Dreams Related To Lips

Kissing someone on the lips

Kissing someone on the lips is an auspicious reading about achieving contentment and harmony in your life. After a period of strife, life will reward you with good people and a promising career. This is also an allusion to a life-changing relationship. You will form a strong bond with someone on a spiritual level. This friendship, or even romance, will help steer your life into a purposeful and meaningful existence.

Dreaming about lips or mouth kissing you meaning

Being kissed by giant lips

My lips were kissed by giant lips.

Big lips often refer to a big romance or a great love. As such, being kissed by giant lips indicates an encounter with someone capable of showing you unconditional love. On the other hand, this could also refer to self-discovery. Meaning, you would soon go on a journey into your own soul. After years of insecurity and self-doubt, an incident will inspire you to finally learn to love yourself. By extension, embracing who you are wholeheartedly could attract an individual with whom you would create a healthy and beneficial relationship.