Dreams Related To Lizard

Killing a lizard on the body and bleeding

I am a female and my dream is about a lizard crawling on my body, which I killed by cutting off the lizard's head. After that I noticed blood dropping from my body and when I checked I observed my vagina is swollen. Please what's the meaning. Thanks.

When you dream about lizards, it could mean that you are on the verge of being attacked by an enemy, such as a rival at work or someone from your personal life who wishes to cause you harm. Since the vision of a lizard was connected to your body in your dream, it could also predict getting in a conflict with a past lover or partner because of some unresolved issues, someone who may have had a big impact on your sexual life but memories of whom fill you with shame and regret instead of joy.

A green lizard by the riverside

I dreamed there was a light-skinned man taking me to a riverside. When we alighted from the vehicle, l looked up and saw a very big green lizard high in the tree above my head. Funny how the man was looking at it but was pretending not to see it. I didn't bother to go with him... I ran away instead.

Being taken to a riverside is likely an allusion to other people's expectations. There may be instances in the real world when you are forced to comply with rules, such as at your workplace. The man may be a representation of an authority figure, perhaps a mentor type, with whom others typically seek out for advice or guidance. Meanwhile, the green lizard alludes to your motivations and unique perspectives. Perhaps you are being underestimated by a superior or such individual may be refusing to acknowledge your capabilities and the value of your contributions.

A lizard in general

Seeing a lizard in general, or having an image of a lizard in your dream is actually a warning. It symbolizes being attacked by your enemies, being confronted by your rivals at work or in your personal life, or having a possible confrontation with competitors. This would happen in the very near future after having this dream, so beware of those people who have the propensity to or could potentially do harm to you.

Big lizards eating small ones

Good morning, I am a woman in my mid 30s with a husband and kids. So, I had a dream that I saw plenty of lizards crawling out of our bags and things, and they were marching out all at once, I looked dazed wondering how we could have harbored such great number of lizards. But then all coming together they marched out of the house. When those lizards got out, bigger lizards came and ate them up. The bigger lizards were like the size of a dinosaur. They attacked the smaller lizards and ate them up.

Lizards in the dream world allude to enemies in reality. These are usually cold-blooded personalities with no conscience which make them formidable rivals. Meanwhile, bags typically represent your health, wealth and general well-being. In the context of your dream vision, the lizards crawling or marching out of your bags and possessions likely mean you have probably been supporting or coddling people who are taking advantage of your generosity. Perhaps they are not just leeching off your finances but also damaging your emotional well-being. In addition, the part at the end when bigger lizards preyed on the smaller ones indicates the adverse effects of them being too dependent on you. Sometimes it may be better to show some tough love to prepare those around you for the challenges they may face in the real world.

Black lizards with wings

Medium-sized group of black lizards in the corners of my house started flying with their wings only visible, not the body.

Black lizards are often considered a harbinger of misfortune and trouble. It represents a range of negative experiences affecting your home and family members, especially because they were flying around the house. You may find yourself getting into more confrontations due to heightened tensions. The source of your troubles could be related to money or circumstances outside the home. The prominence of the wings could suggest being unable to pin down the problem exactly, making it difficult to solve your issues and return the peace to your household.

Hunting for lizards to eat them

I am a woman. In my dream we are sitting in our old house where we haven't lived for many years, next to us is a pile of rocks which have always been there since I remember and there have always been lizards in it. My mother asks me to help her in hunting for lizards, which we are going to eat whether this is because we don't have food or simply because we suddenly relish lizards, I do not know. I am disgusted at first, but soon I start grabbing lizards around me (there seem to be so many).

Seeing a place you used to live at in the dream world is often the mind's way of going back to place where you once felt safe and content. It also represents a simpler time in life, free of worries and troubles. The reason you are mentally returning to this previous location is likely related to the image of the lizards. Lizards, as symbols, can be associated with a number of different possibilities. On one hand, you may be fighting off or trying to avoid the attacks of your enemies and competitors. This could be a great cause of stress in your daily existence. The idea of wanting to catch and eat the lizards may also point toward troubles with your love life or reputation. No matter the source of your troubles, your mind is searching for a space to be relaxed and to ponder the situation at hand.

A lizard attacking

Seeing a lizard attacking in your dream is a symbol of being hindered by someone who is close to you. This person who means a lot in your life, could prevent you from accomplishing something that you have been working on for a long time now. He or she might do this through their behavior or actions. Maybe you are planning on going back to school or starting a new business and your partner or friend might be against it. This dream also symbolizes betrayal of trust by someone who is close to your heart.

Many lizards around

The two lizards were clinging together and the other lizard coming out of the pocket.

Dreams containing general images of lizards, without any specific recollections of their appearance or behavior, signify your constant thinking and philosophical journeys you are prone to have while going through certain stages in your life. The notion of the two lizards clinging together could also serve as an indication of your tendency to deeply analyze or juxtapose phenomena you encounter in your life because of your curiosity and unrelenting drive for exploration.

Trying to catch a lizard

Dreaming that you are trying to catch a lizard, maybe by its tail or some other means, but not succeeding in it or even cutting off its tail in the process, refers to disappointment in your love affair. You could be pinning too much of your time and hope on someone who might only bring you pain and frustrations. This person could already be dating with you or maybe it is someone you are currently pursuing. But do not hope too much for a good future with this person because he or she may not be good for you and could even pull your self-confidence down.

Lizards turning into dragons

Lizards turn Komodo dragons.

Having a dream where your observe a transformation of lizards into dragons could indicate that you are gradually being unable to control your temper with someone, especially if they keep committing wrongdoings time and time again.

Catching a lizard

Dreaming of catching a lizard is a sign of being redeemed. You could be regaining freedom and independence real soon, after a long period of darkness and despair. Whatever you went through in the past is finally over now, and you could finally enjoy your newly discovered happiness. Now is the time to start anew and reflect on the past that has made you a better person.

A lizard biting for females

Dreaming of a lizard biting, particularly if you are a female, predicts severe hardship in life. You might sail through rough times ahead, which will bring you to much despair. This vision also means that you could be losing material wealth and might live poorly for sometime. The only way that you would get out of this rut is to exercise strong will and determination. Eventually things would get better and you will survive this very difficult period in your life.

A gigantic lizard

Experiencing a vision of a gigangtic lizard is a warning. You could be meeting or making acquaintance with some people or a person who could pose a serious threat to you. This person or group of persons might have ill intentions towards you, and may be out to destroy you. They have the potential of affecting you in a very negative way. If you have this dream, be careful of people that you meet in the near future.

A lizard on your body

Dreaming of seeing a lizard on your body predicts trials ahead. You could be going through a period of uncertainty and hardship in the near or far future. This would go on for quite a while and might put you under a lot of distress. Maybe it is because of your financial troubles that would change your status in life. Or it could be a long-standing conflict that might affect you deeply. This vision could also mean that you need to be careful whom you go out with. You must avoid having a sexual rendezvous with a stranger.

A strange green lizard

An image of a strange green lizard in your dream foretells temptations. You could be facing a dilemma right now where you are being faced with evil temptations that could ruin your life or your reputation. Be careful when you see this image for danger could be lurking ahead. This vision could also refer to being privy to a secret that can wipe out human existence. Maybe it would be about a plague that might destroy thousands of lives or a destructive weapon that could harm lives exponentially.

Lizards turning into butterflies

I dreamt slimy baby lizards came out of my nose and turned into beautiful butterflies.

This dream is highly ominous and should not be taken lightly. Dreaming about lizards portends the rise of your enemies and the formation of their plans against you. These people are ready to make their move against you and hit you where it hurts. The fact that these lizards came from your nose suggests this is related to money. Your enemies may try to make you spend money or do something to hurt your investments or career unless you do something for them. However, the image of the beautiful butterfly can be interpreted to mean that whatever they ask of you is unreasonable. It may require you to give too much of yourself or hurt your pride. The outcome of this situation is unclear, but it should be handled carefully to avoid unnecessary damages.

Interpret my dream about lizard or killing lizards

A lizard basking in the sun

Dreaming of a lizard basking in the sun is a symbol of a great turnaround in your life. A string of events could happen which will turn out to be in your favor. Maybe a decision that you made before would prove to be wise and might lead you to success. If you are presently pondering on embarking on a venture or project, when you had this dream, take it as a good sign. Your plans could have a strong chance of not only finding fruition but also being successful as well.

A dead lizard

Seeing a dead lizard in your dream is a negative sign. It is a symbol of betrayal and deceit. The person you are romantically involved with right now, whether he or she is your lover, spouse or a love interest, is actually going behind your back and cheating with somebody else. This person is hiding an affair from you possibly without your knowledge of it. If you experience this vision, take heed and be more mindful of your partner's actions.

Killing a lizard

Having a dream that you are killing a lizard symbolizes your determination and capability to restore your good reputation. You could be undergoing some trying times in your life and this vision reflects your desire to bring back good fortune. You would be able to do this successfully but along the way, you might need to endure some suffering and humiliation. It might also be the same thing when it comes to your love affairs or business life.

A lizard losing its tail

Dreaming of a lizard losing its tail is a possible warning about your sexual life. Some problems or issues could arise in the future where your ability to perform sexually might be affected. Perhaps you might have some kind of illness or you could become preoccupied with other things that might affect your state of being. If you are a male and experienced lessening of your sexual drive when you had this dream, do not become worried. This would only be temporary and your old desire for sex will be regained soon.

Eating a lizard

Experiencing a vision of eating a lizard is a sign of acquiring wealth. You would gain much material assets which could improve your status in life. This could give you satisfaction and happiness, and you would be able to give your loved ones the life that you used to just dream about. Your good fortune might happen in the near future. Expect great things to come after having this dream.

A lizard darting away

Experiencing a dream vision of a lizard darting away from you refers to being in the dark about your partner's infidelity. Your significant other could be cheating right under your nose but you are not aware of it, or might be misreading the signs for something else. However, the time might come soon or in the near future, when you would see things in a brighter light and be enlightened. Some evidence or signs might come out that would confirm your suspicions.

Petting a lizard

Dreaming of petting a lizard or seeing yourself touching it in your dream symbolizes impending danger. A project or an undertaking that you have just started would turn out to be hazardous for you or other people. It could bring you danger and harm once it has begun. Maybe it is a business that could damage the environment like a factory or the like. Or it could put you in peril while dealing with the wrong people. Whatever it is, beware when you have this dream.

Someone killing lizards with a touch

I saw one person staying with us though cannot recall who it was killing lizards simply by touching them, one lizard falls near me on my bed and that one too is killed by him. I shriek and run.

Being on or near your bed in a dream is a sign that whatever happens in the dream is concerning you. Seeing lizards in a dream may indicate danger, particularly from gossip and rumors, which may sully your reputation. However, someone is protecting you from this evil in your vision, predicting that there is someone on your side in real life too, like a close friend or family member, who is willing to defend you when others ridicule you or try to ruin your name.

A lizard and an image of God

A lizard running away from behind the God 's photograph.

Your dream may be an allusion to your religious beliefs. The lizards likely represent individuals or personalities questioning your faith in the real world. As there is no definitive photograph or image of God, merely representations, the dream further reveals your own reservations about your religion. There may have been ideas or opinions you have been exposed to which made you think about faith and other philosophical aspects in general. Maybe your mind is reminding you to be strong and stay true to your values and principles.

Resuscitating a green lizard

I dreamed I saw a green lizard. He was as big as a box turtle. There were red ants all over him, his tail was missing. He looked dead. I shook all the ants off and picked him up. There was another lizard just like him lying under him, really dead. I tried massaging the lizard back to life, (CPR) after a long time, he woke up. I offered him a little water, he seemed hungry. At least he came back to life, was saved.

The big green lizards in your dream represent freewheeling, happy-go-lucky personalities who bring a lot of color and excitement in your life. The fact that they are dead or dying as well as missing their tails means that they are likely no longer as carefree or vibrant as they used to be. You could be contemplating concerns about aging and mortality, so you worry about the effects of recklnesses that people in your life indulged in. Reckless loved ones may now be suffering from the consequences of their actions. The red ants signify health issues and ailments that previously healthy people in your life are now managing, some with success and some with more difficulty.

Green lizards forming a line

Green lizards crawling in a row behind each other coming out of a hole in the corner of the ceiling. Lots of them. I was in the shower and I looked up, and there they were, coming out of the hole in a straight line, like soldiers. I ran out of the shower to tell my deceased father that there were lizards in the shower! He was in bed, and got up and ran into the bathroom, and then I awaken from the dream at 5:50 am.

The images of green lizards forming a line in your dream foretells temptations. You could be facing a dilemma right now when you are being faced with evil temptations or prone to act in a way that could ruin your life or your reputation. Be careful after experiencing this image for danger could be lurking ahead. This vision could also refer to being privy to a secret or information that can hurt a lot of people at the same time if you come into contact with it.

Meaning of a dream about a lizard or chameleon

An interesting-looking lizard

Seeing an interesting-looking lizard in your dream, or a lizard of exotic quality, is reflective of your unusual ability to handle enemies, critics or rivals. You have the uncanny ability to be cordial to those who pose a danger or threat to you, maybe in your place of work or personal life. This vision also tells you that you possess a great ability to avoid or prevent things or events that may be threatening or dangerous to you.

Chopping off lizard's tail

Chopping off a lizard's tail in your dream is a warning to be more careful of your decisions and actions. You need to be more mindful of how you conduct yourself in order to avoid committing mistakes which might be harmful to you. You also need to avoid being in jeopardizing situations or positions where you could be placed in danger.

Lizards and a girlfriend waiting

Lots of small lizards in the house my uncle and outside a big lizard, and after a few minutes, a girl who I don't know and in the dream is my girlfriend was waiting also for me outside to open the door.

The lizards in your dream simply overthinking. You may be worried about a lot of things at the moment. The big lizard is a warning that you could meet or get acquainted with an individual posing a serious threat to you. This person or group of people may have ill intentions toward you and may be out to destroy you. About the appearance of the girlfriend waiting for you to open the door, portends suspicious people trying to get into your good graces or take advantage of your goodwill. If you had this dream, be careful of people whom you meet shortly.

A lizard hiding in dirty laundry

I saw a lizard among clothes that I was about to wash. I put the dirty clothes on the floor, went to fetch water and came back. I saw a lizard in the midst of the clothes. I tried to chase it away, but it kept hiding in between the clothes preventing me from washing the clothes. I was scared of the lizard. Then I woke up from the dream.

Dirty clothes are symbolically linked with the idea of learning more than we want to know about those around us. In this case, your desire to wash the clothes further intensifies this feeling, meaning that you are trying to cover up or wash away what you have recently learned. The reason this so disturbs you can be seen in the image of the lizard which darts in and out of the clothes. As lizards represent self-reflection and analysis, you may start to question your own actions and behavior after learning more about your comrades. You may not like what you see, given your negative reaction to the lizard.

Lizards mating

A dream about two lizards mating or having sex.

Seeing two lizards mating in your dream could be considered a warning. This dream symbolizes the possibility of being attacked by your enemies or rivals. People at work or in your social circle may be scheming against you and could be readying themselves to strike in the near future. Keep an eye out for anyone acting particularly suspicious and you may be able to avoid such troubles.

A lizard getting inside the body

I dreamt of a lizard burying itself into my body and I squeezed it out and it ran away and hid.

The scenario in your dream in which a lizard is trying to bury itself into your body represents a cold-blooded individual trying to ingratiate his or her way into your circle of trust. It is a warning that you would be attacked by your enemies, be confronted by your rivals at work or in your personal life, or have a possible confrontation with competitors. So beware of those people who have the propensity to inflict any harm to you. Fortunately, squeezing the lizard out means that being assertive and vigilant could throw off malicious figures in the waking world.

A lizard cut with scissors

Gecko cut into pieces with scissors.

Dreaming about a lizard that has been cut by a pair of scissors could represent your internal determination to restore or improve your reputation within your social circle or community. While this could be a good sign which depicts your drive and perseverance, it would be wise to carefully consider which path (or paths) you take to do so. Otherwise, you may change your reputation in a way you did not intend or expect.

A lizard with a broken back

An injured lizard with a back-side fracture and there was blood, waking slowly.

Seeing an injured lizard in a dream could be interpreted as a warning. Certain issues regarding the physical aspects of your current relationship may arise in the near future. These problems may be sexual in nature, most likely regarding either your partner's or your inability to perform satisfactorily during intimate moments. Whatever the case may end up being, having an open line of communication with your significant other is always the best answer.

Dead grandmother cooking lizards

My late granny gave me a dish of cooked meat only to find that it was lizards when I was eating one. Did not finish and threw that one lizard to the dog to eat.

This dream seems to be a warning that not all that glitters is gold. The image of your dearly departed grandmother providing you with a dish of cooked meats symbolically represents being invited to an event or party which looks fun on the surface. You may expect to reminisce with old friends or do some potentially beneficial networking. However, realizing that the meat is actually lizards could be a sign that your enemies are present at this get-together, suggesting this could be a set-up to catch you off your guard and embarrass you in front of others. Take heed and do not fall victim to this trap.

A snake-like lizard attacking daughter

My children and I were out playing in my dream and we saw a snake-like lizard that we started chasing to try to kill. My daughter was closest to it and when she turned around it was hanging from her chest where it bit her. I tried to pull it off and it was latched on her skin. I was panicking but once it got off her all I did was pour water on the wound and begin chasing the black snake-like lizard again with a trash pick up clamp, like you would collect trash from the ground with. Never caught it.

Snakes are typically associated with real-world threats and anxieties. Alternatively, they can also be interpreted as temptations and sexuality. Similarly, since lizards are reptiles like snakes, the snake resembling a lizard in your dream vision may be a reference to your cold-blooded nature and natural instincts. The creature's bite to your daughter's chest means you may end up unintentionally hurting her feelings because of your thoughtless actions or risky behavior. Chasing the black snake, therefore, alludes to your efforts to contain or manage your selfish needs and self-indulgent actions. Perhaps you, as a mother, are still struggling to balance your needs and the needs of your children.