Dreams Related To Liquor

Abundance of liquor

To dream that you are at a party or social function with an abundance of liquor in great variety is a symbol of your overflowing success. You will be surprised to see the results of your determination and hard work in just a short time. It could mean leapfrogging your colleagues for a coveted position at work or seeing your business grow by leaps and bounds. In any event, it would turn your life around and earn you the respect of those around you.

Whiskey as liquor

Dreaming about drinking a type of liquor called whiskey is an indication that you may be intoxicated by your own self-absorption and confined to your own egocentric universe. You might think that the world revolves around you. Therefore, everything you do would be for your benefit, even if it means doing it at other people's expense. In fact, you would have no qualms using other people to advance your personal interests. Beware, though, for there is always a payback for every injustice done.

As an alternative interpretation, dreaming that you are drinking whiskey by yourself is a symbol of your bloated ego. You could be hurting your family and friends and people close to you by acting arrogantly like you had all the answers to everything and therefore not giving others a chance to air their opinions or suggestions. You would regard others with contempt because you truly believe you are far superior to them, which you may be in reality, but it should be no reason to get cocky. As with the saying which says no man is too rich to receive, neither are you too self-sufficient to be in need. Due to your condescending behavior, this dream vision indicates that you will have difficulty accomplishing anything because no one would want to associate with an arrogant person like you.

Rum as liquor

Dreaming that you are drinking a type of liquor called rum hints a joyous and raucous period of celebrations in your life. You can expect to be inundated with invitations to a party here, a reunion there, a thanksgiving celebration on the other side of town. Your home itself may be a hive of activity in the coming days or weeks for parties and social functions which you yourself might throw.

Buying liquor

Dreaming that you are buying liquor in large quantities indicates that you would finally be able to afford something which has remained uncrossed in your bucket list of most coveted items for a long time. You currently have the budget for it, and you think that you deserve to reward yourself after working so hard to save for it. But on your way to the shop, you might have a change of heart. Your sound judgment might make you rethink your priorities and finally decide to put the money away to be spent wisely on more important things in the future, which, by all accounts, may be the right thing to do.

Rubbing alcohol as liquor

To dream that you are drinking rubbing alcohol as a potent alternative to liquor is an indication that you are about to meet and rub elbows with interesting characters who would keep you entertained or leave you somewhat star-struck. As luck would have it, you could become more acquainted with some of these characters and spend enough time with them to be able to address them on first-name basis.

A table with all sorts of liquor

Dreaming of seeing a table with all sorts of liquor on display symbolizes the adverse effects of alcoholism not only on the people suffering from it, but also on their loved ones and those closely related to them in one way or another. As in most cases, this age-old problem could break families apart, shatter numerous lives, threaten everyone's health and sanity, and trigger a vicious cycle involving other family members or friends who could acquire the habit by association and cause their own downward spiral.

Being drunk from liquor

Dreaming that you are getting wasted or inebriated from having too much liquor to drink is ominous of the failure or derailment of a project or undertaking. You are currently or soon would be involved in a money-making activity or business venture with high hopes of turning it into a smashing success, but the collective efforts of all people involved in the project or undertaking would not be enough to get to that desired result, much less tackle the problems and challenges which would swamp it in the process, leaving you and your partners deeply disappointed.

Selling liquor

To dream that you are selling liquor, in a bar or at a liquor store, is symbolic of surprising accomplishments. You are about to prove your detractors wrong by pulling off an unexpected feat in your career, business or current project, making you an instant celebrity or providing you instant success which would surprise even yourself as well as make converts of people who used to look down upon you or dismiss you as a nuisance.

Unknown type of liquor

Dreaming of consuming an unknown type of liquor or having some kind of a taste test of liquor whose brand you have never heard before is indicative of life's reeling disappointments. Sure, you may have great plans for your free time, and you may be looking forward to spending your weekend with loved ones for a period of pleasure and relaxation. It would turn out fine at first, but for some reason an occurrence would spoil and cut short your otherwise enjoyable gathering. While you still have time, you might consider postponing your plans to a later date. By then you would be more or less sure that the jinx will have come to pass.

Vodka as liquor

To dream that you are drinking a type of liquor called vodka indicates that you are currently leading a life flushed in shame. It indicates your inability to look beyond your past indiscretions and long-buried acts of abomination. Every time you try to do something noble or worthy of praise, you cannot help but recall those times when you made an arse of yourself or acted like a complete dork. You have to be restrained from wearing a paper bag over your head for fear that someone in the crowd might know too much and bring back bad memories to make you relive the unbearable humiliation. Before you forget, who you are today is because you learned from your mistakes, not to mention that your old self would look like the Dalai Lama compared to how much worse others behaved in the past, so just take it in stride. However, this dream vision also warns you that you could make the same mistakes if you have not yet made a conscious effort to completely shake them off your system.

Consuming liquor alone

Dreaming that you are consuming or drinking liquor alone may have the same connotation in real life in terms of your career, business, or current project. Relying on your own wisdom, or chutzpah, you would introduce a series of activities or start an untested work formula to try to obtain a fast promotion at work, make rapid progress in your project, or grow your business exponentially, but you are likely to fail. This dream vision reminds you that there are things you simply cannot do on your own, and you need the help of others every step of the way. It does not mean you are inept, it just means you are a social being who is a significant part of the whole.

Hard cider as liquor

Dreaming that you are consuming a type of liquor called hard cider is a reminder that you could have a more fulfilling life if you just focus on the things which truly matter, learn to be content with what you have, and try as much as you can to reject anything of little value and which leaves no lasting impression or positive effect on your life. On the other hand, to dream that you are observing others drinking hard cider is a forewarning that you should avoid personalities who may be deemed a bad influence, or else you might become one of them.

Treating someone to liquor

Dreaming that you are hosting a party at home and treating someone or several guests to liquor speaks well of you as a born leader. There is something about you which makes you stand out in a group. You have the natural ability to make people gravitate toward you, hear what you have to say and do what you tell them to do. Your extraordinary organizational and leadership skills will be your tool to go places and achieve a rock star status among your friends and subordinates as long as you keep working hard to perfect the art.

Irish Cream as liquor

Dreaming that you are consuming Irish Cream as liquor is a sign of trouble ahead. You would soon enter a period of personal or professional struggles and hardships which, as trivial as they may seem, would need immediate resolution. Otherwise, these could lead to bigger problems in the future the magnitude of which would make you scratch your head and wish you had addressed them from the outset.

Cognac as liquor

Having recurring dreams about drinking a type of liquor called cognac is a reflection of your physical deterioration and poor health condition as a result of years of alcohol abuse. You may have a nasty habit of drinking yourself into a stupor for days on end, and your addiction might make it virtually impossible for you to stay sober for long. You might want to check into rehab or join Alcoholics Anonymous if there is one or something similar near your locality before things get irreversibly out of hand. On the bright side, this dream vision indicates your strong sex drive, which could mean a fulfilling sex life or a day in court for sexual assault, depending on how your partner would take it.

Moonshine as liquor

To dream that you are making or distilling a type of liquor called moonshine symbolizes people's admiration for you on account of your sterling achievements in real life. Not surprisingly, there will always be envious people who will take your success as a threat, and this dream vision advises you to be wary of such personalities. On the other hand, to dream that you are drinking moonshine indicates the tension building between you and some people at home or in your workplace. It also indicates that you may be attending a party or celebration for free or without having to spend for gifts or related expenses. Moreover, to dream that you are selling moonshine signifies that you could make significant profits from you current project or business or receive bonuses or monetary incentives at work.

Consuming liquor with others

Dreaming about consuming liquor with others or engaging in social drinking with family members, friends or colleagues signifies a trying period in your life during which you would have to make a difficult decision. You would be faced with options involving two opposing life concepts from which it is almost impossible to choose. If you could have it your way, you would have had it both ways or would have wanted to enjoy the best of both worlds. It could mean choosing between material wealth and spiritual values. It could pertain to wanting the security associated with marriage but also wishing for the freedom of a single life. But then it could also be as mundane as dreaming of a laidback and slow-paced life in the countryside while needing the modern comforts of an otherwise chaotic suburban existence.

Brandy as liquor

To dream that you are drinking a type of liquor called brandy is a sign that you are in full control of your life at the moment. Everything around you is as you would expect it to be, and you could not be any more satisfied. However, this dream vision also serves as a warning that you have the tendency to fall into periods of lassitude and indolence, and you need to be jolted back to activity to keep you from losing sight of the future. You need to be constantly reminded that you cannot "rest on your laurels" now, as one might say, as there are several more steps to be taken and a few more miles to be covered before you could finally reach your goals.

Unable to drink liquor

Dreaming that you are at a party or social gathering but unable to drink liquor or something laced with alcohol while others are enjoying their long and slow swigs is an indication that you are about to make a life-changing decision regarding your career, business, current project or romantic relationship. However, for fear of making a big mistake, you would take a little more time thinking about it, weighing its pros and cons, and considering other options. In case you find yourself turning down someone's offer of a drink in the same dream, it indicates that you will be able to make the right decision at once, without any second thoughts or hesitation.

Unable to get drunk on liquor

Dreaming about consuming copious amounts of liquor without getting drunk is a symbol of grand ideas turning into reality. Whatever plans you have at present, they could materialize and result in something big and successful provided you have gained insight into what you need to do. You may need people you can trust to guide you and help you during the initial stages.

Honey-based liquor

To dream that you are drinking honey-based liquor is a symbol of your writing prowess. This is the time for you to pursue your literary aspirations because your amazing inventiveness, vibrant imagination, creative streak, stream of consciousness and whatever else they call your writing style are at their peak and clearly show what a prolific writer you are. You could be the next Junot Diaz, creating a stunning novel which could spend weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List. You could become fabulously rich in an instant and would have the option of retiring on an island in the Caribbean and spend the rest of your life doing what you love best - writing, what else?

Abusing liquor

To dream that you are abusing liquor or spending time drinking excessively is a symbolic vision of what could happen to you when you cross the line and undertake what most people would consider taboo. You would have this inexplicably strong desire to engage in activities which are largely forbidden and generally shunned by society. Despite their adverse effects, or rather, because of the mystery surrounding their notoriety, these activities would pique your interest to such a degree that you would be hell-bent on experiencing them for the pleasure or pain they might bring no matter the outcome. It is to be expected that these types of undertakings would almost always end in a really bad way, so you might want to give them some more serious thought.

Addicted to liquor

Dreaming on a recurring basis that you are addicted to liquor or prone to binge drinking is exactly what you could be like in real life. If this indeed happens to be the case, the good news is that this dream vision is your subconscious acknowledgment of your daily struggles with alcohol, and it indicates your willingness to seek treatment as soon as possible. It might interest you to know that one of the most effective ways to quit cold turkey and stay sober is group therapy. But there could be other methods fit for you which only you can determine down the road by trial and error.

To reiterate the ideas discussed in the original interpretation, the fact that this dream keeps recurring is an indication of your constant acknowledgment of the problem in your subconscious state. The nagging vision is also your constant thoughts in real life about your inner desire to combat and eventually conquer the evils of alcoholism, in case you are still resisting the idea in your conscious, waking state. If you can manage to bring out this subconscious desire and let it grow or feed it with encouraging words and actions by your loved ones and professionals who would serve as your constant reminders and play an important role in your complete transformation, this healing process would likely succeed.