Dreams Related To Lobster

Cooking lobsters which turn to babies

I dreamed I was tossing lobsters into a large vat of boiling oil, but as they landed they became my children only as babies. I was horrified and weeping inconsolable. I just kept praying to God I would wake up and it would be a dream. But the dream was very vivid.

The lobsters in your dream represent strength and fortitude. You are often focused on your goals and motivated to achieve them. The drawback to this is that you often work yourself to exhaustion, forgetting to take care of yourself and perhaps even neglecting loved ones. In this context, the boiling oil means you want to take it easy for a change. Unfortunately, prioritizing leisure would compromise the success of your plans. This is illustrated by the lobsters turning into babies. You cried in the dream because of unrealized potential and failed ideas due to lack of time or other commitments. You need to find a balance between your well-being and your need to succeed, even on a smaller scale.

Lobsters crawling out of bags

A young Asian girl brought lobsters in a bag but couldn't open them. I grabbed the two bags and tried opening them, but a lobster was crawling out one bag that I was holding under my left arm. Another lobster tried crawling out the other that I was trying to open. The lobster under my arm slowly tried to cut my neck but didn't. The girl and an old man stared at me in shock.

Dream visions containing images of lobsters reveal you insecurities or reservations about your sex performance and capabilities. Perhaps you had faced some sexual advances recently and did not reciprocate. You may have felt that when someone is trying to initiate a contact with you or get your attention, there would be consequences to that. It is also possible that someone made it clear to you that they want you in a physical way, but you rejected their attempts for reasons only you can justify in your own mind.