Dreams Related To Locker room

Men and women in the locker room

In my dream, I was in a locker room with maybe a dozen or so other men. They were all naked, as was I, but I wasn't uncomfortable. Later I noticed I couldn't find my towel, I looked for it, and eventually found it. As I was doing that, the men disappeared, and a dozen or so fully-clothed women took their place. They were talking among themselves, almost ignoring me, except for one woman, she kept staring at me. Then I left, and went swimming with the men.

Focusing your attention on other people's nudity in a dream alludes to rising insecurities or worries in waking life as a result of other people (such as your peers) criticizing your current activities, ways of doing things or your ideas your share with them. The notion of the naked men transforming into fully clothed women suggests that you may be very meticulous and tend to pay a great deal of attention to what others have to say about you. You could feel that even a single negative opinion or remark coming from one person can become detrimental to your current efforts and aspirations, as symbolized by the woman staring at you at the end of the dream.