Dreams Related To Lioness

A lioness and goats

A lioness resting and her cubs playing calmly and goats grazing by their side peacefully behind my village home and I'm sitting on a cot looking them surprised and trying to hold a human child.

The image of a lioness and her cubs represents your nurturing side. You are very protective of your friends and loved ones, especially your own children or children entrusted to your care. This dream vision also reveals your ability to provide for your family because of the presence of grazing goats. It means you have a secure and stable source of income. It may not be the most fun or exciting line of work, but it gives you the financial capability to pay for the needs of your family. You can rest easy knowing your future is safe and you have a peaceful place to come home to.

A lioness

A lioness is a metaphor for leadership and authority. The appearance and personality of this lioness will give you more specific meanings to this symbol. For example, a friendly lioness reveals an unassuming or awkward personality. This means you probably struggle to assert yourself, hence it is difficult for you to make others follow your lead. On the other hand, a majestic or intimidating lioness depicts your natural charm and magnetism. People are drawn to you and you inspire confidence in others which make you perfect for leadership roles.

Trying to hide from a lioness

I dreamed I was running, there was a lion (lioness) behind me, running toward me. I was running through rooms to get away. I ran into a room that had a big cage, so I got inside to be safe. Then later I realized, all I had to do was shut and lock the door to keep the lioness out. In reality I had someone flirting with my husband of 48 years, she even sent me a text asking for a pic when he was young. I told her off next day, told her she was nuts, go home to her hubby, felt 100% better.

The imagery of running from or being chased by a lioness in this particular dream depicts your ambitious character and striving for success. Even though you may think that the lioness is a reflection of someone's attempts to hit on your husband, it is more of a metaphor for your ability to take matters in your own hands and lead no matter what the situation or grievance is. At the same time, envisioning locking yourself inside a cage is a sign that more negativity is about to present itself following these recent events, maybe as a consequence of your recent actions toward the woman who was told off. But your ability to defend yourself will help you overcome anything that you might face without any major effort on your part.

A friendly lioness eating meat

I dreamt of a female lion walking up and down my house, taking meat from my hands and my brother's hands. The lioness placed the meat on the ground to eat. The lion was friendly yet pensive.

This vision has two opposing images paired together. The idea that the lioness is gentle or friendly suggests you have difficulty expressing yourself and, as a result, struggle to exert authority in certain situations. Seeing the lioness eating meat alludes to your power to sway others with words or grand ideas. You may have been, until now, in a position that prevented you from being in control or sharing equally with others at the table. Now, however, it seems you have a chance to show those around you what you are capable of.