Dreams Related To Lift

Being lifted up by a man

Being lifted up by a man during the course of a dream vision, particularly for women, is a sign that someone in your life is lifting you up in reality. Much like an elevator lifts people to higher floors in buildings or a Ferris wheel carries riders up into the air, this symbol can be interpreted to mean that your prestige and specific mental state are improved by the individuals who are in your life. You should cherish them and lift them up too if you are not already.

Trapped in a lift

Being trapped inside a lift at some point during a dream vision usually means you are on the verge of committing a morally reprehensible offense. In a sense, the immobile elevator represents your inability to rise above these baser tendencies. Perhaps you need to seek the advice of a priest, teacher or philosopher who could help you choose a better course of action. Failure to correct this behavior could have disastrous results later on.

Someone lifting you up

Seeing yourself being lifted up in the air by someone in a dream represents a sense of support or guidance in your waking life. It symbolizes a feeling of being lifted out of a difficult or burdensome situation. If the person lifting you up is a friend, the dream represents a sense of connection and trust in your relationships. This is indeed a call from your subconscious mind, asking you to stop worrying whenever an unpleasant event occurs, instead be confident in seeking advice from others when you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck somewhere.