Dreams Related To Light

A very bright light

A very bright light, except for one that has a blue hue, is considered a positive sign associated with good luck and good fortune. You would soon get happy news associated with something you were working towards or make a breakthrough on a problem you had been hoping to solve.

Electric light

An electric light in the dream world, such as a ceiling light or lamp, reveals you would soon learn something related to your current project. This information would prove to be valuable, giving you an advantage over anyone else working on the same task.


Moonlight, as a dream symbol, is often seen as the manifestation of your internal spirit or the essence of your soul. In some cases, it is also considered the reflection of your intuitive, thoughtful side. Perhaps you need to spend more time reflecting on your past and present in order to make better choices for the future.

Being reached by light from a man

I saw a dream in Haridwar where a light came from a man and a snake came in between and the light reached me and the dream finished?

The light emanating from a man represents enlightenment and wisdom. This man represents a spiritual adviser, mentor or even a holy being whom you trust for guidance. Meanwhile, the snake represents a malicious being or a negative influence who is trying to get between you and your beliefs. This individual would try to derail your path and tempt you into committing sinful acts and disgraceful behavior. Fortunately, your will and personal values would win. You would get yourself back on track, living a life you can be proud of.

Sun light bursting through clouds in dream meaning

Light in general

Light, as a general symbol in the realm of dream visions, is traditionally interpreted as a positive sign when coming from the sun. Daylight in particular has a strong, positive charge in dreams, representing happiness and good fortune. Moonlight, on the other hand, and man-made sources of light, like lamps, are generally considered negative symbols indicative of ill fortune, sadness and distress.

Lights going out

To see the lights turn off suggests you are fizzling out or burning out so you might need to carve out some time for self-care. It also indicates a lack of fresh ideas or possible insomnia due to working so much and pushing your body to its limits. This manifestation of exhaustion in your dreams can also extend to your mental state. Your anxiety could be at an all-time high and you are grappling with issues you cannot resolve on your own. Reaching out to your loved ones or going to a professional for psychotherapy can help you get to the root of your problems.

Blinded by the light

In the context of a dream vision, being blinded by a light source, such as a flood light or an oncoming car's headlights, represents your active, conscious efforts to explore the depths of your subconscious or your spirituality. You might be doing some soul-searching or trying to meditate in order to find inner peace and calm. This could lead to some deeper understanding of yourself if you are patient.

Overwhelmingly bright light

An extremely bright light that seems to have no source or origin predicts soon partaking in an extraordinary series of events that would surprise and astound you. In most cases this has a neutral to vaguely positive charge, such as gaining fame in the wide world, suddenly coming into money or getting acknowledged for your abilities at work. You may even be able to use your improved social standing to direct people's' attention to certain things or distract them from something else.

Candle light

Light from a candle, whether it is a small tea light or a large three-wick candle, predicts soon learning something new. This information may be odd, random or strange, but it would definitely be an interesting conversation starter.

Dream meanings for lighthouse or guiding light

Light from a lighthouse

Seeing a light from a lighthouse in the dream world can be considered a literal beacon. It means your hopes and dreams would become a reality and that your future undertakings would be highly successful and profitable for you and your family.

Light without a source

A light that appears to have no source in the dream world could carry the prediction that you are about to have a eureka moment. You may soon come to a great realization all on your own or become privy to some new information that totally changes your understanding of a set of circumstances you were unsure of up until this point.

A very dim light

A light that appears to be dim in the dream world, like one that is going out or moving away from you, means that your current undertakings would not be accomplished. You may make some progress or complete part of the work, but it is destined to never be finished.

Light focused on the dreamer

Having a light on yourself during the course of a dream vision, whether it is the spotlight from a stage or a light shining down from heaven, represents becoming more self-reflective and conscious of the motivations that drive you in real life. Through reflection, meditation or prayer you could learn about why you are the way you are. By doing so, you would be able to find ways to improve your present and make better choices for the future.

Turning the light on

Turning on a light, such as when you come home from work or enter an unoccupied room, represents the brightness of your future. Your personal undertakings would likely show great success and your relations with friends and family would bloom during this time. If you have been thinking about making some improvements to your life, now would be a good time to get started.

Fading or weak light

A light that appears to be weak or fading over the duration of the dream vision may reveal some pertinent information about your plans for the future. If you were attempting to move closer to the dying light, it suggests your hard work and preservation would pay off in the end. If the light faded out of existence without any action on your part, it means your hopes and attempts have been in vain.

Pulsating light

A light that seems to pulse or rhythmically flash may reveal that your current ambitions would not see the success you had hoped for. They may simply achieve lackluster results or fail completely. This may be a warning that a change of focus and a re-evaluation of goals could prove useful.

Light directed on self portrait

Light shining on your own self portrait in the realm of dreams is thought to be a reflection of yourself in certain periods of your life. A light is focused on the left side of your face and body means you should be looking to the past for answers to your questions, while a light shining on the right side means you should be looking towards the future for ideas and inspiration. Alternatively, a light focused on the top of your head in the picture could reveal a need for spirituality or a reflection on moral values, while on the other hand, a light shining on the bottom of the painting or photograph could reveal a need to dig into the subconscious for understanding.

Golden light under ocean surface

In this dream I was on the surface of water. I was on a boat, but never actually saw it. I felt the motion as if we were floating on water. I was looking over the edge enough to dip my head under the water. The first time I put my head under the water I saw a golden light stream below on the floor of, I'll say ocean, because I was thinking that it was the underwater current. I lifted my head out then back in the water seeing the same thing.

Even though you could not see the boat, the knowledge that you were alone in the ocean on such a vessel is suggestive of depression or isolation in reality. Perhaps being cut off from physically seeing friends or loved ones is having a negative effect on your psyche. The golden light streaming below the water reveals that you are concerned about the quality or commitment of those in the relationships. It is possible you feel some of your closest friends pulling away or spending more time with others than yourself, leading to jealousy and self-doubt. The only way to break this cycle is to have frank conversations with those who you believe do not have the same level of love and trust as yourself. Once you know the truth you can either put your mind at ease or give your attention to those more worthy of it.

Turning the light off

Turning off a light during a dream vision, such as when you exit a room, reveals problems present within your family unit or current household. For example, you may have a fight with your parents or siblings, or you might have a falling out with a roommate. In most cases this would be the direct result of something you did, either on purpose or accidently. Alternatively, this same symbol is sometimes associated with illness or disease spreading through the family.

Unable to turn the light on

I have had many dreams that include this scenario, I attempt to turn on a lamp or the light switch and they don't work. I am interested to know what this means since this dream has occurred so many times. Thank you.

Being unable to turn on a light, especially when seen multiple times, can be an ominous indication of involvement in the upcoming death of someone you know. While you probably are not doing this intentionally or even consciously, some repeated tasks you are partaking in may be contributing to their future demise. Even though it is not directly your fault, if you realize the connection too late to change the course, it may cause feelings of guilt and remorse for a long time to come.

A broken door and light coming in

I was awakened by a noise and I walked in the front room to see what it was and I saw a light and thought it was coming from the computer. It wasn't, the computer was turned off. My door was closed, but not locked. The lock had been extended but not fastened. The door was broken with the wood splintered. There was a metal rod protruding from the door. The light was coming from the hallway.

A possible break-in suggests a break in your peace of mind. Since your home is your sanctuary and private space, the disturbance in security means someone is attempting to invade your privacy. This person could already be in your social circle, slowly earning your trust, and your subconscious is alerting you to this before it is too late. The tricks and manipulation may be so subtle that you would be taken by surprise once their evil motives come to light, as indicated by the details of intrusion in your vision.

Light directed on someone or something

Seeing a light shining on a particular person or object means it has been on your mind, either prominently or subconsciously. Whatever the light is being directed toward would give you some insight on how to solve a certain problem in your life or give you some direction as you navigate future interactions and challenges.

Unable to control the light

In the context of a dream vision, being unable to control whether a light turns on or off means troubles would begin brewing within your immediate family or where you currently live. You may get into a major disagreement about money or curfews with your parents or fight with your roommates over chores or bill payments.

Light around your head

Seeing a light around your own head, such as a halo or nimbus, reflects your own enlightenment or spiritual understanding. You may soon learn about an aspect of yourself that you did not know or fully comprehend before, either through self-reflection or the aid of a family member, friend or therapist. A spiritual leader in your community could also give you some insights into your personality that you did not consider before.

Someone turning the light off

Having the light turned off on you by someone else is often interpreted as a sign that you would soon be the victim of harsh gossip or hurtful rumors. These false accusations against your character would make others shame and belittle you, damaging your reputation and discouraging you.

A burning person and a flash of light

I don't know if this is morbid, but my dreams have been about death lately, I really don't know what it means. I just woke up from a dream, it was about someone burning to death... Not anyone in particular, just a person burning, that's all ever since I moved to my uncle's, some of my dreams have been pretty messed up. Not even 15 minutes later I saw a flash of bright light for 3 seconds when I was awake this all happened at 2 am.

The presence of morbid dreams typically reveals a desire to end some kind of suffering. The burning person in your vision could symbolize self-destruction. In relation to you, it could be a warning against your harmful and unhealthy habits or activities. Perhaps you are feeling stressed and pressured in reality, so you are developing vices which you know are bad for your health. Maybe it would be better to get to the root of your anxieties, so you can find a long-lasting solution which would improve your overall well-being.

Beam of light

A single beam of white light can allude to a few different things. As a general symbol, it represents hope and success. It also literally and figuratively sheds light on different aspects or elements of your life that you desire to achieve. As this symbol has positive connotations, it suggests you are on the right path towards getting everything you desire. You would feel hope and peace of mind knowing that everything would be taken care of.