Dreams Related To Lightning

A colorful lightning striking someone

I dreamt that there were 4 lightning bolts at same time, red, blue, green, last one maybe orange were coming from the night dark sky to a head of an unknown person near me. And I woke up and thought "Wow, very colorful lightning!".

Seeing lightning bolts striking someone near you may be a reminder that others could be facing battles that are not completely apparent to you. Friends and family may put on a brave front, but they are possibly dealing with financial troubles, relationship concerns or work-related stress. For a relative, companion or friendly face, the colorful pattern of bolts should be considered both a reminder and a warning. On one hand, you should be thankful that these issues are being highlighted by the bolts so you have a chance to show gratitude and appreciation to others. On the other hand, however, if you have some knowledge of the difficulties those you care about may be experiencing, you should remember to lend a helping hand where you can. After all, learning from the mistakes of others and trying not to go down the same path would not go amiss.

A lightning illuminating your own body

Dreaming about a certain part of your body being lit up by the flash of a lightning strike is usually interpreted as an ominous symbol pointing toward feelings of disappointment or despair in the near future. The source of these negative feelings is likely a phone call or written correspondence which conveys some unpleasant news, especially if you were expecting a positive response instead.

A lightning accompanied by thunder

Thunder and lightning, when seen and heard in quick succession, is often thought to mark a period of time in which your current priorities or goals could use some reassessment. If left on their own for too long, dreams and aspirations can begin to not reflect our actual desires. This vision, then, is a reminder to assess the state of your affairs and possibly alter some goals which may not be in line with your true feelings.

Casting a lightning

Casting lightning in a dream vision as part of magical powers or some control over the elements is the manifestation of your efforts to fix problems and improve different areas in your life. Depending on the speed and accuracy of your casting, you may be very successful and efficient in moving your endeavors forward, or you may need to rely more on luck to see you through.

Seeing a lightning

Dreams about a sky filled with lightning are generally interpreted as positive omens, but are not considered signs of lasting happiness. If this symbol is seen during the course of a dream vision, it usually predicts some small improvements or good luck that, while beneficial, do not drastically alter your situation or overall welfare. Additionally, the same vision could predict some hardship or devastating occurrence in the area surrounding your home or city. Those living near heavily forested areas should also take care, as witnessing a lightning in a dream is sometimes associated with forest fires and their terrible effects on the livability of the area affected by the blaze.

Some sources associate lightning and storms accompanied by lightning with the idea of sudden awareness, spiritual awakening or development of intellectual thinking. It can also portend the development of supernatural powers, usually visions of the future or the past. This is especially true if the dreamer was struck by lightning during the vision. A variety of circumstances could give a more specific interpretation. For example, upon seeing lightning someone in love may find themself on the road to marriage while a farmer may become the beneficiary of good weather and have a plentiful, abundant harvest. Sailors or those who boat for pleasure could have an exciting, successful journey when the sea is calm.

A lightning strike

Seeing a lightning strike in a dream vision, in general, is often thought to be the manifestation of the unexpected or improbable. This means that you may find yourself in a completely different situation than you imagined yourself even a few weeks or months ago. For example, you could suddenly meet a member of the opposite gender who seems like they will become only an acquaintance or friend in the beginning. However, this man or woman could be your soulmate or life mate once certain events occur.

A lightning rod

The image of a lightning rod in dream visions, whether it appears attached to a building or as a standalone structure, is often a message from the subconscious warning you to take your time and be careful with the tasks you are working on. Lightning rods generally predict mistakes or blunders, so you should be on the lookout for missing information, unclear directions or grammatical errors in your correspondence.

Lightning striking an object

Dreaming about a lightning bolt which creates a fire at the point of contact is symbolically linked with the idea of seeing first-hand the suffering and despair affecting those around you. The source of their misery is likely God or another higher being who has deemed this punishment necessary as penance for sin. While you may not be directly affected in this situation, you may find it changing you emotionally or spiritually.

Dreams about a lightning strike or a bolt of lightning

A lightning on dark skies

Bright flashes of lightning which contrast with dark, cloudy skies are often seen as harbingers of hardship and misfortune which are made all the more tragic by the added difficulty of being unable to fix the problem or come to an effective solution. After seeing this symbol in a dream vision, the dreamer should be wary of their actions and the activities of others, especially in regards to business endeavors or matters of money. Women should keep an eye on the welfare of their male companions and older members of society should attempt to find a strong support network in case negative situations arise in the future.

Being afraid of a lightning

Being frightened by an ongoing lightning storm or waiting in trepidation as lightning strikes edge closer and closer to you in a dream vision is often considered the manifestation of uncomfortable, anxious feelings that arise in the presence of a certain person, place or situation during wake life. In this way, the dream represents your dread of having to deal with this person or situation again. This vision could also be the expression of fear over persecucion, most likely related to religious, political or social beliefs.

A lightning in a cloud

A lightning strike which originates from a dark storm cloud is a highly auspicious sign predicting wealth and prosperity for you and your household. You may notice a marked increase in your standard of living or be able to breathe easier due to the lessening hold of bills and other financial obligations. However, if the lightning seemed to manifest out of thin air, it represents the swift and imminent punishment awaiting you for some transgression you thought you left in your past. Those who pursued you are likely to take great pleasure in your being brought to justice, whether or not you have already repented for your sins or not.

A lightning damaging an object

Envisioning a lightning bolt which strikes an object and causes physical damage to its appearance or structure is often interpreted as a sign of only using part of your brain due to distraction. More specifically, it suggests falling in love with someone and being so enamored by them that your other responsibilities fall to the wayside, completely ignored and forgotten. While short periods of lovesickness are usually not a problem, it would be wise not to get too carried away lest you fatally neglect your work or damage your relationship with people you care about.

A ball lightning

Watching a ball of lightning fall from the sky is a highly ominous sign to see in a dream vision as it portends an invasion of an extraterrestrial nature. However, if the ball of lightning injured someone through force of impact or burns, it could represent drastic changes in the environment brought on by pollution and other man-made chemicals. Returning to the previous state and restoring the plant and wildlife which once thrived there could prove difficult, if not impossible.

Strange lightning while at a party

In my dream a few friends and family were hanging out for some event (we have been having a lot of kids bday parties lately, so it felt like one of those), and I kept noticing lightning in the clouds, but the lightning was travelling sideways, between the clouds, never down to the ground. I kept remarking how odd and beautiful it was and just wanted to stand and admire the show.

Attending a party, especially a birthday party, in your dream suggests coming to terms with who you are as a person. Alternatively, you could also be self-conscious and afraid of getting old. The lightning in the sky, however, seems to be a good sign of upcoming happiness and prosperity. Try not to be complacent though, as the good tidings may not last for a long time afterwards. It may take a while before lightning strikes the ground or for blessings to come your way. Other sources of dream interpretation attribute the visions of lightning in a dream to some upcoming realizations, spiritual awakenings or intellectual transformations.

A lightning above your head

Envisioning a lightning strike directly above you is a highly auspicious symbol associated with a good financial situation. You may find that in the coming weeks and months your monetary situation improves with minimal effort on your part, leading to financial security and a decent expendable income. A lightning strike which occurs above the head can also suggest higher levels of happiness and satisfaction for an extended period of time after the vision takes place.

A lightning striking your lover

Having a dream where your lover or significant other is struck by a bright bolt of lightning usually carries an ominous prediction, as it suggests the victim of the bolt could have difficulties in the bedroom for some time in the foreseeable future. These could be intimacy problems brought on by a lack of trust or a fight, or they may be related to physical impediments which hinder sexual activity. You are likely to play a part in these issues coming about. It would be wise, then, to pay close attention to the physical and emotional needs of your partner, so that anything worrisome can be taken care of before it evolves into a debilitating problem.

Blinded by a lightning

Being blinded by a lightning strike in a dream vision is a highly auspicious sign. It usually means that you are about to receive some opportunity or business proposition which could be highly profitable both financially and socially. You may have to look past the potential risks to see the possibility of greatness that this offer could provide.

Someone killed by a lightning

Envisioning a terrible accident in which someone, either a friend or a stranger, is killed by a bolt of lightning predicts a delicate or touch-and-go situation forming between you and someone you work closely with in the waking world. This could be a family member, a member of your social circle or a colleague from work. Additionally, seeing a lightning strike take the life of someone may also represent being blamed by someone close to you for some difficult or troubling situation they are in, whether you are the cause of it or not.

A ball lightning sparing you

Envisioning a ball of lightning which passes by you, but does not touch or injure you in any way is a happy sign indicative of avoiding major setbacks or negative circumstances. While those around you may fall victim to some bad luck or obstacles, you are likely to be spared from most (if not all) of the damage this situation would cause. Being unaffected by this disaster would likely be a relief and give you a strong sense of inner peace for some time after the event occurs.

A lightning casting light on an object

Dreaming about a lightning strike which lights up a particular item within your field of vision, particularly if you are confused of surprised by such a scene, could be interpreted to mean that someone close to you is about to make some strange yet wonderful breakthrough which baffles the mind. Much like the discovery of penicillin, the effects may be positive even though the discovery seemed ordinary at best. Lightning on a particular item can also highlight how a person can suddenly find themselves exposed through rumors or gossip. In this case, you may find yourself to be the victim of untrue tales which are difficult to escape from.

Standing where the lightning strikes

Standing in close proximity to a lightning strike but being unharmed and unperturbed by the event could predict an upcoming love sweeping into your life and turning everything upside down. As situations like this are often considered "love at first sight", it is best not to over-analyze the situation and think too much about what may or may not happen. Instead, enjoy the ride and let things unfold naturally over the period of courting.

An unexpected and bright lightning strike

Dreaming about a lightning strike which comes out of nowhere and completely illuminates the area is often interpreted as a sign of receiving unexpected news. This vision is also frequently associated with messages from far away, such as from a friend who lives on the other side of the planet or a message from the past. This is likely to leave you shocked and a little weak in the knees as you try to come to terms with what you have learned.

Being stricken by lightning

Being stricken by lightning in the course of a dream vision, whether you are injured from such an event or not, is a highly negative symbol associated with the idea of becoming caught up in a conflict between friends, family, classmates or work colleagues. The dreamer should be cautious of their actions for some time after witnessing this vision, being especially careful when expressing personal opinions in front of those who may become offended easily.

Position of the lightning

Subconsciously knowing where lightning is going to strike in a dream vision could have multiple meanings depending on the position of the bolt. A flash of lightning to the south could be a harbinger of difficulty and misadventure, suggesting you should avoid any risky situations you see in your future. A lightning strike to the east or west could predict auspicious circumstances arising very soon, meaning you should be on the lookout to take advantage of this lucky time. Predicting a bolt of lightning to the north suggests there are a number of obstacles in your path that need to be removed before you can make progress on your goals, indicating a need to focus your attention on the trouble areas before going back to look at the big picture.

A lightning striking your house

Seeing a bolt of lightning strike a house on a stormy night in a dream vision, especially when the damage caused to the property is extensive, is often interpreted as a negative sign. It means that some terrible, horrific tragedy is about to befall those who live in that household. This situation could cause long term sadness and suffering among the family members.

Stricken by lightning while on a tree branch

I dreamt I was sitting on a branch of a tree and I saw lightning striking the branch. I was sitting on it and I immediately jumped before the branch fell down. Please help.

Sitting out on the limb of a tree can indicate feelings of isolation, especially when you are interested in befriending people outside your normal social circle. This is seen literally in your solitude on the branch, alone and set apart from the rest of the tree. Watching a lightning strike said tree suggests feelings of great sadness or disappointment because of this situation, though there is little you can do about it.

A lightning strike and black rats

I dreamed there was a lighting storm strike, it killed 2 people sleeping in bed, in the house we once owned. Also, dreamed I was going into a motel or building, there were small black rats running around outside the door.

A lightning strike in dreams often portends an unplanned or unexpected development in your life. You could find yourself in a completely different situation than you imagined yourself even a few weeks or months ago. The fact that the lightning struck and killed 2 people in your former house likely suggests that this event or encounter would be shocking or disturbing. Someone from your past could cut you off completely or a sudden revelation could be the trigger that would set you off to a completely new path. Meanwhile, going into a motel means you are motivated to pursue your passions and turn your ideas into reality. You have a lot of dreams and you finally have the courage to do something about it. However, the black rats symbolize your fears that you are not qualified or skilled enough to achieve your goals. The black rats could also refer to pessimistic individuals in your life who are probably making you doubt your capabilities instead of supporting your decisions.

Being struck by lightning

Being struck by lightning in a dream is an ill omen to perceive. It is a negative symbol with strong allusions to punishment from a god or gods above, depending on your religious beliefs. It also calls into focus the power of human emotions, especially in the case where an actual bolt of lightning is observed. A negative outburst may have dire consequences on an important relationship.