked out, are an ominous sign meaning you are to go through a time in your life filled with unhappiness. You may experience some great disappointments or a series of unfortunate events which could negatively affect your outlook on life. This may include loss of face, embarrassment, and ridicule, as well.

Being lost and chased

Finding yourself lost and being chased by someone or something reveal not only the presence of great hardship in your daily existence but also an inability to cope with the stress and anxiety caused by such a situation. You would likely need to call on reinforcements to help you tackle the problem head on before things spiral any further out of control.

A lost person

Having a dream where you find someone who was lost or had wandered away is often interpreted as a sign that your will interact with someone who you have been thinking or worrying about for some time. In this situation, the person who has been occupying your thoughts is likely someone you were once close to, like a good friend or family member, but who has since moved far away. You may have even lost touch with this person. Finding them within your dream vision predicts you have a chance rekindle the relationship and become close once again. However, if you were not able to find them or only saw them briefly before they slipped away again, your chances of repairing the relationship are low.

A lost wig

Dreams in which you lose a wig or toupee and are unable to find it again despite searching and asking around indicate that you may soon become the victim of taunting and bullying, particularly name-calling or criticism related to the work you do or recently completed. This experience is likely to hurt you deeply, possibly more than you let on to others, and may damage your self-esteem and undermine your confidence. In addition to this interpretation, dreaming of a lost hair piece may also portend receiving favors or gifts from people who think you are someone that you are really not.

Looking for a lost trifle

Having a dream where you have lost and are looking for some small, meaningless object predicts being concerned with your offspring. Dreams about misplaced items of little value usually mean you are actually worried about something more important, most likely your child or children. They may be sick or having troubles at school, or you may just have some anxiety about their future lives and prospects. In either case, this dream is simply a reflection of your feelings and an indication of the love you feel for them.

Getting lost while walking

Getting lost while out on a stroll means you have lost sight of your priorities. Walking by itself is a metaphor for progress and incremental improvements. However, losing your way during the act of walking implies that you are getting too concerned with the details and possibly getting derailed in the process. You may need to take a step back to remedy the situation and make sure that you are still on the right path towards hitting your goals.

Lost and trapped in a hotel

I'm female, I dream I am in a hotel or holiday resort and I'm lost, I can't find my way, nor my family, I don't recognize where I am or how to get out of an area or a market or how to find the lift, nor my room. I get into corridors that are only miles of brick or concrete, sometimes leading to a dead end and then can't find the way back and start to panic and feel trapped.

A hotel as a dream symbol usually refers to prosperity, relaxation and leisure. A resort similarly represents the same meanings as a hotel. In addition, resorts and hotels are often used to illustrate a need to escape. You could be going through a stressful period in your life, hence your mind has transported you in this seemingly ideal place which reveals your desire to kick back and forget about your troubles at least for a little while. However, getting lost in the hotel could be an indication of confusion and inability to get back to your usual routine. An experience or encounter may have altered your perspective about life or changed your way of life in a significant way. If this is the case, the feeling of being trapped means you are struggling to get your life back on track or get things back to normal. A dilemma may have backed you up in a corner and you feel like there is no way out of it. So perhaps this is your subconscious showing you the weight of your burden which in turn may encourage you to reach out to your loved ones for help or some much-needed advice, otherwise your anxiety could worsen.

A lost coat

Envisioning yourself in a dream where you have lost or misplaced your coat, possibly because you accidently left it somewhere, is an ominous sign associated with a need for a complete overhaul of your life. Specifically, this dream points to going through a period of complete rejection of the old you, putting away or destroying all aspects of yourself you do not wish to carry into your future. Having a vision where you have lost your coat or jacket, therefore, represents rebuilding your life from the ground up after everything has fallen apart.

Lost shoes while running away

Finding yourself running for your life but losing your shoes during the chase is often interpreted as a sign of experiencing abandonment, especially from someone you looked up to or cared about deeply. This person probably greatly influenced you or made you feel very good about yourself, and their absence may leave you feeling sad and depressed. While this sounds like a negative vision, there is a silver lining. Losing your shoes while running predicts that, after you have had some time to process your feelings, you are likely to find renewed wells of strength and optimism which will restore your faith in the inherently good nature of people.

Lost gloves

Dreams about losing hand-covering clothing, such as gloves and mittens, are negative symbols seen as a means of warning the dreamer that some financial difficulties are possibly on the horizon. This may include having difficulty purchasing things that you normally want or sudden, unexpected expenses, but it might equally point toward the loss of a job or complete bankruptcy. Accordingly, you may begin working harder or being more conscious of your spending to offset any ill effects caused by this situation. In addition, dreaming about the loss of your gloves may also reflect an aspect of your personality which rubs people the wrong way, such as selfishness or lewd behavior. This may be especially detrimental to relationships where the other person has been particularly helpful or generous with you in the past.

Lost nose

Envisioning your face without your nose or suddenly realizing it is no longer there is an ill omen symbolizing becoming an object of criticism or the butt of everyone's jokes. Specifically, a lost nose is often interpreted as a sign that people you thought you were close to, people you work with day in and day out, actually think very little about you. They may have talked about you behind your back until now, but their ridicule is likely to become more bold and obvious. Their dislike may be fueled by envy of your accomplishments or connections.

Lost in your own house

Being lost in your own home, such as not knowing where certain corridors lead or what specific rooms hold, means you would face some difficult challenges in your personal life. You could soon face opposition to your decisions by older family members who do not share the same values or life experiences as you. Alternatively, younger family members, like your children, nieces or nephews, may suddenly take on traits that you do not understand or support. You may need to step back from your position and look at all sides objectively before taking a firm stance or making comments that you would be unable to take back later.

Being lost and a white horse

My mother had a dream last night. She dreamed that she was lost and couldn't find her car but instead saw me and my father nursing an injured white horse where her car was parked. What does her dream mean?

Losing a vehicle in dreams is usually a sign of difficulty in making decisions as well as obstacles in the dreamer's career or personal life. As such, your mother's dream reveals her anxiety about making a major choice which would have far-reaching consequences for herself and your entire family. Meanwhile, the white horse you and your father were nursing in her dream alludes to trouble in your household. Healthy, white horses usually suggest a happy and fruitful marriage, so in your mother's mind she can foresee problems brewing in your family which could put significant strain on your parent's marriage. In connection to the first dream symbol, this can also mean that getting preoccupied with her work or responsibilities outside the home could mean neglecting her family. Her subconscious is actually reminding her to focus on the people who matter instead of getting sidetracked by distractions elsewhere.

Someone losing something

Dreaming about another person who has lost something, whether they just realized it or have been searching for some time, is a positive symbol indicative of receiving help. When someone else loses something in a dream, it is usually interpreted as a sign that someone will support you in a task you are working on or offer to take over some aspects of a duty you are performing. Without this added assistance, you may struggle to keep up or complete your tasks on time.

A lost item of attire

Finding yourself in a dream vision where you have lost some item of your attire, such as a hairpiece, shoe, or outerwear, predicts hitting roadblocks, particularly in regards to business endeavors. This is especially true if you noticed that you lost the article of clothing while you were out and about in public. You may have trouble getting the support of co-workers or closing deals with other companies. Misplacing some part of what you were wearing may also indicate difficulties in communication with a romantic partner or spouse.

Lost virginity

Dreaming about losing your virginity, particularly for a young woman, is often interpreted as a negative sign, pointing toward losing face and earning a bad reputation. Specifically, dreaming about partaking in sexual intercourse for the first time, especially if you are unmarried, means becoming involved in some questionable or unsavory activities which others believe are dishonorable and shameful.

A lost oar while rowing

Finding yourself in a boat on the water in a dream vision but realizing suddenly that you have dropped or lost an oar is an ominous symbol associated with failure. Just as the little dingy you are on drifts farther from land with nothing to steer it, so does this dream vision predict the inevitable doom of whatever task you are desperately trying to accomplish. This dream is likely a warning to get out while you can to cut your losses.

Lost rights to a property

Finding yourself in a dream where you have lost the rights to some assets or property, including a house, car, or boat, is often given a negative interpretation, indicating major problems occurring in relation to something you are working on. In general, losing the rights to something that belongs to you means you are likely to find yourself in a situation where a project or plan you are working on completely falls apart, leaving you in a state of shock and disappointment.

A lost limb

Finding yourself in a dream where you lose or are missing a limb, such as an arm or a leg, is actually a positive symbol meaning future monetary gains and success. Dreaming of a missing body part, while associated with prosperity and luck, can be interpreted more widely to indicate that the benefits you enjoy are likely to be shared with those around you, especially the people who you love and care for the most.

Trying to lose something

Finding yourself in a dream where you are purposely trying to lose or get rid of something indicates that your mind is confused or crowded with too much information. As a result, you may be going down the wrong path in regards to a project you are working on or getting involved with people who you should actually stay away from. In your uncertainty, you may be more easily influenced or tricked by people or ideas that do not benefit you in the long run. If you find the object you were trying to avoid by the end of the dream, it means you are likely to figure out the error of your ways and get back on track.

A lost item resembling a phallos

Envisioning yourself in where you have lost something that is shaped like a phallos reflects your current state of mind. In particular, you may be overly concerned with mutilation or losing some part of your body, particularly castration. This unrealistic fear may cause you to avoid doing certain tasks or activities.

Getting lost in the snow

I was in a meeting or conference in a strange place, suddenly I found myself outside barefoot, I lost my shoes and was barefoot in the snow, and could not get back to the meeting place, was going around and appearing even further from where I needed to be. Then my friend appeared from somewhere and held my hand and led me.

This vision is a highly ominous sign that, to be understood correctly, should be interpreted in reverse order. The final sign is that of your friend holding your hand and represents going through a rough period in your life. This is most likely related to your business, career or finances as bare feet in dreams tend to predict monetary losses while business meetings warn that something precious to you may be lost or traded in your desperation to provide for yourself. This vision indicates a need to make preparations for this possible future if you have not done so already.

Lost in a big house

All I remember is seeing an old friend I liked back in high school and still like. It's been a while since we've seen each other, so when I saw her in the dream I gave her a huge hug, told her I missed her whilst spinning in circles. Then I don't know if this was a separate dream or the same. All I remember in this next sequence was it being silent, and I was in some strangers' house and I was walking around trying to figure out where I was when a grey owl hit a wall. I wasn't frightened, just confused.

This dream vision has two important messages which are the product of the past memories you have about your high school friend whom you used to like so much. Being inside a big and unfamiliar house, like a house you have never seen before or ever been to, is a sign that you could soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to be a part of your life. The imagery of the owl in flight which eventually hits the wall speaks of some upcoming unexpected difficulty or hardship affecting someone you may or may not be acquainted at the moment, and your readiness to lend a helping hand. There is a high probability that these two circumstances are interconnected, and would result in finding someone special in your waking life, just like the person you miss so much.

Lost after walking on a highway

Dreams about walking on a highway in Cape Town, not certain about the street where I should go. But there is grass next to the road and snakes are passing from where I am going not even noticing me. I was scared to walk off the road due to snakes passing and also to walk on the road due to trucks passing. I reached the street and the name of the street started with the letter "H". I saw two elders I know and they assisted me.

Streets and roads are symbolically linked with the paths we choose in our lives, so not knowing where to go in a dream vision could be the manifestation of fears about your future or your destiny. The unknown goal toward which you are working while living your day-to-day existence may seem far away and very close at the same time, possibly giving you some anxiety. The snakes on the side of the road represent possible serious problems you could encounter should you leave your destined path, as doing things your way is always rougher than doing what everyone else does. However, you may find that leaving tried and true ways could open different possibilities compared to what you had before.

Going through a series of losses

Was in a change room, left for 2 seconds and an aboriginal lady stole my purse, but I caught her. We got into a big argument waited for cops to come and was waiting for my husband. I was crying a lot. A lady asked if I was going to be OK. Then, all of a sudden, I was driving alone, very upset, realized I was lost and scared on a dangerous road, called husband, crying, saying "I'm lost". Came to a bridge, lost control of the car, dropped phone and woke up.

This dream seems to suggest feelings of insecurity on your part inside your relationship with your husband. Losing a purse to a theft in this dream is indicative of owing someone a debt, but being unable to repay them when asked to. Both waiting for the police to arrive and having an accident on a bridge allude to great uncertainty and a lot going on in your mind at the moment. Perhaps you sense that you are left alone in this predicament, without any help or support you would expect from your husband or other family members.

Lost in the rain with a twin sister

Me and my twin sister. We are females. Were in the rain and different forms of rain would come toward us and we would go through each one and the last one ended in complete darkness. We were looking for each other and when we got our hands together I woke.

Rain in dreams typically refers to problems as well as bouts of depression. The latter can be the direct result of going through a rough period. As such, seeing different forms of rain with your twin means that both of you could experience a lot of challenges ahead. Fortunately, working together and having each other's back would allow you to overcome these difficult times. Meanwhile, the darkness at the end means you may be entering an uncharted territory. Perhaps the two of you could become separated, whether geographically or with diverging beliefs. Your bond and closeness could be challenged as you enter a new chapter in your lives. Hence, you would have to rely on each other's love to see you through this period of uncertainty.

Lost dog returning

Dogs have always been humans' favorite pets and dreaming about the return of a lost dog can be quite common and can hold various meanings. For instance, finding it signifies that the dreamer has found answers to something they have been searching for, perhaps even something that they thought they had lost. The dog is attached to the dreamer or someone else which emits the feeling of being emotionally attached to a person or situation in waking life. Also, the dreamer is expressing their love and affection for someone they had lost. In some cases, it is a symbol of missing a certain aspect of the dreamer's life, such as a sense of security, companionship, or loyalty.

Losing something important

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the things we have to do in our waking life. We may dream of losing something important, like an item that is associated with our identity or our values. This reflects our fear of losing ourselves or our sense of purpose in the world. It can also be an esoteric message from our subconscious, telling us to let go of what no longer serves us. Overall, by releasing what we have lost, we may find new opportunities and possibilities for growth and happiness.

Losing everything

Dreaming of losing everything can be a manifestation of anxiety and confusion in your waking life, leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. These visions suggest that you may be feeling distracted and scattered, struggling to prioritize and handle various matters. In a nutshell, it is usually a sign to take a step back, reevaluate your priorities, and focus on what truly matters to regain a sense of control and clarity.

Getting lost and losing things

Getting lost and losing things in a dream signifies feelings of anxiety, confusion, and frustration in your waking life. It reflects a sense of being overwhelmed and unsure of your direction or goals. On the other hand, this could be a warning sign regarding a relationship or an aspect of your life that you feel is slipping away. Take it as an omen to pause, reflect, and take practical steps to regain control, communicate openly, and prioritize what truly matters to you.